July 09, 2013

The Registry - Review

The Registry by Shannon Stoker

The Registry saved the country from collapse. But stability has come at a price. In this patriotic new America, girls are raised to be brides, sold at auction to the highest bidder. Boys are raised to be soldiers, trained by the state to fight to their death.

Nearly eighteen, beautiful Mia Morrissey excitedly awaits the beginning of her auction year. But a warning from her married older sister raises dangerous thoughts. Now, instead of going up on the block, Mia is going to escape to Mexico—and the promise of freedom.

All Mia wants is to control her own destiny—a brave and daring choice that will transform her into an enemy of the state, pursued by powerful government agents, ruthless bounty hunters, and a cunning man determined to own her . . . a man who will stop at nothing to get her back.

My Review
In a world that has changed, The Registry is what keep the world going. Boys have to learn to be soldiers and girls since there is so few of them are ranked and sold to the highest bidders for marriage. It is the way things are and Mia Morrissey is so excited to see what she rates and who she will be sold to. It is what she has lived her whole life for. Her older sister arrives home and tells her of the horror that await her causing Mia to rethink what she wants. She is sold to a very powerful man and decides she will run away with the help of her friend Whitney. The girls trick Andrew into taking them on the run. They want to get to Mexico were they hear thongs will be different for them. They have to out run Mia's husband to be and all the bounty hunters he hired to go after her. They are all in danger and don't know what to expect even if they make it to Mexico.

I really couldn't get into liking Mia much. She seems like what she is a lot of the time a spoiled girl used to getting her own way no matter what happens to those around her. She is beautiful and of course everyone wants her. She doesn't see what is right in front of her a lot of time because of her own selfish reasons. Whitney is actual the one I connected with more. She is a poor girl but isn't blind to what is going on around her. Andrew at first may seem rude but he has a goal in his life and Mia messes up everything he had planned to do. He wanted a normal life or what is called normal in these times. He saves the girls numerous times and is one who tries his best to hide his feelings. He is strong and smart.

I love dystopian books and this one just kinda fell in the middle for me. I liked the idea of the story and it is very well written. The author does a wonderful job in the place setting and with the action scenes. You really get into those. There is the evil guy to hate Grant but I also didn't care for Mia's dad and mom they are only after their own gain. I think I would have liked the story better if Mia had been different but it is just the way she is brought up. All the characters are really well written it's just I didn't feel that connection to her. It is still a good book despite me not liking Mia. It has twist and turns and you never really know what to expect.

3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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