March 21, 2013

Pretty When They Collide - Review

Pretty When They Collide(Pretty When She Dies 0.5)
by Rhiannon Frater
An exciting new novella set in the world of Pretty When She Dies...

Cassandra is a dhamphir-the offspring of a vampire and mortal woman-and a thief of occult relics. 

Aimee is a full-blood witch that is bound to a powerful vampire who traffics in the slavery of supernatural beings.

Both are powerful, lonely, and trapped in the dangerous world of the vampires. 

When Cassandra steals a relic from Aimee’s vampire master, he targets her as his next acquisition. What he doesn’t realize is that a chance encounter between Cassandra and Aimee ignited a spark between them that they cannot deny. 

To survive, the women must find a way to band together and fight against the ruthless evil that conspires to enslave them forever.

My Review
Aimee is a full blooded witch who is blood bonded to Frank a horrible vampire that deals in slavery of supernatural people. He also loves to collect relics. Aimee has to create spells to protect Frank and do what ever he says. She really just wants to be free. Cassandra is a dhamphir which is a rare supernatural. Her does odd jobs stealing relics and other things people ask her to get. When she steals a relic that was supposed to go to Frank he finds out what she is and wants her for his collection of supernaturals. Cassandra is drawn to Aimee and when they touch she feels a spark. She finds herself drawn to Aimee and will do whatever it takes to get her free. Aimee knows Cassandra is the one who can free her from Frank and she also realizes she is drawn to Cassandra for different reasons. Will these two manage to be free to explore what seems to be a growing spark between them or will Frank capture and control them both.

Never think Aimee is weak. She really grows stronger the more you read this and you really get to see her grow and become stronger. She is treated horribly by Frank sometimes on the verge of dying. She doesn't give up and keeps trying to break free. I love how she reacts when she meets Cassandra. You can see she is confused by her feelings for another woman. Cass is simply fantastic. From taking care of her mom, getting over an ex, to doing her job she is amazing all the way around. She is willing to fight for someone she has only bumped into because she feels something stronger. This kinda shows you how she will protect those she cares about. Her mom while she has problems is great. She loves Cass so much and it is nice to see the sweet side of Cass's life. Frank is a horrible monster that I kept hoping would die. He is truly evil. If you have read this series you get to see some more familiar faces in this book.

I am a huge fan of this author and always enjoy reading her work. This book has plenty of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat and shows you just how tough these two girls can be. It had a few twist in it I didn't see coming and I couldn't tell at times whose side one character was on. This book has plenty of paranormal creatures in it that fans will love. It is nice to see the sparks between Cass and Aimee grow as the book moves along. Having read the Pretty When She Dies series I was wanted the background on these two and the author did a fantastic job on it. I want to see more from these two and eagerly look forward to reading more. Pretty please write more about these two. If you haven't read this series yet you should it is awesome.
5 out of 5 Bats~Pam
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  1. I completely agree! I loved reading about Aimee and Cass! Now I can't wait for Pretty When She Destroys!