July 11, 2012

The Willows:Haven Review

The Willows:Haven by Hope Collier

Goodreads Blurb
When tragedy strikes, seventeen year-old Ashton Blake sets out on a cross-country road trip, leaving the comforts of Malibu for the mountains of Kentucky. Along the way, she encounters Gabe Willoughby—the mysterious drifter with eyes like the sea and a knowing smile. Getting to know Gabe raises questions about her past. But no secret can be buried forever, and Ashton soon finds herself in a world where water is air and myth becomes reality.

Just as Ashton comes to accept her newfound heritage, she’s summoned to fulfill a treaty laid down centuries before — a treaty that will divide her love and test her loyalty. In the end, her future isn’t her biggest concern, her humanity is. To run may mean war, but is she strong enough to stay?

My Short Review
I really enjoyed this book. It has so many twist and turns some you see coming some you are completely blindsided by. I liked being kept on the edge waiting to see what will happen next. The paranormal parts are original and the author did a great job writing them and the history of them in the book. The only bad part of this book is it lags a little in the middle. That is what keeps it from being a 5 instead of a 4. I will be hunting up the next book in this series. I need to see what happens next. ~Pam

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Pam. Glad you enjoyed the story!

  2. I love the world that Collier creates, and too am excited to read the next one!

  3. Your welcome Hope! I am as well Elizabeth. It is a very awesome story.