April 12, 2013

Heart You - Review & Giveaway

Heart You: A Roommate Romance Erotic Short by Rene Folsom


Have you ever wanted something you know you shouldn't? That forbidden fruit. A temptation that will surely lead you down the path of illicit indulgence, and ultimately, pleasure beyond your wildest imaginations.

That was the daily torture Samantha put herself through when she thought of her roommate, Kara. Sitting alone on Valentine's Day, Sam found comfort in sharing her innermost secrets with her trusty journal while lusting over the brown-eyed goddess. At least until Kara comes home with a sizzling hot man and a night full of naughty games that would even make cupid blush.

Hold on to your ereaders because this is one HOT and steamy short story! Coming in at around 45 pages there really isn't any backstory to introduce the characters. However, that really isn't an issue because the brief glimpse we get of Samantha and Kara is very satisfying. 

Samantha and Kara have been roommates for a while, but over that time Samantha has developed feelings for Kara that she hasn't shared. Enter, one Valentine's Day night, a pack of naughty heart candies, Kara with hottie Dan, and a game of Match the Hearts. The object of the game is to get two of the same hearts with a little twist, or lose a piece of clothing. Needless to say Match the Hearts gets heated very quickly between Samantha, Kara, and Dan. 

I'll leave the rest for you to read yourself, because this is one of the best F/F/M short stories I've read in a long time. In fact I enjoyed Kara and Samantha so much I'd love to see them in a full novel-length story, with or without Dan involved. ~ Reviewed by Chris
4 out of 5 stars for this sexy short story.



  1. Thanks Rene for the chance and PRR for having it :D

  2. Thank for sharing you story with us!

  3. Great giveaway and I looooove the cover. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com