April 02, 2012

Tif's IMM

These past few days I have gotten a few things that I'm really excited about. See the Walmart happy face!

I want to start with what I got today from Gina Rosati, author of Auracle. She sent me a bunch of SWAG bags to give out on our Paranormal Reads Facebook page. So make sure you stop by every once in a while to see if a giveaway is going on.

Make sure you stop by Gina Rosati's Facebook page, Goodreads, and her blog.

The next thing I got....
Everyone knows that us PR ladies LOVE us some BDB. There is nothing like a hot && hunky male Vampire in black leather. But for those of you who don't know what BDB is, LOOK IT UP!! You won't regret it. At. All. The series is called The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Found on Facebook, Goodreads, and her website. It is an adult series I would like to add so if your a bit on the younger side this series probably isn't for you. But without further ado Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward.

I haven't gotten to this book yet. I'm reading her books in order, including her Fallen Angel Series. So I have three books before I get to Tohr's story but either way I can't wait. (*Enter Cheesy Grin here :D*)
This is what the packaging looked like on the book. Yes, it was inspected by George (Wrath's seeing eye dog) lol. I love it all though.

 The last thing that I got was from a good friend and fellow blogger Jean BookNerd. If you haven't checked out her blog before, please DO IT!! She has amazing authors and giveaways going on ALL of the time.

Now let me explain what your looking at. The first two bookmarks to the left are made my the very artistic James Vallesteros. You've probably heard of both Jean && James but if you haven't, Jean is an avid reader and her husband James draws the main character or characters on a bookmark for Jean's BNC (BookNerd Choice). The next one is a bookmark for Divine Ashes by Daniele Lanz Arotta. I haven't checked this book out but knowing Jean, she's saying I need to lol.
The things that are left...
If you know me you know that I am the Biggest Tiger's Curse lover. I'm not OMG!!! Stalking Colleen Houck but I really love The Tiger Saga. So, when I opened this package and started fan-girl screaming && making my family look at me like I lost my mind that's why. If you haven't checked out The Tigers Saga, I can't stress this enough, DO IT ASAP! It's a great love story with action and it takes to literally to a different world and across the ocean to India. Goodreads, Facebook.
The last two are Fracture by Megan Miranda. When this book came out I couldn't promo this book enough. As a stand alone book I thought this book was amazing. It's a short read but leaves a lasting impression. Goodreads, Facebook.

Check out Jean's pages -> City of Fallen AngelsTiger's Curse Series, and her blog. 
Check out Jame's pages -> JamesVallesteros and his blog.

That's all for this IMM. And today on PR's Facebook page, we want to know...Whats in YOUR mailbox?


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