April 09, 2012

Independent Book Blogger Awards 2012!!

Independent Book Blogger Awards!
Your probably wondering what 'Independent Book Blogger Awards' is. It's pretty much were a bunch of bloggers get together on Goodreads and enter this contest for their amazing talent at blogging about books. We just started this blog but we said what the heck! Let's go for it! So here we are..
The contest runs from April 10, 2012 at midnight till April 23, 2012 at 11:59 PM.
The blogs have to go through two rounds of judging, so fingers crossed! And even if we don't win it will be an awesome experience to have been a part of.
Soooooooo here is the box if you don't want to go to Goodreads to vote....
Also, if you don't vote for us, thanks for just taking the time out to vote! Blogs are not easy and all bloggers are amazing people, so vote for someone, even if it's not PR.
Thanks so much!!

Independent Book Blogger Awards
Vote for this blog for the Independent Book Blogger Awards!

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