January 08, 2012

Interview Questions

Q1~How long did it take you to write Compulsion?
I'm not sure how much time it took accumulatively, because I kept changing it until I finally had the nerve to have it published.
Q2~What is your writing process?
I honestly just let the characters take over:) And in my head lives a whole host of different people. That's why I usually stay locked in the batcave. When they're finished I read what I wrote and sometimes it's great and sometimes it goes right in the trash.
Q3~How many books will be in your series?
In the Compulsion series their are 5 books~Compulsion, Conversion, Revelation, Decision, and Redemption
Q4~Are Lily and Mason based on anyone in your life?
Mason is completely based on my hubby. To me he is my idea of perfection and so is Mason. And Lilyann is based somewhat on me and I stress somewhat. Her flaws are my flaws, but her strong suits are not mine.
Q5~Do you have any other series your working on?
I do! Enchantment, a YA Paranormal Romance, the next book of mine that is slated to be released this spring. I'm super stoked about this, Teddy my main character has become such a refreshing character to write. I am also working on my childrens' series Ravenwood, my adult paranormal series Supernatural Society, another YA Paranormal (not romance) Trinitys' Quest that is being co-authored by my husband Bryce Miller! This is the first time that he and I have worked together on a project like this and of its magnitute. It is very exciting.
Q6~Can you give us a sneak peak into book 2?
I can give you a TEENSY sneek peek~Conversion picks up almost where we left off in Compulsion. Things are are peaceful, but not for long! Something happens to shake up the balance and well...things are getting darker and harder for Lilyann. And unfortunately someones' future is not looking bright.
Q7~What kind of music is in your play list?
Everything! I am a total music hoarder:) I listen to classical, rock, metal, alternative, rap, hip hop, country...see when I say everything I really do mean it.
Q8~Who are some authors you love to read?
Oh my...that's a very long list, but I'll tell you a few and these are in no certain order: Richelle Mead, Julieanne Lynch, Gracen Miller (and no, not because we have the same last name), Rue Volley, Andrew M. Greeley, Emily Gossitt, JH Glaze, Stephanie Meyer, JR Ward, Jennifer Wright...this list could go on forever.
Q9~What advice can you give to an aspiring author?
Keep writing! I regret a period in my life where I didn't write. So if you keep plugging away, IT will happen!
Q10~What is your opinion on ereaders?
Okay. I am a very firm believer in paper books, I LOVE THEM! But...I do have ereaders, I prefer Kindle and I love it too. I can take a LOT of books with me while I'm waiting and read whatever I want. So I'm kinda the girl sitting on the fence I could go either way.
Q11~When not writing what are you doing?
I would love to be doing a whole lot of nothing, but alas I'm a mom and a wife and our family is very busy. We are always in the middle of something.
Q12~Favorite scene in Compulsion?
My absolute favorite scene is Lily and Mason sparring! I love the way that she begins to grow and realize that she's not a super witch, but she's also not a complete epic failure.
Q13~What actors would you like to play Lilly and Mason?
For Lilyann I really think that an unknown actress would have to play her. I love so many hot faces in Hollywood, but none of them have struck me as her yet. And for Mason I would love, love, love to a younger Sean Connery. And for Delphina, maybe a young Pierce Bronson:)
Q14~When you get writer's block how do you get through it?
I go for a walk, get the blood flowing. THEN I come home and bang my head against a wall until it beats the wall down or knocks me out. LOL
Q15~What was the hardest part about writing Compulsion?
Not giving away too much for the future books in the series. Trying to only tell the reader the ABSOLUTE necessary things for this book.

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