January 29, 2013

Author Spotlight with Tina Carreiro

Hey everyone today we are pleased to shine our Author Spotlight on author Tina Carreiro. We have an interview with her and some quotes to share with you all.

What makes your book(s) different from other books in this genre?
Since we’re all different, I would hope my voice alone makes my story unique. I do feel I have something different in my genre, something fresh. I’ve read some comments that indicate this. I’ve always been fascinated with the Men in Black theory. I’ve incorporated my love for that and wrapped it around this whole FBI secret agency, Sector 13, world of vampire cops, weres and shifters. The fact that I try to keep it grounded in a contemporary setting, I feel, is unique. To take it a step further, I like hard-core romances where the chase is just as fun as the capture. I’m not one for overly mushy stuff either so I teeter on the edge of horror. 

How did the idea come to you for your book(s)?
The original idea for Power of the Moon came many years ago while I was riding along with my husband on duty. I love the concept behind a government “task force,” and what elements of control law enforcement would have to possess if given the strength and urges of paranormal creatures.

Are any of your characters like you?
I think I have a little of Mia and Cole in me. :)

What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Controlling all the voices! Other characters who want to be heard often hijack my mind. Other storylines that are begging to be written start weaving themselves into my day of writing. I get excited to start moving on to the next one and I have to remember to pull myself back into the current story. I have at least twenty stories waiting to be written and read.

Do your characters talk to you till you get them out of your head?
Absolutely! Even when I try to sleep, they’re still writing the story. I’ve had many sleepless nights because of their chattiness in my head. 

If Zombies attack which one of your characters would you want by your side?
Cole, Mia, John, Gonela, and Nancy. Oh, and Mia’s mom. Comedy relief in a zombie apocalypse is a must. 

If you were to write a book about your life what would it be called?
Lol… From childhood until now, it would have to be called: Putting Function back into your Dysfunction.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I work on cars with my husband, play video games with my kids, dabble in jewelry making or just sit, relax and exist.

What is your writing goal for this year?
My goal is to have three books published! Covet the Moon, book two in the Power of the Moon series. The second book in the Darker Side of Blue series by my alter ego T.C. Lee and a new single I’m working on. I’m very excited about them all!

What kind of research went into your book(s)
I’m lucky enough to have my husband as my technical adviser for law enforcement information. I also did a lot of research on auras and the cause and effect of energy. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal so those elements have been with me since I was little.

What was the first book you remember reading?
Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews

Fun Questions
Favorite color: Midnight Blue
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite pet: Cat
Favorite movie: This one’s hard! There are so many movies I love, but My Cousin Vinnie is in the top favorite spot.
Favorite song: Again, this is like handing me the key to a bookstore and telling me I can only leave with one book. Okay… currently on my top favorite list is Try by Pink.
Favorite car or truck: I love my truck, Dodge 1500 and my favorite car is my 1969 Cadillac Hearse.
Favorite food: Steak

Haunted by visions of death, and a past that holds her prisoner, Mia Starr never imagined her life could become even more complex. Untapped psychic powers spark to life, and her chosen solitary existence fills with creatures that shatter her safe reality. Now the very thing she fears the most is the one thing that will complete her in every way possible.

Detective Cole Barnett has mastered the vampire within. It has earned him respect and a position with Sector 13, the hardest job a vampire can hold. When a beautiful mortal is thrown into his investigation, with powers able to subjugate vampires, she tests his restraint.

Cole and Mia's passion ignites, but Mia's fear holds her back and she struggles to forget his touch and possessive kiss. What she doesn't realize is the more she runs from him, the more excited he becomes, and the hunt is something he cannot resist.

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“When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you. Until then, my love, I will only nibble on you.”~Cole 

“I don’t know what circumstances occurred in your life for you to build such a strong brick wall around your heart, but I do intend to tear it down.” ~Cole 

“We all have scars, Mia. They are supposed to make you stronger, not paralyze you.” ~Cole 

“My love, you are playing with a fire you do not fully understand.” His arm, resting around her lower back, tightened. “There are times I may not be able to control myself. I am injured, and I need to feed—this would be one of those times.” ~Cole 

“I hope you remember that you love me when I train you in vampire defense. There’s a lot I need to teach you, and I won’t be easy on you.” 
Mia bent down, kissing him deeply. “I’ll accept that challenge, Detective. And you remember you love me when I’m kicking your ass.” ~Cole and Mia

Gonela’s eyes rolled over her as she locked the door to her apartment. “Would you like to tell me where you’re going—to make it easier on me. Or are you going to try and lose me?” His tone held an edge of agitation.
Mia couldn’t blame him for being annoyed with her. He should be. “I’m going by the Lake Worth beach. Go up to the top, and there is a night club there called—”
"Oh, have you been there?”
“No, but I’ve arrested people that go there.” He grinned. ~Mia and Detective Gonela 

Cole moved in front of her.
“Do you usually sneak up on people, Detective?” She raised her eyes to meet his.
“Do you usually talk to the dead?” he challenged with a wicked grin.
“Why, yes, I do. I prefer the dead over the living.”
With a fervent gaze, he knelt in front of her. “That’s good to know. I’ll remember that.” 
~Cole and Mia 

She picked up the rock in one hand and rolled its jagged shape between her fingers, then read the words on the paper. She couldn’t help but drop a couple of tears, staining the paper where they fell. She read it again, trying to file it into memory.
Here is the first piece of brick we chipped from the wall around your heart last night.
- Cole. 

“I said I would let you live. He’s a different story.” She tilted her head toward Cole. “He’s very hungry, and you…are a very bad man.” ~Mia

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We would like to thank Tina for being our spotlight author today!

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