March 29, 2014

Dark Days : Review

Dark Days
by Kate Ormand
The future world has been divided into sectors--each the same as the other. Surrounded by thick steel fences, there is no way in and no way out. Yet a cyborg army penetrates each sector, picking off its citizens one by one, until no one is left. Behind the sectors' thick walls, the citizens wait to die. Few will be chosen to survive what's coming; the rest will be left behind to suffer. A new world has been created, and its rulers are incredibly selective on who will become a citizen. They want only those with important roles in society to help create a more perfect future.

Sixteen-year-old Sia lives in one of the sectors as part of a family that is far too ordinary to be picked to live. According to the digital clock that towers high above her sector, she has only fifteen days to live. Sia has seen the reports and knows a horrific death is in store for her, but she is determined to make the most of her final days. Sia refuses to mourn her short life, instead promising herself that she'll stay strong, despite being suffocated by her depressed mother and her frightened best friend. Just when Sia feels more alone than ever, she meets Mace, a mysterious boy. There is something that draws Sia to him, despite his dangerousness, and together, they join a group of rebels and embark on an epic journey to destroy the new world and its machines, and to put an end to the slaughter of innocent people.
My Review
The world has been divided into sectors. Each one is surrounded by thick fences with no way in or out. As the citezens of each one go about their lives they are just waiting. A cyborg army is going sector to sector and destroying everything in side. Unless you are lucky enough to be special. If you are special you are picked to be removed before the cyborgs get there. Sia is sixteen years old and an ordinary girl. Her family has no way or hope of being picked. The clock has started ticking and she only has fifteendays left before the cyborgs show up. Her mother is depressed and barely living only watching tv, her father disappears constantly and her best friend is locked away at home. She meets Mace and he begins to give her hope. Hope that they can stop the cyborgs and have a life. She joins the rebels and will do anything no matter the danger to help.
You feel sorry for Sia from the start. She knows she only has a limited time left and she has things she wants done before she is killed along with everyone else. Her bucket list is the stuff we take for granted everyday and shows you how little she has lived. I liked how she really isn't ready to give up like most have. She uses her head and tries wit her all to figure a way to save everyone. Her dad seems like he doesn't have time for he. He is always gone and never around. You wonder what he has going on for the longest time. Her mom I did not like at all. She just gives up and doesn't really care about anything anymore. Mace may seem dangerous but he is so good for Sia and in many ways gives her something more to fight for.
I liked this plot. Everyone living in walled sectors with only a few chosen to live. Yeah it may seem like a lot of other books but it does have a different feel to it. The sectors have a clock showing them how long they have left to live. Cyborgs destroy anything and everyone left. They don't leave anything behind. The people not chosen are like cattle who have been herded up to be slaughtered. Sia is a great character as she is pretty much on her own but she still steps up and does stuff beyond her years. She thinks of plans and goes into danger to try and save everyone. I really liked her. The book throws a few surprises your way and does keep you on your toes. I look forward to reading more form this author.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

ARV-3 : Review

ARV-3 (The after life saga #1)
by Cameo Renae

The beginning of the end. The Apocalypse.

A nuclear fallout wiped out every living thing on the planet, except for a few thousand of us who took shelter in underground bunkers across the globe. Now, after thirteen long years, we were finally able to return to the topside to begin to rebuild.

We thought we were alone. We were never more wrong.

Before the fallout, scientists had worked on creating an anti-radiation vaccine (ARV). The first two attempts failed, but despite the incomplete tests and results, the government approved and distributed the third serum to the masses in an effort to aid those who had no shelter.

It worked, keeping those who remained on the topside alive, but it also altered and mutated them. This new and infectious threat had completely outnumbered us. Now, we not only had to rebuild our planet. We would have to fight for it.

My name is Abigail Park. I’m seventeen, and this is my story.
My Review
A nuclear fallout changed the way of the world. A few thousand took to underground bunkers to survive. They stayed there for thirteen years then when it was safe they decided to return to the surface. However they aren't the only survivors. Scientist gave a anti radiation vaccine to people without testing it and having the first two tries fail. It mutated those that took it and now they are making it hard for the survivors to rebuild. Abigail is one of the lucky survivors and after thirteen years she finds her self in a whole new world. She isn't alone but she has more to face than just the mutants. Some people have different plans for the human survivors.
Abi grew up underground with other survivors. She has most of her family with her along with others. She learned to shoot how to stay in shape and how to survive. She even grew up with a boy who she likes more than friends. They never acted on it in the bunker but now that they get to the surface they no they love each other. Abi is tough and she doesn't like to leave anyone behind. Finn loves Abi but he at times seemed clueless. He doesn't realize how teen girls can be till he gets around several but he never was around many so I have to give him a break on that. Now for my favorite character or charters. The Arvies. They are what survived on the outside. You might think them somewhat like a zombie but they are more like a mutant. They are so awesome and I know that is bad to say about something that is bad but I enjoyed every scene they were in.
I love dystopian books and liked this one. It was really close to getting five stars from me. The Arvies where so amazing in the fact that they hate normal people and really think. The do all kinds of stuff to destroy survivors. They can communicate with each other and have so much going on. I like Abi and Finn and the other characters I met in this book. The only thing I didn't like was the drama that went on when Abi and the others got to the government bunker. It just seemed out of place and while I get they are teens you would think in this type of situation they wouldn't care about the petty stuff. However Abi really steps up and is more than willing to go into danger to save those she loves. If you like Apocalyptic/Dystopian books I would recommend his one and I look forward to more of them.
4out of 5 Bats

March 21, 2014

No Ifs, Ands or Bears About It : Review

by Celia Kyle

The first day of Mia’s new life in Grayslake, Georgia is not going as planned. The house her grandfather left her looks ready to crumble, boxes cover every inch of the floor and—oh—there’s a bear cub in her pantry. It gets worse when the cub’s uncle comes by and busts out his fur and claws while on her front porch. Then it gets loads better because suddenly there’s a hot hunk of badge-wearing werebear on her lawn ready to rescue her. Yum. Of course, he has to ruin things by trying to take the cub out of her hands. Ha! The cub is hers… No ifs, ands, or bears about it.

Werebear Ty can’t seem to get the curvaceous, delectable Mia to understand that, even if she is one-quarter werebear, she isn’t keeping the cub. Ty is the Grayslake Itan, the clan’s leader, and the little werebear is going home with him… Unless it isn’t. It’s her smile. If she’d stop smiling and being gorgeous, his inner-bear would support him and Ty would get his way. But the beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

My Review
Mia has moved into the house her grandfather left her and from the first day her new house is full of surprises. She finds a bear cub in her cupboard and being part werebear she knows there is more to this bear cub than meets the eye. She will do anything to protect this cub from his crazy uncle to the werebear clan leader. He is her responsibility and she vows nothing more will hurt him. Ian the local clan leader would never hurt a cub or the woman he knows is meant to be his. He just has to convince her he will protect them both and they would be safer at his den. Mia might not be able to shift but she will do anything to protect the cub and all the while she tries to sort her feelings for Ian. Danger is closing in on them and Mia and Ian will have to fight to protect those they care about.

Mia is a great character as she is part werebear but can't shift. She doesn't let that stop her from being protective as a real momma bear or willing to get in the face of angry werebear shifters. She won't back down and she tries to understand her feelings for Ian. A few times she did a few things that got on my nerves but that just made her better as she wasn't a perfect character. Ian is a sexy shifter who is really still trying to get the understanding of being a leader. He does a great job at it he just doesn't understand the need to know more about those he cares for. He really grows to understand his role in the clan and his feelings for Mia as he story goes by.

I really enjoyed this story as I haven't read many about bear shifters before. The characters in this book are wonderfully written as they really show their human and bear sides and the thin line they walk between them. Mia and Ian have to overcome trusting each other, a danger that is after them and even people with narrow minds. Ian won't give Mia up for anything and he has to face people who don't want them together. Mia also has to come face to face with the past that gave her a start on life. Her past and future combine to make a wonderful story. There is sexual tension between Mia an Ian but that is just part of this wonderful story. There is lots of action as several fights take place and there is more than just bear shifters in this story.If you like paranormal shifter books I would recommend this one to you.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Sing For The Dead : Review

Sing for the Dead (London Undead)
by P.J. Schnyder

Book Two of London Undead

Kayden, a lone were-leopard allied with the London werewolf pack to keep the zombie infestation in check, is used to working solo—until he discovers a beautiful fae woman surrounded by the aftermath of battle. He’s immediately drawn to Sorcha, but quickly discovers she’s much more than a pretty face.

Half Bean Sidhe and half berserker, Sorcha trained over centuries to become the perfect warrior. She agrees to work with local weres to investigate a new type of zombie capable of coordinated attacks—and is partnered with Kayden. He’s strong, darkly handsome and completely unafraid of her. And his kiss fills her with insatiable desire instead of bloodlust.

As Kayden and Sorcha work together, their attraction grows and their deepest scars are bared to each other. But with the force behind the deadly new zombies poised to overwhelm the city, Sorcha can only pray that the next time her bloodlust strikes, Kayden isn’t among the fallen....

My Review
Sorcha isn't like other fae. She has always been the odd one. She has spent her life training to be the best warrior she can and being Half Bean Sidhe and half Berserker has helped her become undeafeted over the years. She hates it but she has to let the bloody side of her out at times and she has to hope no one she cares for is near when it is loosened. If they are she could seriously hurt or kill them. When she is asked to investigate the new type of zombies roaming she jumps at the chance. It puts her working closely with the were leopard Kayden. Kayden helps the local weres but isn't part of the pack. He sees Sorcha and knows they need to partner up. Even though she is a danger he still refuses to leave her side as they fight. He knows deep down she won't hurt him and he shows her they can fight the undead together and also be more than fighting partners.

I will read anything that has zombies in it. I really liked this one as they are really just a part of the story and it adds other paranormal creatures as well. There are shifters, zombies, faes and more. Sorcha isn't afraid of any fight but she does have a ear when the beserker side of her comes out. She is afraid someone she cares about will get hurt as well as her enemies. For years others would just leave her passed out on the battle field when the fight was over not caring if something happened to her. Kayden shows her he isn't afraid of any side of her and that he will always be there when things are bad. He is used to being alone but Sorcha makes him want to keep her close. They face many dangers and he is always willing to help her when the bloodlust comes to her. He understands and helps her needs. They are an amazing two people and they face many dangers from the undead to more. They have a mystery to solve and will not back down even when the odds don't look good. I will look forward to more in this series.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

The Collection : Review

The Collection (The Registry #2)
by Shannon Stoker

How far would you go to control your own destiny? 

Mia Morrissey has escaped: America, the Registry, and the role she was raised for— a perfect bride auctioned to the highest bidder. She’s enemy number one to the world’s largest power, and there’s no turning back now.

From the moment she and her friends Andrew, and Carter cross the border into Mexico it becomes clear their troubles are only beginning. The young men are immediately picked up by a violent and omnipotent militia—The Collection—and it’s Mia’s turn to rescue them.

With time running out, her ex-fiancĂ©’s henchman on her trail, and a dangerous tide shifting back in America, Mia will do whatever she has to. Even if that means risking everything and putting herself back on an auction block. The price of freedom is never too high…but what if the cost is her life

My Review
Mia has escaped the Registry and America but she hasn't escaped the danger. Her friends Andrew and Carter make it to Mexico but they boys are taken by a violent militia The Collection and Mia is the only one who can save them. Andrew and Carter are tortured and brain washed to forget what they know and to become killers. Mia will have to face not only danger from the Collection but the henchman her ex fiance has sent after her. She also has to help the boys gain back heir loss memories. The journey just may take her right back to where she has run from the auction block and America.

I liked the first book in this series but I believe I liked this one better. Mia in the first was spoiled, seemed weak and even while she put a brave front up at times she would just grate on your nerves. In this book she grows up so much. She has the chance to be safe but she refuses to do that in order to save the ones she cares about. She shows such an improvenment in her attitude you can't help but like her in this one. All places seem to have some kind of danger in this series. In Mexico it is from militia and in America it is a danger really to be a woman. You have to do what men say and go to the highest bidder. I hated Grant in the first book but I will say a few times I actually felt sorry for him in this one. You get to see what shaped him into who he is today. However you also still see the ruthless side of him in this one and everything he will do to get what he wants. This book has more adventures, action and danger and is a great sequel. I look forward to seeing the end of Mia's journey and what all she will change because I believe she is possible now of doing many things.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

March 08, 2014

A Heart of Honor : Review

A Heart of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #3)
by J.P. Grider

In order for honor to survive, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

When confronted with Honor’s mortality, Ethan finds his rusty empathic powers are no match for the damage that's already been done to Honor’s heart - if she doesn’t find a donor, Honor will die. 

In the third and final book of The Honor Trilogy, teenage empath Honor Stevens is fighting for her life, while her first love Ethan Sutherland and his half-brother Storm Sutherland are fighting to keep her alive. But even if a donor is found before Honor’s heart gives out, Ethan’s worst fear has come true – the government has been made aware of Honor’s healing abilities and now they have come to take her away. 

Both Ethan and Storm have to make sacrifices to save Honor from both her fates, but who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

My Review
Honor has healed to many and her life is in danger. Ethan and Storm can't heal her and only finding a heart for a transplant can save her. They both love her and don't want to push her to pick between them. On top of the worry over her life now the worse has happened. The government has found out about Honor and her powers. They want to take her away. Both Storm and Ethan will do anything to save Honor but only one can keep her.

I love this series and the characters. I do love Storm most and miss him in this book. He is in it but he isn't like his usual self. His love for Honor has changed him. He will now do anything to save her even if it means staying away from her. Ethan is a little different in this book as well to me. He still loves Honor but he shows signs of wondering different things. To me he sometimes wants it all and doesn't really use his head or look at what else is right in front of him. Honor seems so weak in this book and that is to be expected but she also is still the same wonderful girl who wants to heal everyone. She has to give up so much and it effects her. While she should be living a normal life hers is far from it. I hated to see this series end as I love the characters. The story line is amazing and the author does a great job in writing it. There is a few shockers and hold your breathe moments and at times I did worry. I would recommend this series to anyone.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Passion Potion : Review

Passion Potion
by Mary Beth Daniels 

Jet is a Nix, the daughter of an Enchantress who went outside her bloodlines. No one helps a Nix, and even though her father is in deep trouble with Dei Lucrii, a Dark Enchanter who paid her family an extraordinary sum to make a passion potion, Jet has no way to fix the powerful spell that killed her mother.

But someone is watching her. A very handsome someone whose face appears in a pewter bowl her mother always kept close by.

Could the boy be the secret to avoiding the curse of the Nix? Or is he the sort of distraction Jet REALLY can’t afford at a time like this?

My Review
Jet flunks out of college and goes home to her dad. Her mother has recently died doing an experiment and now Jet finds out she was actually an Enchantress and died making a potion for a dark Enchanter. Now Jet must find a way to finish that potion or they will lose everything. Problem is Jet is a Nix and no one with any powers will help her it is forbidden. She must work this out on her own and unravel secrets kept from her. She is distracted by a boy who keeps popping up and says she is his match even though he doesn't want her to be.

Jet thinks she is a loser and has let her family down. She doesn't believe at first her family is anything but normal and that her dad has lost his mind. She takes some convincing that she really is a Nix and she needs to finish this potion. She doesn't give up even when no one will help her or tell her anything. She has to work things out on her own. She is very smart and keeps digging till she gets the truth of things. Caleb at times to me was a little flaky. He wanted a match but din't want Jet as she is forbidden. He is afraid to stand up to his mother at times. However he does step up and realizes he should do the right thing.

I had trouble at first getting into this book, but once I did it took right off for me. I love the story line and after the characters stopped getting on my nerves I liked them. I think it is a way of showing you they are still young and make mistakes. There is a lot of secrets in this book that you slowly unveil. There is an element of danger as the dark enchanter is after Jet and so is everyone else it seems as she shouldn't be working magic and she keeps trying to. She really stands alone most of the time and really grows up. I liked the ending and how a few of them should be eating their words about a Nix.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Cured : Review

Cured (Stung #2)
by Bethany Wiggins

Now that Fiona Tarsis and her twin brother, Jonah, are no longer beasts, they set out to find their mother, with the help of Bowen and a former neighbor, Jacqui. Heading for a safe settlement rumored to be in Wyoming, they plan to spread the cure along the way--until they are attacked by raiders. Luckily, they find a new ally in Kevin, who saves them and leads them to safety in his underground shelter. But the more they get to know Kevin, the more they suspect he has ties to the raiders. He also seems to know too many details about Jacqui and her family—details that could endanger them all. For the raiders will do anything they can to destroy the cure that would bring an end to their way of life. Bethany Wiggins’s reimagining of our world after an environmental catastrophe won’t fail to stun readers.

My Review
Jacqui has lived the past several years as a boy. It is the only way her family could protect her from the Raiders and others. She doesn't know how to be girly or how a girl really acts. When her brother never returns Jack makes it her mission to find him. She doesn't go alone and ask Fiona, Jonah and Bowen for their help. Her brother may know what happened to Fiona and Jonah's mother and they have to know she if she is ok. They have the cure and want to help others. When they are attacked by raiders they find help in the form of a boy named Kevin. He helps them and gives them a safe place to stay but he has many secrets he has hidden. The raiders will stop at nothing to destroy the cure and capture more women. They are all in danger and it is hard knowing who to trust.

I really enjoyed Jack. She is a very confused character but that is to be understood as she has lived most of her life as a boy but when she meets Kevin he brings out the girly side of her. She doesn't know how to act and can't let anyone else know who she really is. She is a strong person and while she is afraid at times she doesn't let that stop her from her goals. Kevin is a mystery from the start. You never really know if he is a good guy or bad. He does things to help but then he does stuff that will make you think he may not be that good. I liked him all the way through the book as even when he was a mystery he had charm. 

I loved Stung and loved Cured as well. Jack makes a wonderful character you just keep wanting more of. I could having a daughter and making her dress and act like a boy to keep her safe. The author does a great job showing the confusing she must experience and showing her softer side come out. The characters from the first book are in this as well but they aren't the main focus. I like how the author brought in a fresh POV to continue this book. The raiders have lost a lot of their women and are hunting for more. Even an old villain pops in to make an appearance. Jack never gives up hope and stays strong even when danger is all around. The ending wraps this up wonderful and I think anyone who like a dystopian book would enjoy this series. There is old characters and new ones to enjoy in this one.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

March 05, 2014

Backward Compatible : Review

Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story
by Sarah Daltry & Pete Clark

Not too long ago, in a town that, depending on your current location, is either not super far or actually quite close... (insert Star Wars theme music here...)

It is a time of chaotic hormones. 

Two nerdy gents home for winter break have discovered a female gamer at a midnight release.

During the break, the gamer trio manages to reveal the game's secret boss, a hidden enemy with enough power to destroy anything in its path.

Pursued by other gamers who want to be the first to beat this boss, George and Katie race to level up, and, in so doing, restore decency and sexual activity to their personal galaxy...

My Review
Katie meets George as she goes out to buy a copy of a game at the midnight release. They both grab the game and both try to buy it. Only one can buy it. As they start off on the wrong foot. They keep running into each other and they start teaming up to play the game. They along with their friends team up to win a prize as it is hidden in the game. Katie and George have a few dates and they begin to fall for reach other. They are joined most of the time by their friends and the game remains in the front of their minds. 

Katie is a gamer and home on winter break. Her mom has given up on her being girly. She loves to play games and that is how she would prefer to spend her time. Before George she goes out on a date with a jerk and you see she may be a game nerd but she isn't a loser. I really liked her and how real she is. George is a great guy who at times can be clueless. He says some odd things that may make you think he is weird but he really doesn't know what to say at times. Lanyon is another character you will meet and love. He is very nerdy but he tries his best to pick up woman. He has a host off lines that will have you rolling around on the floor laughing.

I am not a gamer but from the first chapter I knew I would love this book. The characters seem so real to me and I enjoyed getting to know them as they tried to beat the game and as they fell into love and also the friendships that come from the love of a game. Katie and George are so great together. They have that awkward thing most of us go through as younger adults as they learn about each other. There is so much laughter as well. I laughed through a lot of this book from Katie having a bad date, to Lanton trying to get girls, even George's car will have you laughing. I really can't describe how awesome this book is. You don't have to be a gamer to love it. I think this is a book anyone who as an inner nerd will love as you feel you are following along with these great characters on their journey to defeating the game to falling in love.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Shadow Blues : Review

Shadow Blues (The Darkling Chronicles)
by Tricia Zoeller

*This is the first short story in The Darkling Chronicles series*

At the age of four, Patrick Benjamin Solomon becomes Anka Rehmling’s human charge. By eight, he can SEE her. At thirteen, he breaks her heart, and by eighteen, she finds herself fighting for his life.

As a darkling shadowcaster, Anka casts shadows in the human world, harnessing some of the earth’s UV light to bring back to Montenai—a world full of darklings, nymphs, satyrs, phantoms, and dragon lords. Her job is crucial to preserving the vitality and balance in her town of Shadowland. However, Anka has trouble following the strict rules set by the Shadowland Council, a ruling body comprised of three dragon lords.

The lords’ decree states all shadowcasters will abide by the rules or face the penalty of harsh punishment, banishment, or death. Torn between her world and his, Anka must choose to defy the Council or turn her back on love.

My Review
Anka is a darkling shadowcaster and is up to her to cast shadows in the human world. She has to follow the rules and help keep the balance in the Shadowland. When she was four she is assigned to Patrick Benjamin Solomon. She isn't to show herself to him but when he is eight he sees her. Something he shouldn't do. She has broken one rule but they let it slide and she is aloud to become his imaginary friend. When he turns thirteen he breaks her heart and she is punished. At the age of eighteen his life is in danger and Anka will have to pick whether she should keep to the rules or break them for love. 

This is a short story but a good one. You learn about what all Anka can do and the rules she must follow. It is a fascinating world full of all kinds of paranormal beings all with their own powers. Even at a young age Anka knows the rules and knows she can't break them. She will do anything to stay close to Patrick. He is her closest friend growing up but as they grow older she sees something more in him. He has her heart. When he is in danger Anka will stop at nothing to help him even when she knows it may mean her death. The council is watching her and while she hasn't been around him in a while she still loves him. I love the world the author created and the characters. The only down side to this is it is a short story you want more of.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Be Were : Review

Be Were (Southern Shifters #5)
by Eliza Gayle

Dean had a family once. Until tragedy and betrayal consumed them. Now he lives on his own terms keeping life simple and carefree. Then one night leads to one bite and he's forced back into a dangerous world that reminds him he's still as angry as ever and this time he's not leaving until he gets what he wants. Niki.

Niki Harris has lived a life of secrets and solitude with no interest in making a change. But an easy one night stand turns complicated and she finds herself marked. Now she has to decide, tell the sexy shifter with a possessive streak a mile wide she's pregnant and in danger or do what she's always done--run.

My Review
Dean has left his family and wants only to be left alone. He never planned to fall for anyone and when he has a one night stand with Niki he sees he wants more than one night with her. However Niki only wanted one night. She didn't want to be marked or get pregnant. She is on the run from some dangerous people and having someone claiming to be her mate on her trail is not in her plans. They both will have to work together to keep Niki safe and Niki will see maybe having a mate isn't to bad.

I liked this story as it is hot and has some amazing shifters. Niki isn't one to let anyone order her around and isn't looking for a mate. She now finds herself pregnant and that itself is an odd problem as she didn't think it was possible. Dean has to go back to the family he left behind for help and while it isn't what he wants he finds he wants to be part again. He just has to convince Niki she is his and that she should stay. They have no problem in bed together it is outside their that they have to learn to work together. There is danger as someone is after Niki and will stop at nothing to get her back. However Niki won't go without a fight and you see how tough she is. I liked the side characters and look forward to there stories. If you like shifter books you may enjoy this one.

3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

Mythology: The Wicked : Review

Mythology: The Wicked (Mythology #2)
by Helen Boswell

Book two of the Mythology series. 

A demon with a pure heart, Micah Condie lives his life by a code of ethics, but breaking that code may be the only way for him to survive. A supernatural entity in her own right, Hope Gentry would do anything in her power to protect her loved ones, but she may be the one who puts them in peril.

When the Demon Impiorum challenges the laws that keep guardians and demons in balance, ancient enforcers of justice intervene. Micah, Hope, and their mentor Jonathan become entangled in a conspiracy that will test even the deepest love and trust. 

Someone will commit an act of betrayal. Someone will forever abandon a loved one. 

Someone will enter THE WICKED.

My Review
Micah may be a demon but the last thing he wants to do is hurt anyone he loves. He fights on the side of good and tries his best to resist temptation. He may just have to turn to his darker side if he is to survive. Hope only wants to protect those she loves. She may be in danger though as it seems she has more power than even she knows and it could be the downfall of many. Micah and Hope find themselves in the middle of danger as everything they have ever known is questioned and they aren't sure who to trust.

I really loved the first book in this series and looked forward to what would happen in this one. Hope is adjusting to her new life and still trying to lead a normal one. The one thing that stays the same is how much she loves Micah. Even with others telling her they should't be together she isn't going to give up on him. Micah really struggles in this book. He is still on the side of the good but he finds he has to be somewhat dark to live. It isn't an easy decision for him and he really pulls away from all those he loves. Darkness is a big part of this book as it seems the good guys may not be all good and they have to see who they really can trust. Even with Micah pushing Hope away she continues to try and help him. They are all in danger and have big decisions to make. There is a few twist and several shockers that keep you wrapped up in this book. I would recommend you read the first one simply because it so good and this is an amazing series. You can't help get pulled into the fantastic world this author created and continue to crave more. More people need to know about this wonderful author.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam