December 04, 2011

Welcome to our review Blog!

Please bare with us. This is our first blog and we are still confused
Give us time we will figure it out.
We will be doing reviews for books on this Blog.
Our reviews will be short,sweet,and to the point!.
Like reviews posted on the back of books or in the inside.
There may be some books we want to further talk about but a warning a head of time that may not be often!.
You are welcome to question us further on our reviews but there will be no spoilers.


  1. whooohooo guys! Welcome to the madness ROFL ;) Don't feel bad, my blog is looking pretty "bleh" itself as well :) It's hard figuring out this blogging stuff :D If you need help, you girls know where to find me! ;) Btw, you can add it so you each have your own page... you just have to go into the settings and add Sabrina as an Admin, and Tif as an Admin etc and all of you can post and I'm pretty sure it shows "who" posted :D Yeah, I just checked :)

    Look at the review of the top book? see near the bottom of it? it says posted by Toni :) In case you wanted to do it that way :) I'm here for ya! Welcome to the confusing world of blogging :)