December 15, 2011

The Vampire of Meadow Lake by Jason M Petty

Jenny and Amy were like gasoline and open flame; they had great chemistry. A passing joke or remark would spark a devious brain storm, spurring an adventure. As often as not these adventures culminated in a police escort home. They were inseparable and unstoppable.
News of Amy's murder rocked the town and broke Jenny's heart. Six months later her depression is wearing on her boyfriend, John. He's at wits end. Instead of getting better, Jenny is getting worse. She's moodier, angrier and as often as not, drunker than ever.
As their lives and relationship spiral out of control, an ominous feeling begins to creep into the corners of the town. Strange cars are showing up at late hours. New shadows skulk in the old alleys. Late at night when the lights are dim Jenny can feel strange eyes watching her. Even still, her greatest fear is that she'll never get a chance to face the killer. John's greatest fear is what could happen if she does. 

Keeps your interest to the last page~Exciting~Heart Pumping~ A different kind of Read. 4 stars

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