February 21, 2014

Such Sweet Sorrow : Review

Such Sweet Sorrow
by Jenny Trout

Never was there a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo…But true love never dies. Though they’re parted by the veil between the world of mortals and the land of the dead, Romeo believes he can restore Juliet to life, but he’ll have to travel to the underworld with a thoroughly infuriating guide.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, may not have inherited his father’s crown, but the murdered king left his son a much more important responsibility—a portal to the Afterjord, where the souls of the dead reside. When the determined Romeo asks for help traversing the treacherous Afterjord, Hamlet sees an opportunity for adventure, and the chance to avenge his father’s death.

In an underworld filled with leviathan monsters, ghoulish shades, fire giants and fierce Valkyrie warriors, Hamlet and Romeo must battle their way through jealousy, despair, and their darkest fears to rescue the fair damsel. Yet finding Juliet is only the beginning, and the Afterjord doesn’t surrender souls without a price…

My Review
Juliet is dead but Romeo won't give her up. He has survived the poison and now following the clues a witch has given him he goes to find Hamlet who is the key to getting him into Afterjord and bringing Juliet back. Hamlet doesn't have the crown of his murdered father but he does have his gift. When Romeo ask him for help getting Juliet back Hamlet agrees as he wants some adventure and maybe the chance to avenge his father. The underworld doesn't let it's souls go back easily and finding Juliet is only the beginning. They must fight Valkyrie warriors, fire giants and many more monsters. They also all learn something about their selves.

This was a very interesting book as it has many twist and turns. Romeo is very headstrong and stubborn. He will let nothing stop him from getting Juliet back. He jumps in a lot of times before he thinks and it shows. You can't deny he loves Juliet with everything he has but I have to say I didn't care for him a whole lot. Hamlet has an ability to go into the Afterjord and he is dealing with his father being murdered, his mom remarrying and so much more. He likes an adventure and once he likes you he will have you back through anything. Juliet for me was the highlight of the book. She saves the guys many times and is a really strong female character in this book. She may be scared but many times it doesn't show.

I enjoyed this book after I got past the first couple of chapters. At first for me the book was slow but once in the Afterjord it really picked up and I loved all the different creatures they have to face their. It is full danger and they all have to dig deep and look inside to find the drive to really push through everything the underworld can throw at them. Once the action started I didn't want it to end. You get to see different sides to these characters and the bonds that they grow. If wanted more of these characters or ever wonder what happened or what if you may enjoy this one.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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