August 25, 2013

Knights of Darkness Chronicles Promo

Hey everyone! Today we have a promo for Knights of Darkness Chronicles by D.N. Simmons. We also have info on a giveaway going on on the authors website. First some about the books.

Enter the world of the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles, where supernatural beings and humans live together openly in a tenuous society. Danger lurks behind every corner as they release their darkest and deadliest desires. In an attempt to keep order, the government has created laws that govern the supernaturals and a special police force; the S.U.I.T.(Supernatural Unit Investigation Team), are trained to keep the dangerous supernatural threat in check. But not everyone can be contained or controlled. Criminals come in all species and even the highly trained S.U.I.T. Organization needs help. It is apparent that if the world is to maintain its fragile peace, certain alliances must be formed, even if it's between enemies​.

Here is some info from the author about the giveaway!! Be sure to check it out.
Knights of the Darkness Ebook Giveaway!!! 

To celebrate the completion of this amazing and groundbreaking series, I am giving away 2 $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Cards and a whooping 25 free KOTDC ebook. Winners get to choose which book they want and there's 6 sexy, daring and action-packed books to choose from! Enter for your chance to win and let the good times roll. 

Please Enter to Win Here: 

D.N. Simmons 
Dark Urban Fantasy Author 

Twitter: @dnsimmonskotd 

Knights of the Darkness Chronicles Trailer:

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