September 03, 2012

Life Knocks Review

Life Knocks by Craig Stone

My Review ( not paranormal)
I received this book from the author for an honest review. This book follows the life of Colossus as he quits his job and shows how he he had depression, love, drugs and so much more go on in his life. It starts out with a very funny letter to his boss as he quits his job. This letter is what we all have felt like saying to our bosses all through our lives. It draws you right into the story. You get to see him interact with his landlord even though all he wants to do is ignore the man. Friends try to draw him out and he never seems to be able to tell these people no. It also tells of how he found his short lived love Lily and some of what they go through. Plus tells so much more. The humor at times in this book will have you busting out laughing. It adds such a great touch to the story. Craig Stone has a very sharp mind for writing this book. It is masterfully written. You find yourself drawn into the world Colossus lives in where all you want to do is help him escape it and on to a better life. If you are looking for a story about a real life situations and one persons struggle you need to pick this up. You soon won't forget the story of Colossus.
4 out of 5 bats~Pam

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