February 13, 2014

Dark Spirit: Review

Dark Spirit (Spirit Wild #2)
by Kate Douglas 

Romy Sarika has spent much of her life suffering at the hands of a sadistic cult leader. Twenty years earlier she watched him kill her mother, and now she awaits the same fate. But when the self-proclaimed prophet orders Romy killed, the wolf part of her rises up and for the first time she shifts. Managing to save herself, she leaves death and chaos in her wake.

Alone in the woods and badly injured, Romy is found by Jace Wolf and Gabe Cheval, two powerful and striking Chanku who help her heal and simultaneously unleash sensual desires in her that are as new and intense as her wolf-like abilities. But just as Romy’s opening herself to this new erotic world and the passionate connections she’s forming with both men, danger is closing in.

Bent on revenge and driven by bloodlust, cult members are pursuing the trio. Discovery could mean not just Romy’s death but destruction of the Chanku way of life. With their lives at stake and the Chanku race in jeopardy, the three must fight to save themselves and the future of their proud race.

My Review
Romy has lived her life in a cult. She has been treated horrible and has to walk a thin line so she doesn't get killed like her mother did. When the leader demands Romy must be killed she finally has enough and her wolf side comes through. She manages to escape by killing and is now on the run from the cult. They will stop at nothing to kill her and she is badly injoured. Jace and Gabe come across an injured wolf and begin to heal her. What they find is she is Chanku like they are. They begin to teach her the ways of the Chanku and teach her her new desires are natural. The cult is still on Romy's tail and the three will have to stop them before they are killed or before the Chanku way of life is put in danger.

Romy is a character your heart goes out to from the start. She has lived through unspeakable horror and while she could have let it defeat her she doesn't. She opens up her Chanku side and Jace and Gabe show her it is ok to have sexual feelings. Jace is an amazing healer and wonderful person. He sees right away Romy is the one for him. He is afraid of spooking her so he does take his time. Gabe knows he isn't Romy's mate but is there to help her and tries to protect her as well.

I love this series by Kate Douglas and love seeing the kids all grown and finding their mates. I have to say Romy has one of the most horrible stories I have heard. I don't know how she survived as long as she has. She is one of the strongest females I have read so far in this series. I mean her inner strength. She finds ways to face her fears and does whatever she can to put those who have done wrong away. She also while a new wolf isn't afraid to protect those she has just met and consider her family. Jace and Gabe have a bond that you can clearly tell. However right away you can see that Jace and Romy are meant for each other. The only thing I would have to say bad about this book is at times I thought it would have better without Gabe. He seemed to have a big part in some ways but in others I wonder how the story would have been without him. There is the sexy scenes you are used to and come to expect from this wonderful author. If you love a sexy paranormal story be sure to try this series.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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  1. I love all of Kate's books. I am addicted to the stories of the Chanku. These are stories of honor, family and yes, passionate love with a bit of danger thrown in. I truly hope to see more stories of the families of the Chanku race. Thank you. Kate!