January 08, 2012

Kymberlee's Favorite Quotes From Compulsion

"Lily, if we hit someone on the way to the funeral home and they tell us that they're not hurt. Can we beat the shit out of them until they are?"~Declan Moon

"I didn't wake up this morning and say Umm...I think that I'll be a witch today, and have hordes of hungry vampires try to kill, and my family."~Lilyann Moon

"I was only twenty-one, but I was working on a major migraine and a nervous breakdown tonight!" ~Lilyann Moon

After Lily flicks her wrist at the fireplace "Awesome Sis! You're going to come in mighty handy for campfires!"~Declan Moon

"My, you do babble, but you make it look adorable."~Mason Shaw

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