March 19, 2013

Bringer of Fire - Review

Bringer of Fire by Jaz Primo
Bringer of Fire is high octane urban fantasy at its best!
Logan Bringer is a tough as nails ex-Special Forces war hero who survives experimental cancer treatments and suddenly finds that he can move objects with his mind. When his treatment center is destroyed in a massive explosion all hell breaks loose! While struggling to control his strange new abilities, he’s targeted by powerful corporations, terrorists, and the FBI. But when an assassin targets Logan’s family he shifts into high gear with a vengeance.
Bringer of Fire is an action-packed thriller that sweeps you up from the first chapter and carries you off!

My Review
Logan Bringer is a man who has done his bit in the army and has to battle cancer that should have killed him. On the day he was to go to one of his last treatments he is sick with a cold and can't go. Luck seems to be with him as he narrowly misses a tragedy. Things soon turn strange when he finds he is able to move objects with his mind. Seems the experimental drug he took to cure the cancer may have done more than cure him. He works with the FBI to try and figure out who is behind some horrible crimes using his new found powers. He may find he has closer ties than he knows to who is behind it and discover the battle may just be beginning.

Logan stole my heart from the first. He ha had a rough time but really doesn't let it get him down. He fights every fight he can to survive and live. His body may be weak but his heart is strong. I loved when he got powers because he doesn't seem to be the type to abuse them. He also has a good sense of humor that plays out in some funny scenes. Marie is a nurse who plays a part in this book and I liked her as well. She seems to have her patients well being being her number one option. She tries her best to help Logan and does question what all is going on where she works. FBI agent Megan is so awesome she is what you want an agent to be. Tough but she does have a soft side and you even get to see the green eyed monster come out every so often even if she tries to hide it. She helps Logan in every way she can and she ask him to help as well.

I am a huge fan of this author as I love every book I have read by him. He puts a different spin on books that I really enjoy. This book is no different from page one I was hooked. You get to see from the beginning what kind of person Logan is and all he has been thru. This truly is an action packed ride you don't want to end. You get to see Logan's powers grow as he helps the FBI figure a crime out.Seeing the action as he faces danger is so amazing. You never know what to expect and this has twist to it you don't see coming. I can not hardly wait to see what comes next for Logan. If you like an original supernatural book that keeps you on your toes pick this one up. It has a touch of romance that you want to see grow as well.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam
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