May 04, 2014

Interview with Author Cindy Ponds Newell

Hi everyone! Today we have an interview with Author Cindy Ponds Newell.

What are my books about?
 They are all about ghosts, with the exception of One Grave Secret, which is a serial killer thriller. My latest, Attached, also includes a demon. 

What started my interest in writing? 
I've always been fascinated in ghosts, so why not write about them?

 What do I do when I'm not writing?
 I love going to yard sales, thrift shops, crafting and reading. I also love working in flowers and being with my three children and my husband of twenty years.

 How long did it take me to write my first manuscript?
 The norm for all of my novels is about two to three weeks. When the mood to write hits me, I'm on a roll! 

What am I currently working on?
 Two Grave Mistakes, the sequel to my psychological thriller, One Grave Secret. I plan to release this one in the fall, maybe sooner. 

The first book I remember reading? 
Gus The Friendly Ghost. I also read many of Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew books. My fascination with ghosts and mysteries goes way back!

The Kept: A Ghost Story by Cindy Ponds Newell
Carrie Lemoine isn't very happy about moving from her home in Maryland to a small, quiet town in North Carolina. Things seem to worsen for her when she realizes this home must be haunted. She's the only one who seems to hear the whispers or see the shadow hiding in the darkest corners of her new home. But this home isn't so new and has a history of its own. Unravel the mystery of the old Redding home place as Carrie and her family begin to struggle against the evil that lurks there.

Attached by Cindy Ponds Newell
Marla Danner wants nothing more than to start a family with her husband, Dennis. But things don't always go as planned. In a moment of desperation, Marla invites the spirits of two young children into her home, using a Ouija board. It proves an easy way to communicate with these new children in her life, Anna and Benjamin. 
Everything appears perfect for Marla until things start to turn upside down and she soon realizes she might have opened a door that seems to lead straight to hell. 
Now, she will have to solve the mystery of the murders of both Anna and Benjamin, the ghosts that have attached themselves to her, while fighting an on going demon possession. 
This story is based on true events. Some creative license has been taken by the Author.

One Grave Secret by Cindy Ponds Newell
Freddy Lee, a typical boy growing up in rural North Carolina, finds himself alone and different throughout his childhood. He Falls in love with a beautiful young woman and everything seems perfect for Freddy. 

When a horrific accident occurs, Freddy can no longer have his sweet Lori. His special inside-voice helps him create a demonic plan to replace the only girl he ever loved. What lengths will Freddy go to in order to find the next Lori? The small town of Wadesboro will never be the same, if anyone should discover his One Grave Secret. 

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