January 30, 2012

First Blog Giveaway Winners!!

Hey all!! I have sent out emails to all of the winners that are getting things from authors, the 20 that have won stuff from us we have been posting the winners on the Facebook page (Paranormal Reads). But I also wanted to post everyone up here incase the emails didn't go through for any reason. With each Author Im going to post there email addy beside their name and list the winners going down with what they have won. If you have won, write the author that you won from with PR's First Blog Giveaway Winner in the subject line and what you have won in the body with your home address if your getting actual swag. The winners that are getting stuff from us PR ladies if you could write us with your home address that would be great.

We would like to thank all of you that entered the giveaway and we hope you found a new book :)

Willow Cross- willowsfanmail@yahoo.com
Birthright- Atheena Chiu
Oceans Of Red- Virginia Mae Roque

Gillian Joy- gillianjoy2801@gmail.com
Ebook of Guardian, Bookmark, Magnet and Sticker:
Daniela Hinojos Chavez
Alexia Purdy
Anum Fatima
Brittney Baltera
Michelle Clough
Blanca G. Salazar

Tish Thawertishthawer@gmail.com
Signed PaperBack of Scent of a White Rose- Gillian Schafer
Signed Notecard of Scent of a White Rose- Katie Pearce
Signed Bookmark of Scent of a White Rose- Daniela Hinojos Chavez

Josephine Angelini- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Signed Hardback of Starcrossed- Meghon Thomas

Madison Danielmadisondaniel13@yahoo.com
Signed Ember Poster- Sarah Clark
Bookmark & Magnet- Crystal Trent Datson; if you could email paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Bookmark- Toni Morris; if you could email paranormalreads@yahoo.com

Jenna Kayjennakay@seersociety.com
Signed Mark of the Seer Poster- Terri Dion
Bookmark & Magnet- Tracy White DeLuca; if you could email paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Bookmark- Rose Prymak; if you could email paranormalreads@yahoo.com

Kyani Swanigan- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Bookmark & Magnet- Maritza Robinson
Bookmark- Laura F. Windom

Alexia Purdy- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Meghon Thomos
Virginia Mae Roque

Amy Plum- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Lindsay Weigel
Thilde Koll Espensen

Aurora Momcilovich
Anum Fatima
Delphina Zmom Miyares
Brittany Carrigan

Nathan SquiersNSquiers0615@yahoo.com
Signed Copy of Death Metal- Mary Reiss

Laura Wright- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Eternal Hunger Bookmark and Bite Me gum/mint holder:
April Lawson Millwood
Rose Pryimak

Kymberlee Burks-Millerkymberleeburksmiller@yahoo.com
Enchantment Poster- Danielle Eisher
Compulsion Bookmark:
Christy Mullins
Tina Waytasczyk
Compulsion Ebook- Brandi O'Bannon

Sarah M. Ross- to get the ebook email sarah@sarahmross.com; send your addy to paranormalreads@yahoo.com to get the swag.
Ebook of Awaken, Bookmark, Postcard, Magnet:
Frances Wallace
Brittant Hiester

A. Jacob Sweeny- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Signed Copy Of Blood and Pulse- Sarah Clark

Jason M. Pettyauthorjmp@gmail.com
Amy Carter
Demitra Giote

Red Wine- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Bookmark & Magnet:
Beth Fullaway
Mary Resis

Yallfest- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Gillian Schafer

Keychains- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Candice Debney
Flairist Harper
Toni Amalia Dantin
Ashlee Batron
Deann Fox

Lover Revealed- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Hilary Garza

Blood Song- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Christina Bevil

Lothaire- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Amy Carter

James Vallesteros Bookmarks- paranormalreads@yahoo.com
Sarah Dowlin
Tonya Nalley Gentry
Delphina Zmom Miyares
Amber R. Lange
Sandy Wolters
Hildie McQueen
Kristi Worrell
Mireille Chester
Jennifer Gillette Avery
Danielle Eisner
Janell Sidoti
Jessica L. Mclaughlin

Once again we would like to say thank you to everyone that donated and entered our giveaway. Congrats to all the winners also!!!
Please allow about 2 weeks to 4 weeks for stuff to be shipped out and delivered. We do have personal lives outside of Paranormal Reads and things do come up. Please keep that in mind. We will get all of the items won out to you as soon as possible though.
Thank you,
Tiffany, Sabrina, Pam, Meg 


  1. thank you! do i need to re-send my email to you? :D

    1. Not if you already sent it. If need be Ill let you know :)

  2. Thank you so much! What a great giveaway!


  3. Woo hoo!! It's a great day!

  4. Thank you very much!!! Looking forward to receiving everything!! I have already sent out my email :)

  5. Thank you very much!!! Congrats to all the winners!
    Demitra G