June 12, 2012

Interview with J.V.K, Author of Paths of The Spirit Series

Hello everyone! I had an awesome opportunity to interview J.V.K, I want to take this time to thank her for putting some time aside to do this interview with us here at Paranormal Reads.

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1.)  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am twenty one years old, I work full time in a marketing agency and I am taking my second bachelor degree in Economics. I enjoy music and anime (Japanese style of animation). I am just a person in the crowd you probably won’t recognize me on the street and I like that.

I shine mostly when I write and this is the field I want to be known for.

2.)  What do you do when you’re not writing?

That’s a tough one. I write all the time. I carry a purple notebook in my back kitten back pack (it is shaped like Meowth from Pokemon) along with a clip with filled notes.

Generally, when I hit a block I watch cartoons or animes. I read a lot, both for my studies and for fun. I draw and then try to color my drawings with Photoshop (with no luck so far, I can’t seem to be able to do the shadows right.).

3.)  What type of music do you listen to when writing?

Oh, I love rock, hard rock and I think metal? I can’t keep up with the freaking trends. There are so many genres that it is so hard to follow… It hurts my brain just by thinking about it. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t enjoy Foreigner or White Snake?  From the nowadays music I like bands like Three Days Grace and Lostprophets.

I love Westlife. They are an Irish boy band that split up but they open my heart. I have over 30 Gbs with music and I can’t wake up without Slayer. The most disturbing thing is that the best teary scenes I have written I wrote under the sound of bands like Behemoth. And the fighting scenes were great under Ark, Avantasia (I should really hug my friend Zlat, she is the artist that took the photo for The Promise Vol.1, she will also be featuring my following covers.) for introducing me to Avantasia! You should definitely hear Dying for an Angel! Oh, Bruce Dickenson as well. I am not a big Iron Maiden fan, but this man has the voice of an angel.

4.)  Did you always want to be a writer?

Since before I even knew what a writer is. As a child I had awful nightmares due to my extended imagination. I used to draw my dreams and to something like comic books as a kid. Then I began to go to school and I learnt to write pretty quickly. We were encouraged to write short poems or essays, I was particularly good with the essays.

I think I was at first grade when my mum broth the first book of Harry Potter home and I fell in love with it. Although I do have to admit that it took me ages to read it. I wanted to be able to do the same as the little boy with the glasses.

So, later on, I discovered that the book wasn’t just something filled with pretty pictures and colorful images. I grew to love the books that didn’t have ready images for me. It is magical – the way my brain turns every word into a picture, giving it life. Sometimes all I do is stare at the blank wall imagining stuff and just laughing my butt off at them.

I think I was eight or around then when I was at my grandma’s place and I woke up in the middle of the night seeing the ponies from My Little Pony playing on the wall perpendicular on my bed and I got up and started to write something. Turned out to be a lot of gibberish, but my grandma laughed at it, I think it was mainly because I was waving my heads in a very exciting manner as I was explaining the written.

I want to write and for people to read me since I can remember myself. I love writing and I love making people happy. If my books can make at least one person happy it is worth it.

5.)  When you first started writing your books were in Bulgarian, what gave you the courage to write your books in English?

I truly wasn’t confident. To be honest my friends told me to try but I was so shy so I kept it for myself at first. But then I found my inspiration and began writing as the ideas grew the need to write more extended as well, so I had no chance but to write more.

At first I wasn’t really sure about it myself. It really started as a joke. My best friend and I were very keen on Buffy and we decided to write our own show. It was pretty funny. Then some friends of mine and I began to write manga. After a while my friend decided that she wanted to be a singer and I started to write songs for her.

After a couple of years the need to grow came over me and I began to write in English. I really wrote Black Lace and Red Moon exclusively for myself.  I was so embarrassed by it. Writing in English was a big step but it also felt like betraying my own language, so I kept it a secret.

After a while I grew more confident and at some point I came to know better my boyfriend’s cousin and we grew to talk more. At some point I told him my little secret and he decided to help me. Without his help I would really still be writing just for ‘my books’ folder. Anyways, to answer simply – my friends and their belief in me.

6.)  Top 3 Favorite Authors?

Laurell K Hamilton, J.R. Ward, J. K. Rowling.

7.)  Why did you choose to write within the Paranormal Genre?

Buffy. Like, yeah, Spike, bitchezzz! Seriously I love his charry! And mostly because it comes to me naturally. I can’t write historical dramas or anything like that. I am good at the things that I know like man’s love or imagination. It is easier for me to write my thoughts if I can live them inside my head.

8.)  Is there a particular paranormal creature you like more?

Werewolves. I think they are somewhat tortured and that captivates me. For the vampires is easy, for example they just grew out their teeth. That’s bad ass and all but for the shifters the change is violent, involuntarily for the most part and it comes with great pain. I like that. It seems redeeming, doesn’t it? They kill, but for that they pay with tremendous amounts of pain. Isn’t it somewhat really beautiful?

9.)  What inspired you to write the Paths of The Spirit Series?

Like all my writings before and after Vivian lives in my head. All of my characters, their hopes and dreams, their paths, they all live in me. When I started writing Black Lace I knew its name since the very first word. I also knew that it won’t be able to fit in one book. I started very young and at that age I wasn’t completely capable of giving my characters complete life. So the series were born. I need to make my characters grew and they couldn’t just do it in one book.

10.)    How do you come up with the name for your series?

Well, I am not religious. I believe in something that it is quite strange. If we adopt the idea that we, ourselves, are our unique Universe and our own world we become the center of it. So as a center of it we hold all the power to control it. I think that not the faith or destiny stay beside us but our spirit. So therefore the path we walk is the path of the spirit. And here is the name of the series.

Our souls, spirits, are the beginning and the end, everything we are, our essence, is being held by our hearts.

11.)    Do you have any particular character that drives you a bit crazy?

Ah, Michael. He is also my favorite one. I won’t brag about him, because I would really spoil a lot.

12.)    Can you give us 5 words that can describe your series?

Dark. Paranormal.  Supernatural. Love. Choices. Supernatural.

13.)    Can you tell us when the next book in your series is going to be released?

Soon.  I think it would be ready in early July.

14.)    Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Oh, yes. For all of you who loved Forbidden I have prepared a compilation of juicy, steaming and incredibly colorful man on man short stories! It should be ready sometime after Red Moon is out! It will be published under the title Sovereign Pleasures and it will contain hardcore action.

Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to stop by the blog and check out the interview. 


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