March 20, 2012

Teaser Tuesday!

Hey yall!!

So today is Teaser Tuesday on Paranormal Reads, but I wanted to put some teasers on here of what we are reading at the moment. Sabrina just finished reading Much Ado About Russian by Kerry Rockwood White, Pam is reading Feast of Fools (The Morganville Vampires #4) by Rachel Caine, and Im reading Airel by Aaron Patterson & Chris White. So without further ado our teasers.....

 Teaser 1:
I am an expert in the field of dating vampires. All right, I'm a self-proclaimed expert, but really, it's not like you can look in the Yellow Pages for this kind of thing.

You will come with me. No, I will not. Have you been dipping into the cat nip?

―Much Ado About Russian by Kerry Rockwood White


Teaser 1:
 “Crap, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I'm thinking we have about fifteen vampires and no blood," Claire said. "Is that it?"

"No, I was thinking we're out of chips. Of course that's what I was thinking.”
 ― Rachel Caine, Feast of Fools

Teaser 2:
  “You have not been sticking your dirty fingers in my sauce,’’ Eve said, and pointed her wooden spoon at him. He quickly took the finger out of his mouth. ‘‘First off, they’re not dirty. I licked them first.”
― Rachel Caine, Feast of Fools

Teaser 1:
 “She stood and looked at James as if he was on clearance at Vanity, which was her favorite store at the moment.”
― Aaron Patterson, Airel


Those are our teasers for today! Hope you enjoy and check them out on Goodreads. And if your around today, head over to the Facebook page -> Paranormal Reads. Leave us your teaser from the book your reading or writing. We would love to see what you have :)


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