September 05, 2012

Kasadya Hellhound Awakened Review

        Kasadya Hellhound Awakened by Karen Swart

Goodreads Blurb
In a constant battle between good and evil, evil is dominating the battle field and leading mankind to its destruction. With our Creator's intervention a creature destined to concur and destroy is created. He gives mankind hellhounds to fight back and reclaim freedom.

Join seventeen year old Kasadya Levourne as she fights against evil to protect us. With each step she faces destruction, and yet she has the talent to give it back tenfold. Stubborn and hardheaded she makes her mark in the fallen world and starts a battle none can escape. Not even her trainer, the very attractive Chax de Luca, was prepared for her presence.

Will evil prevail? Or will Kas and her fallen friends succeed in protecting us against it?

Hold on to your seats, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

My Review
I received this book for a honest review from the author. Kasadya or Kas is a Fallen even though she didn't really know she was until she is told by her parents. She has to redeem herself and all the other hellhounds who came before her. She can have no human friends or interact with them. Of course as a 16 year old girl she is pissed about this. She is sent to Hellhouse to train with other Fallen creatures. There she is taught to transform into her hellhound self and taught to fight by Chax and taught that she is to save human and kill demons. While she is there she also makes friends with the other Fallen creatures. She hadn't been there long when she and another fallen are taken by Demons and she is told she must fight or she and her friend will die. So she fights other demons till she is saved a long time later. She has become stronger and harder after her time trapped with the demons and makes a few mistakes when she is rescued. Some that may lead to horrible things for her and her new found friends the humans.

I truly loved and enjoyed this book. It is about different kinds of Fallen some you never get to read much about. I loved the authors take on Hellhounds. Usually they are seen as large dogs nope not here. Kas is an incredible character that sticks in your mind. No matter what is thrown at her she stands up and faces it. The other characters introduced in this book are just as incredible. You get fae, vampires, werewolves, harpys and so much more. I kept thinking I wanted Kas to end up with one guy but after reading the whole book I want her with someone different. I won't say who my pick is as this really isn't a love story so far. It is more about action and watching a girl become the hellhound and woman she is meant to be. This is an amazing start to what I hope is a series. The author knows how to drag you in and make you want more. I eagerly look forward to the next book. Pick this up if you want a different paranormal creature to read about and an incredible story.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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