February 08, 2014

Lucifer's Daughter: Review

Lucifer's Daughter (Princess of Hell #1)
by Eve Langlais

Being Lucifer’s daughter can be hell.

Hi, I’m Muriel, the only white sheep in a sea of black ones, and a virgin to boot. I am determined to wait for love, but my dad, more commonly known as Lucifer, just wants me to stop being an embarrassment. I’m hoping the hunk that I met in my bar will turn out to be the one–just looking at him makes my insides melt like marshmallows over the coals of hell, but trusting is hard when it seems everyone I get close to ends up trying to kill me.

Not only am I dealing with an extreme case of lust, there’s a new threat in hell, one my dad says to ignore. Something easier said than done since it seems everywhere I turn demons are trying to kill me. But I’m okay with that, because one thing I’ve learned being a princess of hell is that sometimes I have to grab a demon by the horns and slap it around a bit.

A rebellion in hell, demon assassins and scorching kisses, could my life get any more interesting?

My Review
Muriel is the daughter of Lucifer but she isn't like the others. She is a virgin ans her dad wants her to sin like the rest of his family. While working in her bar she comes across Auric and he is the one guy she may just let her sin. While he heats up her blood she also has to worry as their seems to be a lot of Demons trying to kill her. Her dad tells her not to worry that he has it under control but she has to wonder if he really does and what the new threat to his kingdom has to do with her. She may be the Princess of Hell dealing with her lust but she won't let that stop her from helping out those she cares about.

Muriel is just so freaking awesome! She is the daughter of Lucifer so you know she gets awesome points for that. She has a strange family that is constantly trying to get her to sin and be part of the family. She runs a bar and has a strange power even she doesn't understand. She is very sexy and has only had her thoughts so far on how to deal with them. Auric isn't prepared for Muriel when he meets her. She is nothing like what he thought she would be. Auric has a secret of his own but he can't help fall for Muriel. I think he does pretty good even when faced with pesky relatives.

If you have never read an Eve Langlais book and you like a hot story with a great plot I would recommend you pick one up. This one is so good. Of course you get the sexiness of the book but there is so much more. I love Muriel and the thought of one of Lucifer's kids not being a sinner is awesome. Lucifer will crack you up trying to get her to lose her virginity. It is weird in some ways but you have to think it is Lucifer. He butts in at the oddest times. Auric has to figure out what he wants to do and how he feels and all the while deal with Lucifer being there. So you get some laughter as well. Don't worry if you like action there is that as well. There is always someone after Muriel and she tries her best to take care of them on her own. She is unique and has more power than she knows. How she gets her power is fun to read about as well. I love how she won't stand back and is willing to jump in and fight as well. If you love a paranormal story that is very hot bit still manages to make you laugh at times pick this one up.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam 

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