September 14, 2013

Awaken The Fire - Review

Awaken The Fire (The Adventures of Star Lite #3)
by Naomi Bellina
To stop an evil force she must learn to unleash her fire while dealing with a shape-shifter, dangerous men and a mercurial, magical lover.

Along with rewards, magic breeds danger. Star, Adam and Tristan submit to study with the secret authoritarian group, the Vigilar, in preparation to reveal the existence of magical beings to the world. But will this knowledge be used for good or evil?

Doubts creep in when Star is assigned to work with Lucas—a man from Adam’s past—a man known to have dangerous ideas. Bigger problems arise during a sensual ménage when they discover a shape-changer dragon in their midst. Lucas claims the Vigilar plan to use shifters, especially powerful beings like dragons, for malevolent purposes, which puts Star and her special abilities in danger. Adam must devise a strategy to thwart the Vigilar and learn more about this controlling entity. While implementing their plans, Star struggles with the fear of unleashing—and learning to control—all the powers within her.

She struggles, too, with her feelings for Adam. Should she fight against her deepening love for a man who could desire power more than he loves her? The combustion of a potent sexual ritual forces Adam to face the question of their love and for Star to awaken the fire within.

My Review
Star, Adam and Tristen have agreed to help the Vigilal in the preparation that the world will soon know about magical creatures. What they hope is that the Vigilal will use the knowledge they gain from them will be used for good and not evil. Several things soon show signs evil is what they have in mind. They have Star paired up to study with Lucas a man from Adam's past who can be dangerous. There is also the problem that when the three have to test there love magical a creature from the past comes out. It seems dragon shifters aren't extinct and one is there now. The Vigilal may want Star and her power for their own evil plans. Star also has to figure out what is going on with her and Adam. Are they in love or is Adam wanting power more?

Star is a character that is easy to like. She thought herself as normal at one time and now she has powers that grow all the time. It seems we still haven't seen all she can do. She loves Adam but is really afraid to show it. She doesn't care to do what she thinks is right and uses her power for good. She also cares for Tristen but not in the same way as Adam. Adam is great as usual but you have to question what he will do a few times. Instead of making you like him less you actually feel for him as you get to see more inside his head and what is making him tick. The chemistry and heat between he and Star is something you can see. Tristan is charming as always and you also get to see how even he can fall for people. 

This whole series has been great so far and I think this is my favorite so far. There is so many more elements that get added to the story. You get more magical and paranormal things that aren't just thrown in but add a great touch to the story and you get to see an awesome dragon shifter that most of the time can be meek when senses her mate can be deadly. You also have intrigue as you try to figure out just what the Vigilal is after. Let's not forget the sexy side of this book as it plays a part as well. This also for me stepped up a notch and I love reading about them getting steamy together. That the sex adds powers to their magic is just a bonus for me. I believe anyone who like a steamy paranormal book that has a great story line will enjoy this book.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam
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