March 05, 2014

Mythology: The Wicked : Review

Mythology: The Wicked (Mythology #2)
by Helen Boswell

Book two of the Mythology series. 

A demon with a pure heart, Micah Condie lives his life by a code of ethics, but breaking that code may be the only way for him to survive. A supernatural entity in her own right, Hope Gentry would do anything in her power to protect her loved ones, but she may be the one who puts them in peril.

When the Demon Impiorum challenges the laws that keep guardians and demons in balance, ancient enforcers of justice intervene. Micah, Hope, and their mentor Jonathan become entangled in a conspiracy that will test even the deepest love and trust. 

Someone will commit an act of betrayal. Someone will forever abandon a loved one. 

Someone will enter THE WICKED.

My Review
Micah may be a demon but the last thing he wants to do is hurt anyone he loves. He fights on the side of good and tries his best to resist temptation. He may just have to turn to his darker side if he is to survive. Hope only wants to protect those she loves. She may be in danger though as it seems she has more power than even she knows and it could be the downfall of many. Micah and Hope find themselves in the middle of danger as everything they have ever known is questioned and they aren't sure who to trust.

I really loved the first book in this series and looked forward to what would happen in this one. Hope is adjusting to her new life and still trying to lead a normal one. The one thing that stays the same is how much she loves Micah. Even with others telling her they should't be together she isn't going to give up on him. Micah really struggles in this book. He is still on the side of the good but he finds he has to be somewhat dark to live. It isn't an easy decision for him and he really pulls away from all those he loves. Darkness is a big part of this book as it seems the good guys may not be all good and they have to see who they really can trust. Even with Micah pushing Hope away she continues to try and help him. They are all in danger and have big decisions to make. There is a few twist and several shockers that keep you wrapped up in this book. I would recommend you read the first one simply because it so good and this is an amazing series. You can't help get pulled into the fantastic world this author created and continue to crave more. More people need to know about this wonderful author.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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