May 31, 2014

Jenny Undead : Review

Jenny Undead (The Thirteen)
by J.L. Murray
Warning: This book contains strong language, zombies, knives, guns, and violence. 

In a world ravaged by disease and chaos, Jenny has a secret. She and her brother were part of a gruesome experiment conducted ten years earlier in an attempt to stop the zombie apocalypse. If the rumors are true, her mother was the hated pathologist who released the disease in the first place, leading to the destruction of government, civilization, and life as we know it.

Despite the constant terror of the undead, Jenny is as happy as a post-apocalyptic girl can be. She has friends, she's good with a knife, and she has Declan Munro by her side. But when she hears her brother might still be alive and living with the Underground, a religious group hiding in the now-defunct subway, Jenny jumps at the chance to find him. She infiltrates the group to right the wrong she caused when she ran away, leaving him in that lab.

When she finds him, though, Casey is not at all what she expected. He's been turned. And the impossible happens when Jenny is bitten. She and Casey are dead, but they're not like any other rotters. Their minds are still intact. And there are others: Thirteen children survived the mysterious experiments, and it’s up to Jenny to find them and bring an end to the plague. But not everyone wants the chaos to end. 

Between battling her hunger for living flesh and the all-encompassing rage that goes with it, and the realization that a killer is stalking both the living and the undead, Jenny has her hands full. Coming between a dead girl and the people she loves is a big mistake. Because if you can count on one thing, it's this: 

You wouldn't like her angry.

My review
Jenny is living in a world of rotters. She is trying to stay alive and find her brother. She ran away years ago and now wants to find him and hopes he is safe. She is tough but she is also scared someone will find out her secret. Her mother is rumored to be the reason for the zombies and she did experiments on children looking for a way to stop the zombie apocalypse. Jenny and her brother Casey were some of the children she experimented on. Jenny also had to deal with more horror than the rest. She puts herself in danger to find her brother and when she does she is in for a surprise. Casey has been bit and died but he isn't like the other zombies. He has kept his mind and is just like people still alive. Jenny gets bit and finds she is the same way. There is thirteen of them that were experimented on and now may be the key to saving the world. Jenny is different than the others and everyone seems to be after her. She is the key to fixing it all. She won't take threats lying down and goes after those who harm her loved ones.

I really enjoyed this book. I have read a few zombie books were they kept their mind but Jenny is a great character. She rushes into things and even when she gets turned and hungry she does everything she can to keep from hurting others. She is in love but would rather he stay away than risk her harming him. She is being told all kinds of things and doesn't know who to trust. Declan loves Jenny and seems to be the guy most are afraid of. He isn't afraid to kill and usually kills any zombie he sees. I will say I worried he would kill Jenny when he saw her. He does go a little crazy but only because he loves her. He is a great guy no matter what others think as he wants to stay near Jenny even when she is changed. There is so much going on in this book. Like you would think there is always danger or something happening and now they have to deal with people wanting them and government secrets. I loved every bit of this book and yes even the sad parts. They show you Jenny's softer side. I will be looking for the next book as I have to see what happens next. If you enjoy books with zombies be sure to pick this one up.

5 out of 5 Stars

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