March 29, 2014

Dark Days : Review

Dark Days
by Kate Ormand
The future world has been divided into sectors--each the same as the other. Surrounded by thick steel fences, there is no way in and no way out. Yet a cyborg army penetrates each sector, picking off its citizens one by one, until no one is left. Behind the sectors' thick walls, the citizens wait to die. Few will be chosen to survive what's coming; the rest will be left behind to suffer. A new world has been created, and its rulers are incredibly selective on who will become a citizen. They want only those with important roles in society to help create a more perfect future.

Sixteen-year-old Sia lives in one of the sectors as part of a family that is far too ordinary to be picked to live. According to the digital clock that towers high above her sector, she has only fifteen days to live. Sia has seen the reports and knows a horrific death is in store for her, but she is determined to make the most of her final days. Sia refuses to mourn her short life, instead promising herself that she'll stay strong, despite being suffocated by her depressed mother and her frightened best friend. Just when Sia feels more alone than ever, she meets Mace, a mysterious boy. There is something that draws Sia to him, despite his dangerousness, and together, they join a group of rebels and embark on an epic journey to destroy the new world and its machines, and to put an end to the slaughter of innocent people.
My Review
The world has been divided into sectors. Each one is surrounded by thick fences with no way in or out. As the citezens of each one go about their lives they are just waiting. A cyborg army is going sector to sector and destroying everything in side. Unless you are lucky enough to be special. If you are special you are picked to be removed before the cyborgs get there. Sia is sixteen years old and an ordinary girl. Her family has no way or hope of being picked. The clock has started ticking and she only has fifteendays left before the cyborgs show up. Her mother is depressed and barely living only watching tv, her father disappears constantly and her best friend is locked away at home. She meets Mace and he begins to give her hope. Hope that they can stop the cyborgs and have a life. She joins the rebels and will do anything no matter the danger to help.
You feel sorry for Sia from the start. She knows she only has a limited time left and she has things she wants done before she is killed along with everyone else. Her bucket list is the stuff we take for granted everyday and shows you how little she has lived. I liked how she really isn't ready to give up like most have. She uses her head and tries wit her all to figure a way to save everyone. Her dad seems like he doesn't have time for he. He is always gone and never around. You wonder what he has going on for the longest time. Her mom I did not like at all. She just gives up and doesn't really care about anything anymore. Mace may seem dangerous but he is so good for Sia and in many ways gives her something more to fight for.
I liked this plot. Everyone living in walled sectors with only a few chosen to live. Yeah it may seem like a lot of other books but it does have a different feel to it. The sectors have a clock showing them how long they have left to live. Cyborgs destroy anything and everyone left. They don't leave anything behind. The people not chosen are like cattle who have been herded up to be slaughtered. Sia is a great character as she is pretty much on her own but she still steps up and does stuff beyond her years. She thinks of plans and goes into danger to try and save everyone. I really liked her. The book throws a few surprises your way and does keep you on your toes. I look forward to reading more form this author.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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