February 07, 2014

In Heaven's Shadow:Review

In Heaven's Shadow (Citizen Soldier #1)
by Matthew Bryan

As'hame, an exiled angel, stands vigilant in his watch over mankind, just as he has for thousands of years. As the grip of corruption and greed threatens to strangle humanity, As'Hame works relentlessly to save his City of Angels. To keep it as a shining beacon of hope, a symbol for human salvation.

But now, Hell's got a new ruler. She's pissed. She's evil. And she's ruthless. With a new horde of demons dispatched to steal the souls of Man, As'hame races to find and protect God's son before the demons bring the fight to Heaven's gates and rain Hell on Earth.

In this mystical, action-packed tale, angels are warriors, demons are not always evil, and humans are stuck in the middle. Faith and love are put to the test as all of creation is threatened and everyone must take a stand and fight for what they believe in.

My Review
Hell's new ruler has a plan to over run Heaven using the souls of Man. She is very evil, ruthless and wil stop at nothing to finish her goals. She sends Demons to find God's son before the angels do. He is alive again and even he doesn't know who he is. As'hame may be an exiled angel but he watches over mankind to keep them safe. He has help from others but his main task is to find the son of God before the new ruler of Hell does. It is a race to find the mystery man and a battle all the way.

This book is a little different than others I have read. You have angels. fallen angels. demons, humans and so much more. It is a book packed full of battles and you really have to look deep inside to see that not everyone branded as evil is. I had figured out who the son of God was easy enough as there is plenty of signs. However that is just half the story. When faced with the truth he does take it pretty well and digs deep. For me one show stealer f the book is M'Kai. He is a demon which you figure would just make him a bad guy but he is not. He to me really has a great heart and shows lots of courage standing with the side of good. I will say it did start off a little confusing at first for me but once it took off I couldn't put it down. I had to see what would happen next. If you want an action packed book full of love, hope and even evil give this one a try.

4 out of 5 Bats

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