May 24, 2014

Author Interview with Kenra Daniels & Azure Boone

Hi everyone! Today we have an interview with author Kenra Daniels and Azure Boone  along with info on their soon to be released book. Kenra is the one who has filled out the interview!

What is your book(s) about?
Archangels Creed is about an elite group of warrior Archangels who are sent to Earth to combat Satan's new plan to win in the war against good. They've found a way to use the passion of a couple in love to create a Holy Warrior, allowing them to live and fight on earth. The only problem is, humans don't act as they were predicted to, and the first Archangel sent ended up falling in love with a human woman. To protect the balance of the mission, all the other Archangels must take wives.

These books are filled with flawed, realistic characters, sizzling intimate scenes, and various battles between the two factions.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Kenra is in Kentucky, married almost 28 years, with one adult child and raising her 3 young grandsons. Azure is in Louisiana, married 22 years, and has 9 children.

We're both in our mid-40s and when we met on a tiny little writing forum 5 years ago, we found we had a great deal in common besides writing. We quickly became critique partners, helping each other with our writing, as well as very close friends. The natural progression of our relationship was to become co-authors, and Archangels Creed gives us that.

What started your interest in writing?
Kenra started writing at a very young age, and dabbled at it over the years. When chronic illness left her unable to continue her teaching career, she turned to writing.

Azure began writing a few years ago, hoping to make tons of money. She didn't count on all the hard work it took to write well. But she kept at it.

What are your currently working on?
We're working on "Summon Zool" right now, the 5th novel-length book in Archangels Creed. We also have 5 novellas in the series, and more, both novels and novellas to come.

How long did it take you to get your rough draft finished on your latest release?
About 6 weeks.

If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be?
I think we'd both be Archangels, lol.

What was the first book you remember reading?
I remember a few childhood books, but the book that hooked me on reading was "Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West" by Marguerite Henry. I was in 3rd grade and got in trouble for checking it out from the library too many times. The librarian pointed me toward Ms. Henry's other books when she realized I was re-reading and re-re-reading, lol, and I was hooked.

How did you come up with your title?
Ummm, not sure! It just sort of appeared out of nowhere.

Who is your support team?
Both our husbands do what they can to help out, and we also have our exceptional Street Team. Our War Chamber, a few of our most active supporters, is an amazing group. Amanda Muller creates our teaser images, and Tracey Moore Presley creates amazing bling swag and jewelry items for us. Seregon O'Dassey is our media advisor. Other members, Sandra Wilcher Goudie, Adrienne Allem-Samson, Denise Gardner, Kathy Moore, Miya Grubaugh, Marci Paralez, Lisa Jester Pearson, Cynthia Morgan, Libby Barnes and a couple of others, are awesome at finding pimping opportunities and other ways to promote Archangels Creed. And none of it would work without our PA, Gloria Esau. She's a wonderful friend and goes above and beyond to help us.

What do you do when your not writing?
Azure is fully occupied with homeschooling the 6 children she has still at home. Kenra stays busy riding herd on three rambunctious boys, the eldest being almost 6.

What was the lastest book you read?
The Meat Market by James Chalk

Where did you get the idea for your book(s)?
I think a video game character was the initial inspiration for Kassern, the first of the Archangels. From there, everything around us became fair game to be incorporated into the stories.

Are any of your characters like you?
I think every writer puts parts of themselves into some of their characters, but we make a conscious effort to keep ourselves out of our characters.

What genres do you write in?
Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance

Is there anything you will never write about?
We'll tackle most things, no matter how taboo, but neither of us is comfortable writing same sex couples. It's a mindset we just can't achieve.

Do you have a favorite quote from your book(s)?
Sex, within a loving and committed relationship, is a divine gift intended to be fully enjoyed by both partners. - Paraphrasing Archangel Uriel from "Summon Kassern"

Is there anything you would tell aspiring writers?
Write and write. Always strive to improve and don't get 'hooked' on your own words. Read everything, good or bad, and any genre. There's something a writer can learn in it all. Analyze books to find what works, what doesn't, and how incorporate it into your own writing. Learn good writing mechanics. Bad grammar and punctuation is not a style. It simply confuses readers. When you know the rules, you can judiciously break them to achieve specific effects.

The most important is to make time to write. If you don't write, you aren't a writer. It might mean reducing the time you spend watching TV, or playing online games, or on social media, but if you're going to write, it has to be done. By the time you watch a 2 hour movie, you could have 2000 words written on your book. Priorities.

If zombies attacked what kind of supplies would you want?
Other than the usual survival gear and weapons, paper and pens to write and books to read. 

Who designed your cover(s)?
Azure designs most of our covers, with input from Kenra.

Have you learned anything from writing your book(s)?
We've both learned to trust our instincts for the story, and to complete projects.

What was the hardest part of writing your book(s)?
Making sure we don't sound preachy with some of the moral and religious elements, and justifying how the Archangels have sex without breaking Divine Law.

If you could sit down with any author dead or alive who would it be?
JR Ward is the obvious answer, but we'd both choose each other as well, simply because after about 5 years of being close and constant friends, we still haven't met in real life.

If you cowrite a book with any author who would it be?
Again, we'd choose each other. Our working relationship is unique, in part because we're totally honest with one another. If one of us doesn't like something, we work it over until we arrive at a compromise. We keep our egos entirely out of the process and gladly accept criticism from one another.

What is your favorite paranormal being?

How do you react to a bad review?
It depends. If the review is legitimate and the person truly just didn't like the book, okay. But if they leave a bad review because they didn't read the description, etc, we're annoyed by it. But either way we don't respond publicly.

Do you keep a notebook near your for when new ideas pop into your head?
Yes, and we also keep a running list of ideas in a document.

If you write a series do you reread your previous books before you begin the new one?
Sometimes, if we need to work closely with a character that starred in an earlier book, it's necessary to reread to get the voice right.

Does much research go into your novels?
Sometimes. We use current events, and sometimes regional settings that must be researched. And we often check details.

Is there anything you wish to say to your readers?
We appreciate you more than words can say. You inspire us to continue the series even when other work would be easier and make us more money. 

Further information:

Twitter: @ArchangelsCreed

Description for "Summon Zool" coming May 31

12 Archangel Warriors are to be sent to Earth to prevent their Fallen Brethren from setting off Armageddon prematurely.

Zool, the Onyx Warrior, approaches the Mission from a different point of view than his Brothers who've already arrived. Kassern's lack of discipline might have doomed the entire Brotherhood of War to Holy Matrimony with female humans, but Dorn, Toren and Lyght carried equal blame. They had surrendered to the weaknesses of their human flesh, and to the women they selected as brides.

A former Fallen Angel, Zool has no intention of going that route. Even if it kills him, he will dominate. The bride he chooses will be an obedient woman, dedicated to the their mission and willing to fight at his side. If only the infuriating Tina would get out from under his skin!

And his couple, recently rescued from a Satanic Coven, could make things a bit easier. The opinionated male insisted Tina would make a formidable warrior. It was true, but Zool didn't need anyone to tell him that. And the woman acted as if Tina becoming the final member of his Quad was a foregone conclusion. 

A lesser Warrior might be tempted to give in, but not Zool. He'd learned all about resisting temptation as the prisoner of a demonic warlord bent on breaking him. A mere human woman was nothing compared to that.


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