December 29, 2011

Of Blood and Pulse- A. Jacob Sweeny YA

Of Blood And Pulse picks up the story right where Pulse Of Heroes left off... 

After a rocky start, Michelle and Elliot's relationship seems to be teetering on nothing but a few fraying strings, despite the great love that they both feel for one another. 

Haunted and scarred by the events of the past year, they both suffer from traumatic consequences. To complicate things even further, someone who knows far too much about Elliot shows up unexpectedly, bringing revelations that even Elliot as a 4700 year-old immortal has a hard time grasping. This visitor’s mere presence adds yet another strain to the couple’s already fragile relationship. 

However before Michelle and Elliot can remedy and mend their love, they must heal themselves, and that task will not be as easy, or as safe, as it seems. Join Michelle and Elliot on an epic life-and-death adventure that will take them to the four corners of the world in search of the key to their survival.

                                                         My Review:
Amazing! Page turner I could not put it down. I found myself laughing and crying. I did not want this amazing ride to end. I can not wait for book 3 to see where Elliot and Michelle's journey takes them next. 5/5 stars. ~Sabrina

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  1. I have LOVED both of these books....I am also so eager to read the next installment...I wish it wasn't the end...This is a great series!!