September 19, 2012

The Deserter Review

The Deserter (The Bone World Trilogy #2)
by Peadar O Guilin

Goodreads Blurb
The humans are weak and vulnerable. Soon the beasts that share their stone-age world will kill and eat them. To save his tribe, Stopmouth must make his way to the Roof, the mysterious hi-tech world above the surface. But the Roof has its own problems. The nano technology that controls everything from the environment to the human body is collapsing. A virus has already destroyed the Upstairs, sending millions of refugees to seek shelter below. And now a rebellion against the Commission, organized by the fanatical Religious, is about to break. Hunted by the Commission's Elite Agents through the overcrowded, decaying city of the future, Stopmouth must succeed in a hunt of his own: to find the secret power hidden in the Roof's computerized brain, and return to his people before it is too late. Peadar O Guilin has followed his extraordinary debut The Inferior with an equally original and pulse-racing sequel in which human primitivism collides with futuristic technology.

My Review

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. Creatures are slowly wiping out what is left of mankind on the surface. The Roof may be their only hope for survival so Stopmouth decides to go there to find answers and his missing wife Indrani. When he gets there he soon finds out that he and what is left of mankind are the people of The Roof's entertainment. Those people spend all day watching their actions on the surface. The people of The Roof have their own problems as the nanos that were meant to keep them above the surface and alive seem to be failing. The Roof has major problems that the leaders are trying to keep hid from the people. They do this by blaming different fractions aboard. Indrani may have the key to solving all these problems both the surface peoples and the people of the Roof. Stopmouth just has to find her before the leaders do.

I enjoyed the writing style of the author. This is very differently written than other books. The plot is a good one. It's a world going to pieces and people trying to survive. The characters are good ones each add their own flair to the story. My main problem with this story is at times it was slow. I would put it down then come back to it later because I got bored with it. When I would come back to it I would have to back track thinking maybe I missed something. I just had a hard time reading it. If you take your time and read this it is a good read just the flow of the story didn't suit me much. I like my books for the most part with a fast and steady pace. If your looking for a book based on survival or the end of mankind you may want to pick this series up. It's good just not my favorite of this type of book.

3 out of 5 Bats~Pam