September 29, 2013

A Night at the Asylum Review

A Night at the Asylum
by Jade McCahon
Sara Featherstone is a loser. At twenty she is still indentured to her parents, her best friend is a closet clairvoyant, and her long time boyfriend just dumped her and refuses to tell her why. Five years ago her world ended with her brother, Tommy, running his motorcycle into a tree, and the life she might have led had never started. 

Catapulted into the dark streets after a "visitation" from Tommy, Sara has no idea that all that wasted time is about to catch up with her. A chance encounter with a man wielding a knife sets in motion a chain of events so bizarre that Sara will soon question everything she has ever believed. From her boyfriend's fidelity to her best friend's innocence to what her brother knew about a missing classmate, irony is about to make Sara its bitch, and the next twelve hours might be her last.

My Review
Sara lost her brother five years ago to an accident. She still sees him as he visits her dreams often. She has just went through a breakup and now after a visit from her brother she goes out not expecting her life to change. She gets caught up in a knife wielding loon and ends up in the police station. After she is let go she begins to unravel the mystery of how she got caught up in this mess only to find it goes way back. Back to her brother and other odd things that have happened. Now she has to stay alive and go to the asylum to look for clues before it is tore down. With the help of spirits she has to figure out what really happened years ago. She doesn't know who to trust as everyone seems to have secrets and the law may not be the safest people around.

I really enjoyed this story as it has action, mystery and a touch of paranormal as the spirits help Sara out. I liked getting to know her and try to figure it all out along with her. Asylums can be scary places and this one fits perfect as the scene of where to look. The author does a fantastic job writing this book as you really can't put it down. You have to see what will happen to Sara and her friends. From car wrecks to ghost this book has a little but of it all. I really loved the ending of this book it added the perfect touch and in a way made you wonder. No I won't give away any spoilers. If you like a story with spirits or just a good mystery try this one.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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