June 16, 2012

The Moon Cover Series Tour: Character Interview

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out this very awesome interview that was done with a few very special characters from the books of Author Kymberlee Miller!

PR Ladies


Hey guys! This is Kymberlee, author of The Moon Coven Series. And I would like to introduce you to a few of the characters from my books. I thought long and hard about who I should bring with me today, and well...we are on Paranormal Reads blog, the gals who LOVE vampires, so naturally my choice was simple.

This is Victor, Mason, Dax and Maylee Shaw. Sibling vampires, and from my experience with them, rivalry runs deep whether you're human, witch, or well, you get the point! LOL. I'm going to step back and let them tell you about themselves.

*Maylee steps forward, and snaps her finger*

Why is my magick NOT working here? You, over there...commmme to me.

*Kymberlee stands with her tablet in her hand, fingers poised over the screen*

Ah, ah, ah. We don't compel the nice ladies from PR, Maylee. Please don't make me write a scene that totally embarresses you, okay. Just all of you sit down on the comfy couch that you've been provided, and be nice!

*Dax sniggers, as Maylee hisses*

*Mason speaks up*

Hi Sabrina, Pam, Tif, and Marie! Kymberlee has told us so much about you.

*Victor scoffs, speaking under his breath*


*Dax sneaks over to where Tif is standing positioning his fangs at her neck*

*Author has a nervous breakdown*

DAX!! I swear by EVERYTHING holy if you lay so much as a fang on her, I will write you becoming vegan!!

*Kymberlee storms off, Maylee begins speaking*

Why don't we tell the victims, erm...

*Kymberlee gives Maylee a sharp look with her fingers hoovering dangerously close to the tablet*

I mean readers...a little bit about our series. You see a witch's spell created our kind and now that same witch's line wants to destroy us. That is all except her little boy toy, my brother, Mason.

*Dax inches closer to Marie as Victor stands behind Pam*

Ahem *Kymberlee starts screaming profanity*

*Maylee intervenes*

Brothers settle down or the harpy may never shut up!

*Kymberlee whispers to Mason, and he nods in agreement*

Kymberlee and I think it's best and well...safer if you just check out the books, so we can round up siblings before they.....

*Kymberlee screams, Mason flies over couch knocking Dax and Victor down with one blow. *

Sabrina, are you alright?

*Kymberlee speaks
 I wanted to personally thank each of you that took the time to join us here on the amazing ladies of Paranormal Reads blog! I'm sorry that you had to witness Maylee, and Dax like that...they tend to get cranky if they haven't had their "meal" for the day. So we try to keep them well-fed and hidden *wink* And thank you to Mason for helping me corral the crazies! If you'd like to find out more about The Moon Coven Series or any of my other upcoming titles, visit me at the links below!
Love, Hugs, and Twitchy-Witchy Kisses,

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