September 10, 2013

Trapped In Stone - Review

Trapped in Stone (Dark vs. Light book 1) by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Trapped in Stone... (Dark vs. Light book 1)
The forces of God and Evil are vying for the soul of one man on top of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The woman who loves him has vowed to change his fate.

My Review
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is the place lots of people love to visit. What everyone doesn't know is it is the center for a war between good and evil. Izzy has come back hoping she can help save Tristan the man she had a part in trapping in the Cathedral. She also loves him and will do anything to help give him his life back. Tris remembers Izzy and her love keeps him going. He doesn't realize how things have changed. Both sides seem to want part of him and he wants to keep Izzy safe. She however will fight to the death to protect him. How will the battle end?

Izzy is supposed to be on the bad side. She has done many bad things but she has had reasons for doing them. She fell in love along time ago with Tris and will do anything to make up for her part. She is one heck of a fighter and will take on anyone. Tris has many secrets of his own and fell in love with Izzy to his surprise. He wants to help her and will sacrifice anything for her. They both are very protective of each other and are truly soul mates I believe.

I really enjoyed this story. It is a quick fascinating book. Set in a place that has always fascinated me this book made me look at the Cathedral in a whole new light. You get some of it all in this book. You have lots of action as it is a battle of good versus evil. You really get to see more of the darker side than good. I love all the different creatures in this book, You have gargoyles, witches, demons, angels and so much more. You also get some nice steamy scenes when Tris and Lizzy get together. The sure do heat the pages up. I was surprised at the ending as I didn't know what to expect. I tried to figure it our but I had no idea at the secret was revealed. If you love paranormal books with a great mixture of creatures pick this one up.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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  1. I”m adding Trapped in Stone to my to read list- sounds enchanting!