March 08, 2014

A Heart of Honor : Review

A Heart of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #3)
by J.P. Grider

In order for honor to survive, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

When confronted with Honor’s mortality, Ethan finds his rusty empathic powers are no match for the damage that's already been done to Honor’s heart - if she doesn’t find a donor, Honor will die. 

In the third and final book of The Honor Trilogy, teenage empath Honor Stevens is fighting for her life, while her first love Ethan Sutherland and his half-brother Storm Sutherland are fighting to keep her alive. But even if a donor is found before Honor’s heart gives out, Ethan’s worst fear has come true – the government has been made aware of Honor’s healing abilities and now they have come to take her away. 

Both Ethan and Storm have to make sacrifices to save Honor from both her fates, but who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

My Review
Honor has healed to many and her life is in danger. Ethan and Storm can't heal her and only finding a heart for a transplant can save her. They both love her and don't want to push her to pick between them. On top of the worry over her life now the worse has happened. The government has found out about Honor and her powers. They want to take her away. Both Storm and Ethan will do anything to save Honor but only one can keep her.

I love this series and the characters. I do love Storm most and miss him in this book. He is in it but he isn't like his usual self. His love for Honor has changed him. He will now do anything to save her even if it means staying away from her. Ethan is a little different in this book as well to me. He still loves Honor but he shows signs of wondering different things. To me he sometimes wants it all and doesn't really use his head or look at what else is right in front of him. Honor seems so weak in this book and that is to be expected but she also is still the same wonderful girl who wants to heal everyone. She has to give up so much and it effects her. While she should be living a normal life hers is far from it. I hated to see this series end as I love the characters. The story line is amazing and the author does a great job in writing it. There is a few shockers and hold your breathe moments and at times I did worry. I would recommend this series to anyone.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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