September 30, 2012

Book Haul!

Hey all! Thought I would share some of the books I have got the last few weeks. I can't wait to dive into these books. Most of them have come from the 
library which I love. Any way on to my book haul.

 This is my library haul from the last couple of weeks. See why I love my library! Most of these books have been on my want pile a long time. I have never read Frankenstein and with Halloween coming up what better time to dive into it. 

I won The Beginning of After, The Blood Keeper and Monument 14. The Guardian I received for review and The Protectors Damon I received from the sweet author. I will be reviewing it as well.

I also have received several ebooks to many to mention. I think next month i will just wait and make one big post of the books I get that month. What books have you received lately?~Pam

September 28, 2012

Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson

Fifteen-year-old Lucy Day falls between the gears in the machinery of the afterlife. She is murdered while on her first date, but awakens a day later, completely solid and completely whole. She has no hunger for brains, blood, or haunting, so she crosses “zombie,” “vampire,” and “ghost” off her list of re-life possibilities. But figuring out what she is becomes the least of her worries when Abraham, Lucy’s personal Grim Reaper, begins dogging her, dead-set on righting the error that dropped her back into the spongy flesh of a living girl.

Lucy must put her mangled life back together, escape re-death, and learn to control her burgeoning psychic powers while staying one step ahead of Abraham. But when she learns the devastating price of coming back from the dead, Lucy is forced to make the hardest decision of her re-life—a decision that could save her loved ones...or kill them

Short Review:
Overall I did find it quite an enjoyable read, the Author creatively weaves the world of the paranormal in a way we haven't seen much of and that is what intrigued me most about this book. Not only that but the ending leaves you dumbfounded with your mouth hanging open because you want to know what will happen next, especially when Lucy finds out someone close to her is a "freak" just like her.

I would definitely recommend this to those who are looking for something new in the Paranormal Genre. I give Deadgirl 3.5 out of 5 bats. 


Full Review > Goodreads

September 27, 2012

Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel

Book Blurb:
Can the living coexist with the living dead? 

That’s the question that has New Victorian society fiercely divided ever since the mysterious plague known as “The Laz” hit the city of New London and turned thousands into walking corpses. But while some of these zombies are mindless monsters, hungry for human flesh, others can still think, speak, reason, and control their ravenous new appetites.

Just ask Nora Dearly, the young lady of means who was nearly kidnapped by a band of sinister zombies but valiantly rescued by a dashing young man . . . of the dead variety.

Nora and her savior, the young zombie soldier Bram Griswold, fell hopelessly in love. But others feel only fear and loathing for the reanimated dead. Now, as tensions grow between pro- and anti-zombie factions, battle lines are being drawn in the streets. And though Bram is no longer in the New Victorian army, he and his ex-commando zombie comrades are determined to help keep the peace. That means taking a dangerous stand between The Changed, a radical group of sentient zombies fighting for survival, and The Murder, a masked squad of urban guerrillas hellbent on destroying the living dead. But zombies aren’t the only ones in danger: Their living allies are also in The Murder’s crosshairs, and for one vengeful zealot, Nora Dearly is the number one target.

As paranoia, prejudice, and terrorist attacks threaten to plunge the city into full-scale war, Nora’s scientist father and his team continue their desperate race to unlock the secrets of “The Laz” and find a cure. But their efforts may be doomed when a mysterious zombie appears bearing an entirely new strain of the virus—and the nation of New Victoria braces for a new wave of the apocalypse.


Lia Habel has done it again with this second addition to the “Gone with Respiration” series. The book starts off a bit after the events from Dearly, Departed. Nora’s father is still working hard for the vaccine of the Lazurus infection, but upon encountering a new zombie with a new strain of the Laz infection, everyone is wondering what will happen next, if the vaccine Dr. Dearly has created can not cure the new strain will they be set behind or will another uproar occur?

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Dearly, Beloved, I was already eager to dive into the pages and read what Lia Habel had in store for us. First I would like to give praise to the cover of the book! It is simply gorgeous and suits the series quite well, It is a bit different since Dearly, Departed used more reddish hues while for Dearly, Beloved the use of more blue/green hues have been used. Each demonstrating a different emotion you can take from the book, When I look at the color scheme used for Dearly, Beloved it really speak a sense of motivation, calmness, truthfulness, healing. After reading the book I see a lot of motivation through Nora and Bram and also the truth being brought to the surface slowly but surely.

Now to review the content of Dearly, Beloved…

This book did not disappoint! I was captivated by just the first page alone, We see how our character’s have each developed and it is easy enough to get caught up in the world that Lia Habel has created for us since the first book. I found myself more in love with Bram and Nora’s relationship, their interaction and how Lia Habel is able to portray such affection between the two of them in a way that does not necessarily have to be expressed in a strong, sexual way.

The plot for this book was hard to figure out, and I liked it, it kept me in suspense as to what to expect, because your just interacting with different scenes that involve different characters from chapter to chapter, and to be quite honest that is one thing that I think makes Lia Habel’s book in a way quite unique because she is able to transition from character to character in a way that does not leave you confused or feeling out of place. Each transition is smooth, and is written well so that you don’t fall behind or get confused, you can read with ease and you get to interact with all the characters and not just Nora or just Bram.

Overall I was highly satisfied with Dearly, Beloved, and absolutely loved the ending! I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and be in awe of how the book ended, and of course it has left me wanting more and I cannot wait to see how Lia Habel further develops the series.
 5/5 Bats.

Review posted on Goodreads as well > Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel

Be sure to check out Lia Habel's website >

10K Fb Likes Giveaway Week 4

Hey everyone and welcome to Week 4 of out 10,000 FB likes Giveaway! As always we would like to thank all of you who have joined our page and everyone who shares with us. This is our way of thanking you. We would also like to thanks all the great authors who share their work with us, donated prizes or just come to talk books with us. Fans and Authors you all rock! Now on to the Week 4 prizes. remember there is different prizes on the blog and FB page.

First up we have some  signed bookmarks from Wendy Higgins

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A signed copy of The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

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Ebook copy of Night Walker and ebook copy of Night Thief 
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September 26, 2012

Power Tour-Review & Giveaway

Hi all! I am very happy to be part of this book tour. This is an amazing series and Power continues the greatness. Before we get to my review here is the book cover and Blurb.

Book Summary:
As the stakes rise, can she find her true power?
As the Amadis prepare for war, Alexis returns to Florida with orders to relax, regenerate and replenish her depleted power. But her task list quickly grows—establish a new safe house, learn the art of conversion, find her AWOL protector, help a desperate fan, and protect her son. Oh, and figure out what’s going on with her husband, whose peculiar behavior just might get them killed.
But most important of all, her primary mission: recover her stolen pendant.
The stone in the pendant not only promises hope for the Amadis future, but its unknown qualities make it a possible weapon in the wrong hands. With guidance and power from an improbable source and an unlikely ally by her side, Alexis sets out to retrieve the stone before the enemy discovers its potential for mass destruction. But when she finds herself in the Daemoni’s lair fighting for her life, all hope seems lost. Will she discover the true power she holds in time? And is it enough to save herself, her family and the Amadis?
Power, the next installment of the Soul Savers Series, takes you on a hot and edgy ride with twists and turns you’ll never see coming, leaving you breathless and once again begging for more.

My Review

 This book starts right were Devotion ends. Alexis knows it is time to return to Florida, spend time with her family and begin a new training some new skills. She needs to recharge her energy, start a safe house and find her pendant as well. She finds herself in trouble while looking for her pendant looking at Tristan for help she realizes he is acting strange and is no help in fighting the Daemoni. Can she do it all on her own cause that is the way it seems it will be with her husband being no help and her protector missing.

 What a great addition to the Soul Savers series. Alexis seems to grow before you eyes as she tries to balance all that is going on in her life. She gets even more stronger and her love never wavers from Tristan even if he is at times a stranger to her. Tristan is really more in the background of this book. No worries because they still share the hotness between them so that isn't missing. Owen also returns but he isn't the same person he used to be it seems.  This book has a lot more characters in it that are to many to mention. If you have read the series just know you have seen them before.

 Power is an enriching book that just draws you even more into the world Kristie Cook writes. There is lots of twist and turns and you never know what is going to happen. Friends and family seem to have a lot going on you never know if they are going bad or what they are hiding. Old enemies come out of nowhere with some of them revealing secrets you don't see coming and some unlikely partnerships happening. Without giving spoilers it is hard to do a just review for this book. Just know if you haven't picked this series up you need to. It will be a whole new book world you get pulled into and you don't want it to end. I look forward to the next book cause I have to know what happens next.
5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

About Kristie Cook:
Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle. She can be found at

Kristie’s Links:
Kristie Cook’s Website:
Goodreads Page:
I would like to say thank you to Kristie for letting me be a part of this great tour and the chance to read a wonderful book.Be sure to stop by the link below to see more stops and the scavenger hunt Kristie Set up.

Tour information can be found here:

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September 25, 2012

Author Showcase Lindsay Weigel

Hey guys!! Today is AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT!!

You know what that means! An author and some awesome books to hear about! 
I know we are excited about today and what we have in store for you all.
Sooo without further ado we present to you....

Lindsay Weigel
Author Bio: Other than the full time duties of motherhood, superb wifedom, and otherwise 
indentured slavatude (a new term for housework; it’s like servitude but more restrictive), Lindsay uses her spare time to write what the voices in her head tell her to.  Thus far insanity has resulted in two published books, and more half-done works awaiting an end result when the voices come off strike.

To do some healthy stalking follow Lindsay here:: 

I got to take the time to interview Lindsay and would like to thank her for answering my questions. :)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.. I'm Lindsay Weigel- I don't use a middle name, though I do have one (I'll never tell either). I am 29 years old and will never turn thirty, ever!  I am married to the perfect man for me; most of the time I wonder why he choose me, then I think to myself, "Would you question being a millionaire-no! So shut your mouth and enjoy it." I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl; No there will be no more children in my future I have one of each kind. They drive me bonkers but I love them dearly, which means they are healthy and normal. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask- I'm mostly an open book but some questions you may have to work for an answer. LOL

2. How did you get interested in writing? I think most everyone has the same answer so I'll be completely cliche' when I say, I've always enjoyed writing. But a couple-few years ago I finally had complete thoughts enough to write a novel, so I did.

3. What's the hardest you've run into with writing? How did you over come it? I'll let you now once I've overcome the writer's block I'm having right now.

4. How did the idea for Reacquainted come about? A thought about a man brushing a woman's hand and events being transmitted to her as though she were watching them take place. From there, I worked out some characters, a story line, then poof-there you have it, Reacquainted.

5. Your newest adventure is A Good Minion is Hard To Find, A Novella. Was it hard to go from a YA Romance, Reacquainted, to an Adult fiction? Um... no. I think as people we have so many facets that make us who we are, not only in general but especially around others. Every friend or family member pulls forth another part of you, its not to say we are different around others as much as it is them bringing out different sides of us. That being said, I have a romantic side, which was (what I hope) Reacquainted shows; and then I have a seriously twisted sense of humor- which is why A Good Minion is Hard to Find had to be written.

6. What's something readers would find surprising about you? I don't call myself an "author." I suppose, technically, one could presume that I am- but I don't. I say, "I write in my spare time." I don't know if I ever will call myself such a prestigious word or even what I categorize an author as being, I just don't think I am one right now.

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? Boston, Massachusetts. I lived in Mass for quite some time, (never in Boston though) and I have always loved the way it feels in Boston. There is a comradery there that I don't seem to find elsewhere; I would love to be part of that.

8. We both share a love for food. What's your absolute favorite dish? This question right here shows that Tif wrote this; as she and I do spend a little time sharing food pictures with each other. I'd have to say either Shepherds pie or beef Wellington and mashed potato's. Don't mistake me by picking favorites, I will eat most anything.

9. What's the worst job you've ever had? I won't name names, however I will say that a little gas station in a small town has taken the cake.

10.Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla! I like eating chocolates sometimes but when we are talking: cake, cookies, pastries, and flavouring- vanilla all the way.

11. Who has influenced you the most when it comes to writing?  Christopher Moore- whom I believe to be one of the best fiction writers ever! My friend, Shawn. He hasn't written a book yet but I keep praying that he does because he is a beautiful writer. Other than that, it keeps me going when(yup there will be a small list): My cousin, Beth gushes; my best friend Jackie laughs, my mother when she gets that "Awe Lindsay, I'm so proud of you honey," squeal that she gets; the gleaming twinkle in my husbands eyes when he is proud, and MOST of all the response I get from readers. You guys make my day- you have no idea!

 12. Last book you read? Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Currently, Amy Plum, Die For Me.

13. Are there any works in progress you can share with us? I sure can! A Good Minion is Hard to Find may have a sequel A Good Mistress is Hard to Find. I say may because who knows if and when I will get out of this terrible writers block. The other novel, (this one could take years) is Gatekeepers of Fate.I'll be sure to let you know if and when they are finished.

14. Any shout outs you would like to add? Tif and Sabrina- I don't know how to express to you girls just how much I adore you but I'll try every chance I get. Thank you!

Lindsay's Work

Single and known for never finishing a romance novel, Laurie Wilcox is a creature of habit whose work consists of picking up after customers and helping them choose skimpy, yet still legal, outfits. In Fall River, Massachusetts, life is mundane to say the least-that is, until a handsome stranger walks into her store and changes her life forever. While the stranger pays for his purchase, his hand grazes Laurie's. Suddenly, she is fed an image of a man with fangs who is about to bite. As he smiles and leaves, Laurie experiences a weird, almost déjà-vu feeling. But when the stranger returns and invites Laurie and her co-worker to a dance club, Laurie is disturbed. Something about Alexander Young is making her feel uneasy, but despite her worries, she finally agrees, opening herself up to new experiences and a potential romance. But when a part of Laurie's life is put into question-as well as the people in it-she must decide whether friendship, life, and most importantly, love is worth all the sweet deception.

Buying sites:: Amazon B&N Smashwords

Never desiring a man for purposes other than feeding and fornication, the Countess continued her search for a good minion.

Naturally, the minion she now possesses, Jason, is sexy and willing to be subjugated to the point most men would find humiliating; but he is also an ignorant piece of perspiring filth. Therefore, not only undeserving of her time, but the immortal gifts in which she could bestow. Thus far, no one had been worthy of her gift, never mind being on her arm for eternity.

That is, until she meets Jason's brother, James, who is the polar opposite of Jason. It may be problematic that he is engaged to someone else, but that isn't an issue for the Countess.

At least, that is what she believes…

Buying sites:: Amazon B&N Smashwords

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Lindsay for allowing us to share her work with you all. Make sure you stop by the facebook page, Paranormal Reads, to see the teaser/quotes from each book. 
We hope you found something interesting and as always, Happy Reading.

September 22, 2012

Remembrance Review

Remembrance (Transcend Time, #1)
by Michelle Madow

Goodreads Blurb
Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Regency Era, England ... but she doesn't know it yet.

Then Drew Carmichael transfers into Lizzie's high school at the beginning of the year, and she feels a connection to him, almost like she knows him. She can't stop thinking about him, but whenever she tries talking with him about the mysteries behind her feelings, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. Reaching him is even more difficult because she has a boyfriend, Jeremy, who has started to become full of himself after being elected co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and her flirtatious best friend Chelsea starts dating Drew soon after his arrival. So why can't she get him out of her mind?

Even though Lizzie knows she should let go of her fascination with Drew, fighting fate isn't going to be easy.

My Review

Lizzie is your plain teenager. She loves to read, has a boyfriend who is moving into bigger social circles that she just doesn't fit into, a best friend Chelsea and thinks her life is kinda simple. That is until Drew comes to town and she feels an instant connection to him. The main problems are Chelsea sets her sights on him as well and Jeremy her boyfriend. While she tries to hide her attraction to Drew she begins to have flash backs to a previous life were Drew seems to play a big part of and he also seems to know all about her past life. 

First off this cover is simply beautiful! I love it and when you read the book you will see it fits it perfect. Now as for these characters some of them I liked and some not so much. Lizzie is a good character she tries to hide what she feels cause she knows it is wrong for so many reasons. Lets face it she is a booknerd. Hello Instant love a booknerd character. Jeremy her boyfriend is a controlling jerk in my opinion. He gets a big head when he gets into the cool crowd. Chelsea is a good friend but at times got on my nerves with her boy crazy things she does. She is the type of friend you love even if you want to smack some sense into her. Drew what can you say about Drew. He is charming, good looking and does try to stay away from Lizzie for her own good. There is many other characters that play a part in this book to many to mention but I will make a mention of Lizzie's mom. She got on my nerves. She has Lizzie's life all planned out not really caring what Lizzie wants. 

The plot of this book is good. Teenagers from todays time being reincarnated from a past time. The author did a good job with this aspect. You really get a feel for Lizzie as you read this book. Her thoughts and feelings are well shown through the great writing. I was surprised towards the end when more of their past lives were revealed. The only reason this is a 4 instead of a 5 is I wanted more into Lizzie and Drew's past, but I am hoping the next book has that. It did get a bit of a slow read at times but the ending more than made up for it. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a YA love story, Reincarnation story or just a great book to dive into. I don't give spoilers so I try to write my reviews in a way that doesn't give them.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Review-Demons (Seers,#2)

Demons (Seers, #2) by Heather Frost

Goodreads Blurb
Kate’s life is far from normal. She can see auras, her boyfriend is immortal, and her powers make her a target. But now that the Demon Lord is hunting her, things are about to go from dangerous to truly deadly. Packed with action, mind-blowing plot twists, and characters you can’t get enough of, this is a fast-paced, heart-pounding read from cover to cover.

My Review

I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review. Kate has the ability to see peoples auras. This helps her see if people are Demons and she seems to be growing in powers. Her boyfriend Patrick is also her guardian and immortal. He tries his best to protect her from the demon lord an keep her out of trouble. She isn't your ordinary Seer she is a special kind and the demon lord really wants her in his keep.

 I have not read Seer the first book in this series but I had no problems with this book. I will be going back and reading the first book just to see if i did miss something. This book has some great characters in it. Kate isn't one of my favorites/ She rushes into things without thinking about what may happen and a lot of times bad things do happen. Patrick is awesome he has had a hard time and is so strong and loves Kate so much. I see him being a future book crush for a lot of people. Kate's best friend Lee steals the best female character for me. She is so awesome and so unique. Kate's grandparents are a big part of this book and they are the type of grandparents you would want. The rest of the characters add their own blend to the story but these are the ones that really stick out.

 The plot of this book is different and I enjoy that. Demons hunting Seers and the seers protectors trying to do their jobs. As this book shows sometimes the people helping you need help. It has some great action scenes and you even find out about Patrick's past. I really enjoyed this book my main problem with it is I wanted to smack Kate and knock some sense into her. She doesn't think and I hope in the next book she grows some sense. You do get to see how much Kate and Patrick love each other. I think theirs is a great love that will face many trials.  Be prepared for several shocks when you meet the Demon Lord I sure was.It is a great book and I would recommend you read this series.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

September 21, 2012

Word and Breath by Susannah Noel

Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
Riana has learned how to stay out of trouble. She spends her days studying written texts in the government’s Office of Readers, and she spends her nights taking care of her sick sister. She always—always—follows the rules. Despite her low profile, she has mysteriously become a target. Someone has kidnapped her sister. Someone else is trying to kill her. And someone has sent a Soul-Breather to beguile her out of her secrets.
Her help comes from the mythic leader of an underground rebel movement. A man who used to be her friend. A man who has silently loved her for years. He disappeared from her life without a word, and now he expects her to trust him again.
Then there’s the Soul-Breather, a man who can taste her spirit with only a touch. He makes her feel things she’s never experienced before, but she doesn’t know if the feelings are real. Hired to deceive and betray her, he offers to help her instead.
Without both men, she can’t rescue her sister. And she can’t discover the world-changing knowledge—buried in her memory—that has made her a target in the first place.

 Short Review:
This book was quite gripping and I loved how it was able to incorporate –Paranormal, Dystopian and Romantic aspects all in one. It was the perfect mix, that was able to create a book that will have you reading until you are left with only the last page leaving you with more questions.

4/5 Bat's!


To read full review > Goodreads

Be sure to stop by Susannah website >

September 20, 2012

Second Sight by TC Hart Blog Tour

I am so excited to be hosting TC Hart on their blog tour. I wanna thank the authors TC Hart for letting me review their book and Jennifer Wright Malone with Tempting Tours for allowing our blog to be a host for her tours. 

Author Bio:

TC Hart are co-authors who believe in the importance of a caring, compassionate future generation that celebrates everyone's uniqueness.

We are best friends who are native to Washington State. We love to travel, go to the theater and try new things. Our latest adventure is zip lining. Which should be interesting since we are both terrified of heights!

Tasha is an educator and married with four boys. Cheryl is a nurse and married with three boys and two girls.  We are first time authors and extremely excited about the release of our first book!

Being gay in high school is not always easy, and now Kyle is having unexplained visions. His friend, Jenny, is convinced that he is psychic. When thefts occur at school, Kyle realizes that his visions may be the key to solving the crime, if only he could figure them out.

As editor of the school newspaper, Kyle almost has more on his plate than he can deal with. When the news staff tries to figure out who the thief is, personalities clash and tension rises. But the challenges will form friendships that Kyle never would have imagined. And Kyle’s world will be changed forever.

“So I’m both gay and psychic? That’s a lot for one high school guy to handle.”

Stalker Links:

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My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn’t to long or too short. I really loved Kyle and hope to read more about him.

Kyle is your normal high school guy who loves to play soccer and is editor of his high school newspaper and he happens to be gay. Jenny his best friend is a reporter for the paper and has a story about thief’s going on in their school and two others. But Kyle is having psychic visions and Jenny thinks they will help solve the case. The whole newspaper staff sets off to find out who is behind it. But when they find out they are shocked who it is. 

I really enjoyed this mystery. It has been awhile since I read one and with the added paranormal touch of the psychic visions it just added to the story. Kyle is a great hero. He is a sweet guy and loves his friends. The authors did a great job handling his being gay. It was just part of him. At times it was hard for him dealing with the comments but Kyle always took the high road and ignored all the bigots. Jenny is a great best friend to Kyle. She stands by him and wants to help him understand his visions and even helps him to be ok with them. I enjoyed trying to figure out who the thief was along with the characters. And like them I was shocked by who was the thief.

If you are looking for a quick read with mystery and characters that we can all connect with and even remember having has friends in high school then I highly recommend Second Sight. 4/5 bats

Tour Schedule:

Thanks for stopping by on our stop for Second Sight.

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