September 14, 2013

End of Dreams - Review

End of Dreams by Kim Faulks
A vicious killer hunts a young pregnant woman. He wants more than her blood--he wants her baby too. 

Young Eve dreams of being a good mother to her unborn son, that dream is shattered when child killer, Edric Hasting finds her in the middle of the night.

Haunted by the images of black wings on her baby’s ultrasound and the killers last words Eve knows her only hope of survival is to run. 

She soon finds hard-bitten detective Adley Scott who dreams of justice for a string of murdered children which hit too close to home. 

A group of Immortals are drawn into Eve’s battle for survival as events are played out across the globe by two opposing factions of immortal beings. 

The fragile, divine balance of all things is at stake, and the world is the ultimate prize.

Against a background of universe-changing events and an ensemble of vivid, unforgettable characters, Eve and Adley will have to fight to survive as they begin to learn the truth of The Immortal Destiny.

My Review
Eve is young and pregnant. All she wants is a good life for her her unborn child. However a killer that that like to kill children has her in his sites. Edric wants her baby and her blood and he has to have it. As Eve sees her only chance is to run she has help from Adley Scott who wants the killer brought to justice almost more than anyone. Eve also can't get her ultrasound pictures out of her mind. She knows she saw black wings in the picture but doesn't know what it means.Eve's survival means a lot to many people including a group of Immortals who have two sides. Good and evil are playing out a war and Eve may play an important part in the war for the world that most people don't know is going on.

Let me start off by saying this is a hard book to read. Not hard in it is written badly but hard as it has some very harsh scenes. From the beginning you see how evil the killer Edric is. He loves to kill children and nothing is held back. If you can't stand to read about this subject this book is not for you. If you can get past that or you can read that let me say this book is very dark and twisted but is masterfully done. The author does a great job create a dark place that will haunt your mind. There is many characters you get to meet in this book and all play a part in the battle for the world. There is plenty of suspense in this book even if you already know who the killer is you still don't know what will happen next for Eve and Adley. There is many more characters you get to see and several you get to read the book from their POV. This is not a book you can read quickly. You need to take you time with it because a lot is going on and you don't want to miss anything. This book would be a great one even without the Immortals but add them in and it gives it a great touch. It adds a whole new twist that you have to keep reading to see what will happen next. I would recommend to anyone who likes a dark book and can read books that deal with a child killer. If you can't read a book with these don't bother to pick this one up.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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