December 09, 2012

Alchemy - Review

Alchemy ( Mercian Trilogy #2) by K.J. Wignall
Book Blurb
'Run!' Will said to Eloise. She hesitated and he pushed behind her, grabbing the bird out of the air. But the sound of beating wings didn’t stop. Eloise let out a cry and when he turned she’d been scratched on the head and was hitting another crow away.

The vampire William of Mercia continues to search for answers about his long, undead life, together with Eloise, the girl with whom his fate is entwined. But the darkness doesn’t yield its secrets easily.

As they edge closer to the truth, it becomes clear that something evil knows their every move, and this time it’s targeting the person Will needs most of all.

Lost in a frozen landscape, powerful adversaries are locked in a battle that not everyone can survive, as destiny collides with a sorcerer’s dark arts
My review
I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review. Will is a vampire who has been alive for hundreds of years. There is a prophecy that he is the Vampire King and he is trying to find all he can about it. Wyndham is a manwhose mother was drove crazy by what she thinks are demon but are really vampires. He has spent centuries hunting vampires and is after Will. Eloise is the girl Will is in love with and she does everything she can to help him solve the mystery of what he is and who he will be. They are also trying to find Wyndham and figure out just what is going on and why he seem to be after Eloise. They are trying their best to stay alive and what the future will bring.

I will say I didn't love any of these characters. I like some of them but they don't stick out in my mind a whole lot. Eloise even knowing Will is a vampire falls for him. Sometimes I wanted to knock her out myself. She doesn't like it when he has to feed but I guess she forgets he is a vampire he has to have blood. Will was a little better character. He tries to protect Eloise but isn't over bearing towards her. He doesn't like that he has to kill to survive but does try to only feed from the worst from society. 

This book is a slow read. It drags on several times to were I just wanted it to speed up and something to happen. It took me a while to get into this book and several times I put it down and had to go back and reread to remember the characters and what was going on. It did pick up and that is what kept it from being a lower rate from me. I like the background into the vampires but really I wanted more of them. It bounced around quite a bit from past to future but not in a way that kept my attention. If you like a book that will take a bit to read and you may enjoy this one. For me it was just ok.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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