August 25, 2013

Beyond Life Promo

Hey everyone! Today we have the book promo for Beyond Life by J. A. Diller. It sounds interesting!

A Fantasy/Paranormal Novel solely based on my dreams after the death of my oldest son Charlie (Feshy). Come meet Feshy, Falk and Gigi in Beyond Life along with other family and friends in the paranormal world. A Fantasy novel based upon my dreams I have experienced since the passing of my oldest son Charlie (Feshy). Mayhem breaks loose; Feshy must find a way to save his earth siblings from The Shadow Mist who threatens both himself and his Earth family. Can he win the fight? Can he be in two places at once? Feshy is to torn between two worlds, Earth and his new home Spiro Realm where he lives with members of his Mom's family. Follow the path that Feshy must take to defeat his past demons even though he has passed into the Beyond Life.

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