February 05, 2013

Author Spotlight with Jeffrey A Brown

Hey everyone! Today we would like to welcome author Jeffrey A Brown as our spotlight author! We will be sharing some quotes and excerpts on our FB page today as well as here. We also have an interview with him for you all to checkout.

Tell us a little bit about your Book(s)?
So right now I’m working on a 4 part book series, Love Beyond Life. It began as a small college project as part of my honorary degree in Psychology. Initially I was going to do a book about Psychology and Quantum Physics working in unison, and understanding human evolution and consciousness from the perspective of Quantum Physics and Morphic Resonance. However, at the beginning of my senior year I got a radical idea for a thesis project. What if, I take all that research and flesh it out into a novel, an experience, an adventure, where people could learn and discover my research in action and through example? Not only did I think that would be more fun to create, but it would also reach much more people. And, looking back on that, almost a year and a half later since the first publication of Love Beyond Life on May 5th 2011, I’m pretty sure it has. The success of Love Beyond Life was beyond anything I could have anticipated. And by request from my readers, I have since developed Love Beyond Life into a 4 part book series, which means 3 more sequels. I had left a window open in the end of my book to allow room for at least one sequel. Now, I find myself writing 3 follow up books. 

But to tell you about the story itself, it follows the journey of a young man, Aero, a freshman in college, studying Quantum PsychoPhysics (not a real field of study; something I made up to allow me to present my original research ideas in a hypothetical world, as if Quantum PsychoPhysics were a real thing). Aero is naturally a gifted individual who already has a unique superpower, which more or less allows him to cultivate worlds and alter reality without anyone knowing. In college, he uses his studies to further awaken his realty changing superpower within himself, something we call a “jump-shift,” essentially jump-shifting us from one matrix set of realities into another set of matrix realities. 

So Aero begins bringing us through different possible realities in reaction to events that happen to his life and the world in which he lives. When you read it you’ll see him changing players on sports teams, president election results, revamping his favorite TV shows that get cancelled, and bringing his favorite celebrities from hopeless rehab life-paths to more noble, virtuosic life paths... most of that happens to add some comedic relief and offset the more serious, scientific tone. But, it also prepares the reader to understand what is to happen in the last 3 chapters of the novel, where the 2012 Apocalypse is approaching and Aero is chosen by Tom DeLonge, the musician of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves, to use his gift to save the world. So that, in a nutshell, without giving too much away, is what book I of Love Beyond Life is about.

What is the best thing about being a writer?
Being able to create a whole world, universe actually, within my imagination... something that exists solely in my own mind, and then invite others into it. Because at that point, once it is published and everyone is reading it and getting involved, it becomes something not just a thing that I alone am dreaming up, but rather an active universe that all of us are dreaming up, collectively. And then it becomes my job to listen to that universe, think on the wavelength with my readers, and tell an epic story from that point forward. And really, that’s one of the driving points in my novel, Love Beyond Life. There are collective fields of information, fields of consciousness I guess you could call them, scientifically known as morphic fields, that we tap into, upload to, download from, etc. So I would say that is the best thing about being a writer, aside from the fact that if I accomplish nothing else of value in this life, I know that at least I got a book published and changed lives forever, just by taking the time to dig deep within myself, craft some ideas and share them.

What is the hardest part of being a writer?
I think living up to expectation. Writing book I of Love Beyond Life was a lot of fun, just because I always using my imagination, feeling free to think up new things, experiment with ideas, and it didn’t really matter what I did because at that point there was no such thing as Love Beyond Life or this world in my mind. But now, as I’m in the process of writing book II and the rest of the series, I get some doubts about, “will this be as good and epic as book I?” “will my readers like this?” “will it live up to the hype?” etc. Of course I know they will like whatever I put out. I have a great fan base. Pretty much all positive feedback, very encouraging. But I know what I expect from myself. I hold high standards for myself because I know what I am capable of and I want to make something completely revolutionary for my readers, and have things happen they don’t expect, or rather can’t expect, when reading for the first time. My goal is to bring people to an entirely new place within their own minds where they will forever think differently about the world in which they live. I achieved that with book I, but the challenge now is maintaining that same effect throughout the rest of the series in these next 3 books. I know I can do it, it’s just making it happen, and coming up with new ideas, good enough to make more books about, that is the hard part.

Who do you see playing your characters in a movie if it was turned into one?
This is actually something we’ve discussed before, between I and the facebook followers. So the main character, Aero Emerson, I’d like to see Stephen Lunsford (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight / Teen Wolf) or possibly Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle), Lauren, maybe Hillary Duff, Brittany Pirtle or Ciara Hannah (Power Ranger actresses) but really, any cute blonde would do good for that role. Alexandra Seashells, probably Emma Stone... she has the natural red hair and the perfect personality for a playful “spirit” character. But also, Tom DeLonge does have a role in this book, and I would only make a movie if he could play himself. I’m a big fan of his bands, Angels & Airwaves and Blink-182, and I really couldn’t see anyone else portraying Tom DeLonge, in angel form, but Tom DeLonge himself with special effects to give him an angelic look. Plus, I know if the role of Tom was given to someone other than himself, all the die-hard fans would give that much criticism and I would never hear the end of it. There are still some roles left, but those are most of the cornerstones for the film adaptation, when it comes time. And hopefully, that’s before all the hoped-for cast ages to the point where they look too old for college students. Also, I’d like to have Morgan Freeman in there, even a small role or cameo, just because it’s Morgan Freeman.

Did you have to do much research for your book(s)?
Yes, a whole lot. I try to ground all my ideas and sci-fi/fantasy elements in things that are actually possible and real. Like I said, book I came out of an idea for a book of Psychology and Quantum Physic research. For book II, it is not as science-heavy, but it has a strong Time Travel element, so I’m doing a lot of research for that regarding conceptually explaining how Time Travel is a possible thing, reading various essays, that 1895 classic “The Time Machine,” and taking notes from numerous shows and movies like Men in Black III, Looper, Futurama, even things that just spoof time travel. Time Travel is a hard thing to write, because you are working with bridging together multiple time streams, and you can really approach Time Travel in a fictional way from any angle, but if you use it, you have to do something good with it. That’s where I think the “epic-ness” I seek will come from in book II... everything that happens regarding Time Travel and Aero weaving through multiple time streams, on-top of his ability to jump-shift. 

I have some great ideas lined-up for book II, and some exciting Time Travel adventures, so I think you are all in for a treat! But like I said, I like to base all of my fictional ideas in truth and what we as humans are really capable of. And oddly enough, the most complex and explainable methods of Time Travel, at least on the intellectual level, that I’ve come across actually fit perfectly into the line of logic outlined in “The Time Machine.” And seeing as that was first published in 1895 with ideas that still haven’t been manifested but do logically compute, I am very impressed and inspired to leave behind a similar possible account of Time Travel.

What makes your book(s) different from others in this genre?
Setting aside the fact that I rigorously research and fact-check the sci-fi ideas I present in my novels, the musical element. I had mentioned Tom DeLonge is a character in this story. Since he is the frontman from Angels & Airwaves, I thought it would be fun to toy with the idea of him being an actual angel. So in Love Beyond Life, Tom DeLonge is Aero Emerson’s guardian angel, and will often communicate to him through music... at random times of the day, when certain things happen, Aero will hear lyrics to give him guidance, and during vivid dreams, Tom actually film scores those dreams as I go into a lot of auditory imagery in great detail. This is something AVA (Angel & Airwaves) absolutely fans love, and can’t get enough of. Not only are they seeing their favorite songs presented in a book, they are also seeing their favorite songs remixed together... and it is all happening inside their own imagination! A lot of them tell me, “This is the greatest thing I have ever read, hands down.” I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I tie in AVA lyrics and something that is a common part of our (AVA fans) daily lives. Hey, if someone else out there wrote a book with my favorite bands lyrics in it and used that as part of the plot, with an epic climactic apocalypse in there at the end and a lot of very interesting psychology/quantum physic ideas, I’d probably say it was the best thing I’ve read, too. 

As a writer, and more specifically a 25 year old writer, I know my strengths and my weaknesses. So I know how I can improve my writing, and how I compare to the great books out there, Scarlet Letter, The Alchemist, etc, things that were such great works they will be remembered throughout time and studied in schools. I won’t lie that getting my writing level to being as eloquent as that is one of my aspirations. Just a few months after Love Beyond Life was released it was already made part of the curriculum for a course at University of New Mexico, so I know it has potential. I hope, at the end of my life looking back, I see the Love Beyond Life series as something that will be remembered long after I’m gone. Because in all honesty, my love will last beyond my life, and my work helps make that possible. Still a lot of work to be done before then, but this very well may be my calling so I have no fear in embracing my destiny.

Are any of your characters based on any one you know?
Yes, actually almost all of them. The roommate, Craig, I based off my roommate senior year in college. Same name actually too. The funny thing is in real life, Craig worked at the Apple store, and shortly after the book came out, knock-off iPod touches started showing up in CVS-type stores by a company “Craig.” Fits perfectly in with the future of the series, and just one of those small things that happens to tell me that just by me releasing this book, I’ve found myself in a different reality, as if I personally shifted into a different reality matrix. A character Jon Stevenson, I based off an old friend of mine who is heavy into Buddhism and meditation, Stephen Johnson (see what I did there?). Dr. Henry Rupert, the Morph 101 professor, is a synthesis of Henry David Thoreau and Rupert Sheldrake, both renowned scientists. Alexandra Seashells, is loosely based on an ex-girlfriend of mine, who once renamed herself on facebook to Ally Seashells. The narrator, Aero Emerson, is kind of a synthesis of a more bad-ass version of myself, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the personality of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. And like I mentioned earlier, Tom DeLonge is based on the musician. And Lauren, I actually didn’t realize this till after I had written the book and was touring it the summer of 2011, but she is slightly based on a blonde girl I had met my freshman year and developed feelings for, just like in the book, oddly enough. Funny how those kinda things go subconscious. Book II will have more characters in it, Anna Whitman, based off my friend Hannah Whitman, who requested I put her in the story. Also a character Atom, who will be a college-aged version of Atom Willard, one time drummer for Angels & Airwaves. I get requests from people all the time to be made into a character in my book, but really there’s only so much I can really do to fulfill those wishes. But I do what I can.

Who or what is your inspiration?
Music, mostly Angels & Airwaves music, is a big inspiration. I experience a lot of imagery when listening to them. That’s essentially how Love Beyond Life came about. I was walking around campus listening to them on my iPod, trying to think of what to make my Honor’s Thesis project be, and I just started seeing all these images flood my imagination about what to do, how to make a story out of what I was seeing... I was hearing the same old lyrics and seeing things I had never seen before.

Other inspirations, I think just life in general. Situations that happen, making sense of them, or wishing that we humans were capable of greater things we already are, then using writing as a way to portray what it would be like to live with reality-altering superpowers. 

Is there anything you would change about your book(s)?
I love the books exactly as they are. That is one of the beauties I’ve found with being an independent author. I can do things that normal publishers wouldn’t publish, or be too afraid to experiment with. For example, using song lyrics, but also, some internet slang (omg, lol, wtf) and emoticons ( :) :( ) things kinda like that. not all over the place, but just enough to give it a modern day feel and appeal to younger readers. Traditional readers may not like that, but personally, I feel that such slang is so ingrained in our thinking processes these days through instant messaging and texting that it just fits.

But if I could change things, it would be availability. It is available through retailers, and stores like Barnes & Noble, but usually not on the shelves unless requested. I wish it was something heavily promoted like Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, Hunger Games, etc. Oh God, if there were people camping out and lining the stores at midnight for the release of Love Beyond Life part II, I could tell you, I would feel so satisfied with my life and complete. I would really like to get the book to that level. I have so many fans all over the world. At this moment I do US tours when the books come out, but once book IV comes out, I would really love if I could afford a Love Beyond Life World Tour.

Did you always want to be an author?
Not until Junior year in high school, when I really took a liking to literature and my English classes. I remember chatting with Mr. Biehl, my junior year English teacher one time after class, about writing. I had said “I think I’d like to write a book one day. “ He goes, “Oh yeah? What about? And fiction or non-fiction?” I didn’t really know how to answer that question, but getting asked that question during my teenage years really got me thinking. And his comments that I would probably be a great writer gave me plenty of motivation and encouragement that I would draw upon a few years later when I began the Love Beyond Life journey myself.

What do you do when your not writing?
A number of things. I’m a very creative guy. I have a couple of music projects, a band Hope Like Fire, but also some solo stuff that I release under the indie label Meda Yin Music. You can find both of those projects on facebook, also most of the music I’ve ever produced you can listen to and download on the Meda Yin Music bandcamp page, http://medayinmusic.bandcamp.com

So next to music, I work on my art skills and making comic books. A lot more work than writing a novel, but I love comics, reading them, collecting them, going to conventions, so I’m currently trying to get some comic books out there in my spare time. Specifically a book, White Snow Black Dragon, martial art/action heavy, a lot different than Love Beyond Life, which I’d like to get out there in 2013. Check out Cape Cod Comics on facebook for more info on that.

What was the first book you remember reading?
Oh geez. Tough question. It must of been in 3rd grade, because I remember getting all these little novels and reading through them, and also doing a lot of reading the summers to follow. I think that year we read Charlotte’s Web, perhaps Shilo? And then on my own I started picking up a lot of historical fiction tales written for children, ones telling about Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, presidents like Lincoln, JFK, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt... I went through a lot of those. Very inspiring. Actually, I think in 2nd grade I picked up this book at a yardsale about Marquis De Lafayette. I mostly remember this moment because the guy selling it didn’t think I’d read it. But I bought it, and I did.

Fun Questions
coffee or tea
tea. Definitely tea. I’ve actually never drank a cup of coffee. Something I always use to win that game “Never have I Ever” haha.

warm or cold weather
Warm. I can tolerate the cold, born and raised in New England, but I can never get enough of the warm weather. I spent pretty much all winter last year touring Love Beyond Life in California to escape the cold. 

A cabin in the woods or a condo on a beach
Tough call! As much as I love the woods, and awakening my inner Thoreau, I’m gonna have to say condo on the beach. Because I love to surf, walk the beach at sunrise, sunset (I grew up on Cape Cod), and you just never know who you will meet on the beach. So it’s very interesting and more fitting to my lifestyle.

cats or dogs
Cats. Without a doubt. Tigers are cool too.

movies or music
Music. Couldn’t live without it.

Inspired by the music of Angels & Airwaves and rooted in the sciences of Psychology, Quantum Physics and Morphic Resonance, this realistic sci-fi / fantasy presents new theories on consciousness and dream actualization through the lens of a curious young man. Love Beyond Life is a 2012 story of romance, mysticism and infinite possibility. This is a novel of revolutionary ideas portrayed through the life of a college freshman as he explores his new world with an unusual gift to alter reality. He does more than just study Quantum PsychoPhysics; he lives it. Every person he meets has a different lesson to teach him as he discovers love, enlightenment, mastery of circumstances and what it truly means to be human. Partake in the adventure; jump-shift with us from one matrix to the next.


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Quotes and excerpts
I awake this morning as I usually do, in a new reality. Yes, I am not like most people. For some reason, I have the ability to alter reality and create for myself a better, more perfect tomorrow. Why can I do this? I don’t know. All I know is that the actions I make today, the thoughts I think, the relationships I form, and that which I secretly wish for, somehow creates a new reality for my dawning every time I sleep.

I dream a buffer, and awake in a new world. For this reason I sometimes skip-out on sleep. My parents think I’m crazy, but it all evens out in my mind. I believe I am sane. Therefore, I am.

I believe that for every one of us there is some other person out there in the world walking a path of their own that will one day intersect with our personal journey and open up a whole new world.

However, I should say that all these realities are contained within the matrix. There is a matrix of infinite possibility, of all possible worlds and realities imaginable. Perhaps that is the 5th, 6th or even 7th dimension. Creativity could arguably just be a selection of a different world from another matrix, a world that is a little better as it inspires us to shift into it, making that our new reality. However, I personally feel that we create new matrices for ourselves. With consciousness, we create new quantum realms, resonances and realities. We are the creators of new possibility. New beliefs lead to new worlds.
To transcend, a man need look no further than the source of his own mind, his own true nature. All we could ever need to know can be found within. 

The way I see it, to arrive at a state of quantum consciousness, simply reflect upon the infinite. Quantum consciousness works by way of parallel processors acting simultaneously. Simply align your present frame of mind with your best possible future frame of mind, and you’re good.

The clearest thoughts and insights come when we gaze into the stars. I could gaze for hours and hours, letting my mind expand into an infinitude of universal consciousness, drifting away like shored-up seashells into a new wave, the ethers of some grand, ultimate reality.

But how can the stars do this? Is something magic at work here, something beyond our knowledge? Something about lights, on the backdrop of infinite, unending darkness, draws us in. Like getting a little bit closer to where we come from... 

“Good morning class, I am your professor, Dr. Henry Rupert. Welcome to Morphology 101,” as he walks around the room passing out papers, which I assume to be the syllabus. And I hope to be the syllabus. I got money on this! C’mon, papa needs a new pair of Macbeths!

“I assume you are all here because you have declared Quantum PsychoPhysics as a major? Wise choice, you all must be...” a student raises his hand and cuts him off.
Before Dr. Rupert can acknowledge him the student interjects, “Why is that a wise choice? I’m just in it because this school is famous for its PsychoPhysics programs and it seemed kinda interesting to me after I read these books ‘Matrix Energetics’ and ‘The Physics of Miracles’ in high school, which essentially explain how the human being and all forms of thought are 100% light on the sub-atomic...” the professor cuts him off, mirroring the student. What justice. 
“Well, what are you doing in a 101 class?” He scolds compassionately. “I’m teaching a 400 level seminar right now, ‘Quantum Transformation of the Bio-energetic Self’ and those Richard Bartlett books happen to be part of the required reading material.” 

“Aw no way!” The student erupts, almost falling out of his chair as the people around him chuckle. The papers finally gets to me. It is the syllabus. I knew it, I knew it! Five hundred big ones, yes!

“Way.” Reacts Dr. Rupert, calmly. “Now, stop disturbing the class. If you would rather be in that course than this introductory one, I will give you a permission number. Clearly, you have the zest of senior students at that level. I’m sure you can handle it. Meet me in my office this afternoon.” The student stands up and walks out the room. That is the last I ever saw of him.
With his tone of voice, Dr. Rupert now directs his attention to the rest of the class, including the half that is still asleep at this bright time of 0800 hours. “Now, for the rest of you. This is only day one of your freshman year. It is time to learn the basics. Let me ask...” he pauses, as if cultivating an epic question. “Who here knows what it means to be a Quantum PsychoPhysicist?” 
A semi-attractive girl two rows in front of me with bleach-blond hair raises a hand decored in sky blue fingernails. 

“Yes, you,” the professor addresses. “The Hillary Duff look-a-like.” The class chuckles at his comparison, for she actually bares a striking similarity to Miss Lizzy McGuire. Yeah, she’s a cutie.

A lovely, high pitched voice fills the air. “Um, actually, my name is Lauren.”

“Oooooh, burn!” some of the jokers from the back remark. Dr. Rupert is unwavered.
Lauren continues, “So like, it means to understand all psychological activity... umm...” she’s hurtin’, “on both the physical and quantum levels, like, to the point where like...” epic fail, “one understands that all mental behavior occurs in the 4th dimension beyond space and time, and like, that thoughts reoccur in the present moment when they are like, taking us into the next morphic unit,” ending her monologue with a high intonation, as if proud of that answer. 
“Yeah...” Dr. Rupert encourages her. “That’s part of it. Anyone else have like, something to add?” 

I burst out laughing as he just mocked Lauren, possibly beyond her knowledge and comprehension. Being the only one who reacted to his joke, he immediately looks at me. Dammit. Mustering confidence, I raise my hand and prepare to wing an answer. Improv, gotta love it.
“Yes, you with the cool hair,” he says, pointing at me. 

Nice, he has style. And he likes my Kit Taylor cut. I take a calming inhalation through the nose and collect myself before speaking. I can use any contemplative moment I can get here. The trick to improv is centering the self before action.

I start off my answer naturally, using the question to make it sound longer and more developed. “Well,” I begin, “to be a Quantum PsychoPhysicist means to have an added insight into all the processes occurring within every living thing, especially those things that involve our direct sensory experience.”
“Go on,” he pleads. 
Time for more BS. “How we relate to phenomena and stimuli changes when we think differently of it or focus on it... our thoughts, projected auditorily, or even silently, alter matter and atomic structure... the physics of the world around us expand when we think holistically and allow our consciousness to transcend beyond normal space-time parameters which subsequently...” He interrupts me. 
“Care to share with the class how consciousness transcends beyond the normal, waking-sleeping-dreaming stages that most people never surpass?” 

I giggle deeply as carbon dioxide leaves my diaphragm and exits a smiling mouth. “I wish I could explain it...” I’m flattered. “I don’t know, it’s just... it’s like... one minute you’re in normal consciousness mode, minding your own business, thinking of your girlfriend or the Celtics or ninja turtles or something, then some outside force instantly reminds you of the vastness of all things, of the eternal, infinite universe within and BOOM! Transcendence,” I explain. “Catch my drift doc?” I add, hoping he understood.

As I grew older and periodically reflected on that moment, I came to the realization that when I change reality with wishes, only I know of the previous realities left behind. To everyone else, life goes on like nothing ever happened.

From that day forward, I knew I had an unusual power to wish things into being. I could wish so intensely that, for some strange, inexplicable reason, everything around me would change, and everyone else changed with it.
Taking back Super Shredder was small, but that day I created for myself a new reality, a new world. And it was only the beginning. Those kids who bullied me in school, wished ‘em into a different district. Michael Jordan on the Celtics? Wished him onto the Bulls. Bill Clinton’s second term as president? I don’t think so! Wished in Ross Perro. 
Originally, Jordan played for Boston. Again we had the greatest team in the league. But after a few championships, things were getting ridiculous. I didn’t want to make it too hard for the Lakers to catch up... we need a little competition, so I had him go to the Bulls. 

In hind sight, I’m glad I did this. It felt so much better to win our next championship with the big 3 era of The Truth, The Big Ticket and The 3-Point King. After a drought of failure, long awaited success seems so much sweeter. But I must say, those few years with Jordan and Bird on the same team were some epic seasons!

My idea of bringing in Ross Perro as president, though, didn’t work so well. At the time I created that reality, it seemed like a great idea. Yet, the country soon fell apart. So what did I do? Well, I simply made another reality in which Bill Clinton did everything I expected of Ross Perro. Some things though, such as sexual-related scandals, are out of my control.

Morph 101 has become one of my favorite classes. Today, Dr. Rupert is lecturing on how the Internet is a perfect analogy for the way information is organized in the morphic field.

As he opened up the class, “The Internet is one of the best inventions, and analogies, because it is simply the materialistic version of the Akashic Records, which is essentially the 5th dimension of info-energy comprising the morphic field. This day in age, we have become digital beings, and the closest invention we have to the morphic field is the Internet.”

Apparently the morphic field, or the Akashic Records as it was once called in ancient times, is information encoded in specific patterns of resonance. Recently, man has invented a materialistic version of the field. Just as we have always had the ability to consciously tap into the field of pure potentiality, and psychically download information, we now have a materialistic form of this with computers, Internet and smartphones. Although the technology is of lower fidelity than the real thing, it is still a step in the right direction.

Dr. Rupert also notes something very interesting about the way resonance works on the quantum level to influence our present moment: “Because of Quantum Resonance, the future trickles down into the present. By responding to our environment, we chose a given path of resonance; we chose one possible future and actualize it as we make decisions, big or small.

“The future is like a vacuum drawing in the past and present. Our experience of this vacuum is the ‘Quantum Now,’ the boundless field of present possibility that we are forever in resonance with,” he continued. “All we are doing as humans is playing around in a virtual reality with given selections of Quantum Resonances. How one resonates over time creates the linear, space-time frame of mind, but ultimately, behind the scenes, it is all happening Now as we select what we desire to presently become.”
Apparently this involves our subconscious and will even innervate our dream life. “Information magically comes to us when we need it. This is the beauty of Quantum Resonance, especially in the case of dreaming. Great discoveries emerge from our sub-conscious if we so allow them to.” As Dr. Rupert puts it, future resonances manifest in the form of inspirational dreams, both while sleeping and while awake.  
Dr. Rupert ends the lecture and one by one the students get up to leave room 111. For some reason I can’t get Lauren, the cutie who sits in front of me, out of my head. I feel as if talking to her is the only way I’ll get some sort of resolution. I don’t care if she has something with that football-playing Chad-dude. I know the ways of George Costanza. I know how to out-Neal Neal. 

As she is leaving her seat I get the chance to strike up a conversation with her. “Are you as stoked to write this paper as I am?” Taking a risk, exposing my passion for learning and advancing my own knowledge.

She turns to me, notices that it is I who has spoken to her, and blushes. “Well I am a little nervous about it...” she confesses. “This is like, my first real college assignment...”
“True, same for me. But we have the whole semester to do it.” 

Her face lightens with this realization. “Oh yeah! I feel so less stressed now. I always get stuck in the present moment.”

“Getting stuck in the present? Can’t be a bad thing, as far as I’m concerned.”

Again I’ve said something to make her smile. “See, no one else gets me!”
This whole time during the conversation I cannot get over how pretty she looks. Eyes, nose, face, hair-- such symmetry, such natural beauty. Yeah, Dr. Rupert was right... she is like Hillary Duff, only cuter. 
She tilts her head to the door while looking into my eyes, implying that I should walk out with her. Glad I spoke up and sparked this conversation! Who knows where this will lead now. 

We extend our conversation into the hallway and ultimately outside down one of the cemented stoned pathways. I should note that she was directing so much of her attention to me that she didn’t even see Chad waiting for her by the door of room 111. The instant he saw me with her a pissed-off look came over his face, and he stormed off in the opposite direction of where we were going. That’s one point for our team.

I love walking these stone pathways; I’ve done so much of it this first week. Lauren and I talk about things freshmen usually talk about: what town you’re from, why you chose this school, what building you live in, etc. And it turns out, she doesn’t have a thing with Chad. He’s been pursuing her all week, but she doesn’t know how to let him down easy. She then brings back the conversational topic that started this all: the paper Dr. Rupert announced. “So what are you gonna write your paper about?” picking my brain.

I take a second to think. Avoiding a long silence in our conversation, I decide to just talk my way into a topic. “Hmm,” I begin, “well I want to talk about transcendental states of mind, like I did on the first day, but I would also really like to incorporate the basics of Morphology that we’ve been reading about in the texts, especially all that resonance mumbo jumbo from Sheldrake’s The Presence of the Past.”

“So are you like, skipping the quantum physics part?” She prods.

“Well if I can find a way to incorporate that I definitely will.”

Lauren pauses for a second, then looks at me, puzzled. “See, what I’m confused about is how does Morphology, all that talk about morphogenetology, morphic fields and resonance, even like, relate to quantum physics? It just seems like they are two different, distinct fields of thought to me...”

I love when I can get into deep conversations with women like this, when we can actually learn something together, challenge each other’s knowledge, discover new things... For me, these kind of things are a must in relationships. It shows that she has a general interest in who I am and what I think about the world.

I know exactly how to answer her question, as I once had this same confusion in high school and found my way out. “Well they are distant, distinct fields of thought, quantum physics and morphology, but the relationship is actually quite simple. Think of it: if we all resonate within one given morphic unit of a reality or energy matrix at a given, fixed point in time, any present moment for that matter, say, X, we realize that we can return to this X of the X unit whenever we want.

“And when we psychologically return to it, with full awareness, no matter where or when, it is just the same as we left it. You pick right up where you left off. Like those things you said the first day about the 4th dimension. When we return to X it is exactly the same as when we left it. Both times have the same energetic quality even though linearly they are two different, unique times in history. And why is that? Because the morphic field exists beyond space and time, even though it permeates basic, linear progression.”

“Ooohh,” she instantly sounds, as if starting to grasp this concept. “So you’re saying that like, the morphic resonance of X is always the same, no matter what time or time again we return to it because it is of that unique energetic frequency and vibration, quantumly speaking? Like both experiences of X are actually the same moment?”

“Precisely!” I incite. “Because it is X of the X unit resonating at its unique X frequency at two distinct times from the linear perspective but the same time from the quantum perspective, because at the quantum level there is no difference between one moment of time and the next.”

She looks at me, smiling. But there is an unusual twinkle in her eye, as if she had an ulterior romantic motive behind her question. Only now do I realize this. Cunning girls... get me every time.

My mind wanders back to thinking of the assignment. I then explode without restraint. “Ah! You just gave me a great idea for my paper! I shall call it: Quantum Resonance and Morphology. whad’oo’ya think?”

“It’s good,” she pauses. “But...”

“But what? That’s gold Lauren, gold!” I say, too confident for my own good.

“But it sounds like, too generic to me, that’s all. Anyone could write that paper. Do something outside the box, I know you are like, naturally an outside the box kinda thinker,” as she looks at me with a wink. Another flirtation; I like where this is going.

“Hmm... alright.” I take a moment to compose my thoughts and settle down from the recent explosive outburst. I also need to synthesize exactly what’s going down here. Does she feel for me the way I do for her? The excitement of young love? The opening of new possibility? Man, that would be sweet.

I think of a quote a friend once posted on facebook: Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. That’s exactly what’s happening between Lauren and I right now. This is the birth of a new world.

Heeding her advice, coming back to the moment, I respond, “Yeah, I gotta incorporate transcendentalism somehow.”

“Hey! how about: Quantum Resonance and The Morphology of Transcendent Thought?” She asks, bouncing an idea off me.
“I love it!” I shout instinctively, losing my cool, exploding again, as I then feel embarrassed for showing too much enthusiasm in front of her. I flush. 

Luckily, she is not pushed away by this. She just responds warmly and excitedly, making it all a good thing, dissolving my discomfort. “Really? Is it the title you’ve been looking for?” Confident in her creativity.

“Yes,” I nod most assuredly. “Yes it is. Wow. Sounds so nice, so descriptive, and it just rolls off the tip of the tongue.” I wavingly roll my hand into the air as if outlining the arc of a small rainbow, “Quantum Resonance and the Morphology of Transcendental Thought.” My hand falls as I look back into her eyes. “I am so happy I could kiss you right now,” taking another bold step forward.
She stops walking and looks me square in the eye. “I dare you! You won’t do it...” egging me on with her left eye slightly winking and the corner of her lip smirking. 

And with that, I turn to face her. I lean in 10% and she leans in 90. I gently close my eyes as our lips press and mold the way the peanut-butter-covered slice of bread meets the jelly-covered slice. A lovely meeting, a fantastic match.
One second. two seconds. three seconds. and our lips are still touching. I feel as though my heart is melting. 

...Love is the only thing that sustains manifestation. It is the glue, if not the fabric, of our universe and man instinctively lives according to these laws of love. Action and love are interconnected; desire drives action and good deeds often result in the human emotional experience of true, pure love... 

Last year, while flipping through the channels, I stumbled upon a Disney rendition of Power Rangers: Power Rangers RPM. Apparently Disney had bought the franchise in 2001 and Power Rangers has been running continuously, with new seasons, since the early 90s. 

Excited to be reunited with a childhood love, I watched with anticipation. It’s morphin’ time! 

But no. Not even close. If this is not an epic fail, I don’t know what is. This RPM in no way compares to the Fox-aired Saban classics of Mighty Morphin, Zeo and Turbo-- the seasons of my generation. As you might expect, I turned off the television and began forging my own ideas for what a Super Sentai series should really be like. 

It took a few days, but finally it hit me. What if we lived in a reality where there was another breed of teen-transforming superheroes, one’s who fought with passion, purpose, and individual motives? Thus began the Kamen Rider legacy. 

I sketched out an elaborate dynasty, with an original Masked Rider hitting the public decades before Power Rangers were even conceived. Ten generations of riders later, in 2002, Kamen Rider Ryuki airs in Japan. Rather than predictably fighting giant monsters as a team every episode, these 13 riders of Ryuki battle one another, each with personal reasons for wanting to win a Rider War. This is drama; this is what Super Sentai should be about. 

The firm foundation of this Japanese hit made possible an American adaptation of Ryuki: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Every rider has a unique back story that develops throughout a season of carefully designed plot-twists, alliances and unexpected surprises. Dragon Knight has a depth that is to forever be unmatched by any kid show; I guarantee. 

No generation of Power Rangers can compare to this one generation of Kamen Rider. This took much prep-work, but I conceived for us a reality where we can finally enjoy quality Super Sentai productions, the way adults never get sick of their prime-time programs. 

But, I didn’t want to completely destroy the Power Rangers franchise. I don’t blame the writers; I blame the network. Disappointed with how Disney handled Power Rangers, I had Saban buy back his claim-to-fame and take it to Disney’s dreaded dark horse, Nickelodeon. I await their Power Rangers Samurai, that is to air this February, but I know it has nothing on my Dragon Knight. 

I return to my room with this mysterious new package. I am really curious about what is in it, and eager to find out, but just in case it is a bomb or anthrax or something, I ask Craig to open it for me. At first he refuses, but I tell him that I think there are homemade cookies inside, and that he can have first dibs. For I knew this was something he could not resist. He complies. 

He opens the package. “Hey... there are no cookies in here!” Hands rummaging through the contents. “It’s just some old, beat-up silver iPod classic with a note inside. This is junk. I could make a much better mp3 player, with a touch screen and all. I’d call it, ‘the Craig.’ But I want my cookies, goddammit!” 

My jaw drops. I forgot all about the post-it I stuck on my head last night. I went the entire day thinking about Kamen Rider and going to class that I remembered nothing about the intention I had set last night. 

I read the note inside. 

Dear Aero, 

By the time you get this message I will already be long gone. I plan to embark on a deep space mission in 2006. However, I have loaded this iPod with life-altering music, the debut album by my new band, Angels & Airwaves. Yes, you will also find all your favorite Blink-182 and Box Car Racer classics on here. But what’s most important is that you listen to We Don’t Need To Whisper. Because we don’t. 

I told my wife that if I do not return to Earth by the Fall of 2010 that she should send this to you. I gave her your name so that she could use facebook to look up your current address and location information when the time was right to ship this off to you. 

I hope this is not too forward of me. Trust me, you will need this. Music bridges the gap between parallel universes. Music has the power to move the energy, a power unlike any other force I know. Sound is consciousness. Listen for the messages. It will change not only your life, but everyone else’s. This may sound strange now, but in time you will understand. 

Thomas DeLonge 

P.S. This is a magic iPod. And it is the only one out there. So take good care of it. 

Tom DeLonge, you mean the dude from Blink-182? He has a serious side? Deep space... what? Don’t send till the Fall of 2010... excuse me? I have much more questions now than I do answers. 
“Quantum Resonance and the Morphology of Transcendental Experience” is now complete. … Looking back at my laptop screen, I clear my throat. 

In conclusion, transcendental experience is just that: the experience of life in the form of infinitely multiple dimensions right here on Earth as humanly as possible. Experience is living resonance. Resonance is consciousness and it operates solely on the quantum layer of reality. Therefore, transcendental experience is nothing more than living one’s highest resonance.

Quantum Resonance is the synthesis of quantum physics and morphology. Through the field we remind ourselves of our true journey and through right action we re-awaken our highest possible resonance. Because energy is neither created or destroyed, Quantum Resonance is accessible and selectable at any moment. Choose your destiny. With Quantum Resonance, create yourself.

The different places we go to, have ever been, and currently reside, are all stored within a person private morphic field, which in we resonate our soul’s purpose brightly now and forever. This is the carving of destiny at its finest.

Where we live shapes our identity. Our environment chizels away at us, but our actions widle and fine-tune who we really are. Our soul’s purpose lives out itself no matter what we do, regardless, because we naturally are who we have always been and forever will be. Our environment, plus our attitude to ourselves and the world outside us, perpetually re-aligns our Quantum Resonance to the life we are destined to live, and nothing short of a miracle can ever change that.

“Sounds to me like a past life issue,” she says, pushing up her glasses as she examines the notes she’s been taking.

“What?” I respond, shocked. “You mean past lives actually exist?”

“Yes,” she answers confidently.

In disbelief, I insist on more information. “What proof do you have? I am skeptical. How can you make such assumptions?”

She doesn’t lose her cool. “Believe it or not, there is actually a science to it. And being the young and aspiring Quantum PsychoPhysicist that you are, I think you will find this quite interesting. The field of work I do is based on thousands upon thousands of case studies in which we hypnotherapists bring clients into an omniscient, trance-like state where they may become aware of past lives. Anything and everything that happened to them, what they did, what they hoped to achieve in that lifetime and what they wish they had done differently at the end of it all... all that information returns to the surface.”

“But wait,” I say, trying to fill in the gaps. “If we have access to all of that information, how come we do not already know this? Why would we go about living human lives under the impression that this here life is our only shot if it really isn’t?”
“Because,” she reasons, “if we did not come into this world a blank-slate, we would get so hung up on recurring patterns and mistakes that we would further distract ourselves from our present life and how we want it to be different. By not knowing, we stay more present.” 

“So if this information isn’t in our immediate memory, where is it?”

“We come in with prior knowledge of a specific mission, but it is all subconscious. If we repeat a pattern in this life, the subconscious wants us to look at it and will call our attention. The reason is because we are to discover our mission along the way. Life’s all about the mystery.”

“But I am hung up. What do I do?”
“Relax. It’s just stuck energy. Just learn from it and let it go.” 

“Oh, alright,” I respond, beginning to open my mind to the idea and trying to understand how all this past-life-stuck-energy present-life-interference works. “It’s for the best that we do not have a full memory of past lives. I get it. And your field of therapy works by reminding us of the most important issues we have had so that we can deal with them in our present lifetimes, so we can get out of our rut?”

“Yes,” says Sally. “It is all a process of letting go and forgiving so that we ourselves may evolve. And that is exactly what my work does... It will bring you to the root of your opening up problem. Like I said, it sounds serious; it is probably a past life habit. Today we will find out where it comes from and from what lifetime. It is clearly a strong force that is getting in your way, but we will move through this obstacle, together.”

“Great,” I say. “I can’t wait to get started. But the scientist in me is curious. Tell me a bit about these case studies you mentioned.”

“Sure,” says Sally, happy to share. “Michael Newton, a master hypnotherapist, has written several books on the Spirit World. That is where we return to between lives. And it is really not that hard to understand if you look at the parallels structured within our universe. It’s all as a metaphor, or a micro of the macro. According to Newton’s research, Earth is just another school. No matter what career we choose or what we end up doing, all we are here to do is learn. We are on Earth for some sort of spiritual education, to mature as souls in a universe of thousands and thousands of life-bearing celestial bodies as we prepare to graduate to the more advanced planets. That is simply what Earth life is about.”
“And he even goes into detail on these other planets,” she continues. “Through his research we now know that there are places where sentient beings, much similar to ourselves, create trees and rocks with thought, give birth to stars, travel at light speed from place to place... things we only think real in sci-fi films. But the older souls here on Earth have lived on those planets and done that before... we are not alone.” 

I power-down my mind for the night with the thought that I cannot live the life I’m destined to without her by my side. Just as The Adventure goes, I need her to do this with me.

I make one final effort to put my mind at rest and fall asleep. I put the headphones back on and press play.

Oh I need you now,

The Earth fell fast asleep.

This room is safe and sound,

will you lay here with me?

(Good Day)

Thoughts fade into feelings, feelings of what it will be like when we first meet. The world will be reborn... everything will feel new, refreshed, super-charged. I faintly remember what it was like spending my life with her last time. I can remember the feeling of her energy... so pure, open, loving, light-hearted... so perfect. Feeling this soothes my restless mind. One day we shall be reunited. It is written in the stars.

I drift off into delta, entering a deep sleep. My body is calm, my mind subdued ~ tranquil ~ hopeful. As I enter that sleep state where we lose consciousness, when we let go of our ourselves like a fisherman cutting the line to a fish he caught but no longer desires, I listen to the angelic music of Tom DeLonge and company on my iPod. It helps me dream pleasantly. It is an inner cosmic solace.

I become aware of nothing at all. For this moment I do not exist. Nothing exists. I even perceive not the music I have playing to my ears in the physical world. Even though I return to this place every time before dreaming, it still feels so mysterious, and somewhat magical. I could imagine that this is what the universe was like before the big bang. Without form and void.

Yet, from this darkness comes a faint light in the distance. I become slightly aware of my self, of the ego that is my shell, my container, that makes me an entity unique from everything else.

A voice softly call to me. “Hey, hey you! It’s Tom, Thomas DeLonge, your guardian angel. I want to show you something, take you somewhere.”

“What?” I think in response, unaware that I am communicating telepathically. “How can you be an angel if you are a living person?”

“Well it’s a long story, but if you must ask...” he takes a moment to cultivate a thoughtful explanation. “Basically, after launching into deep space in 2006 I found planet Heaven. I was drawn into it. And there I transfigured; my body became a body of light. I transformed into the ethereal form you know and see me as now.

“And there is something very special about you. The fate of Earth depends on it, on you. You may not know or understand this now, but one day you will. And I know everything you are going through, with your aching heart and desire to be with your soulmate once more. This is why I have come to you tonight. I actually visit you every night before you dream just to plant silly things in your subconscious, or tell you of all the travels I’ve done here in space with the freedom of the light body, all the different alien races I have met. I live a real Star Trek, but better.

“But, the reason I come to you tonight is because I want to remind you of her, of a precious memory you two shared, of a life when things were perfectly balanced. It is time for you to get another taste of her so that you can shift your focus to more important things. You have the rest of your life to find her; true love is something one cannot rush. So, let yourself do what you normally do. Relax and let yourself dream. I will be here with you the whole time, you will be safe.

“I will guide your dream,” Tom continues. “I will help you find her again for this one night. Just pay attention. When you meet her tonight, recognize her energetic signature... there is nothing else in the universe like it. I can’t tell you where or who she is now, but pay attention for the clues and the hints from this night forward and you will find her as I guide you.”

The light becomes brighter, iridescent and louder. I look into it. I melt.

A star, bright and loud,

is in dire need

And that fear,

it is an empty fear inside you.

(True Love)

The light engulfs me. I become aware again of being in a body, only it has much less weight; it is a dream-body. Everything feels so subtle and refined, tangible yet intangible.
The next thing I know, I am in a forest, walking. I have a sense that I’m walking to meet someone. Wait, it’s her. It’s her! I can feel her presence, her energy extending out through this entire forest. Her amber aura projects like sunlight reaching for the moon. 

I tune into her energy. I can almost feel her. This is what it will be like to find her again, I just know it. The energy will call me; it will draw me in. I make a mental note of this feeling. God, angels k

Death is a funny feeling. You have to be ready for it. For me, once I died, I was initially in a cosmic limbo with many other Earth souls. Then, I was called by my star. The closer I came to her, the more alive I felt.

now just what to give us. 

I look down to take inventory. I am wearing hand-made brown clothes, probably of some animal skin. I am also barefoot. Judging by the fleshiness of my smooth hairless feet, I’d say I’m no older than 12 or 13.

I walk forth. I go up a hill. The sound of rushing water greets me. A hundred yards up, I come to a river. Following the flow of water upstream, I ascend a mountain side. Narrowly outstretching both arms, I wedge myself through thickets of young trees.

A dreamlike musical soundscape washes over the land, something that can only happen at times like this. The best way I can describe this would be a cross between Stars of Bethlehem and the beginning of Valkyrie Missile. If Tom always does this in my dreams, I should awaken to my dreams more often.

The feeling of her energy gets stronger and stronger as I graduate from the thickets to a large open space. I see a beautiful pool of water beneath a gorgeous thirty foot waterfall, all surrounded by rocks in the near distance.

Atop the waterfall she stands, patient as a bird on the ledge of a building, as if waiting for me. My heartbeat quickens in anticipation. She has been expecting me. I get a sense that in this lifetime we met here often; it was one of our spots. But this particular time feels like the first. First time, best time.

The closer I get, the more majestic the music ignites and resounds, making the entire experience divine. No doubt Tom is with me, composing music in some highly advanced, angelic way of universal expression, setting the tone for this dream that is but a recollection of a blissful spiritual memory.

Think of what it would sound like to blend The Adventure, Good Day and The Gift, with a dash of True Love. That is how awesome this live, ethereal music sounds right now. This dream is a movie and he is the film scorer. The instant he thinks of an idea for the music, it reverberates; with the very thought, it becomes so. That is just one thing that angels such as he are capable of. They create highly intricate airwaves at will. And it is so perfect just the way it is, for this is how angels do. Spontaneous perfection.

I walk closer to the waterfall. She acknowledges my presence and smiles, glowing from within. Sun breaks through leaves and highlights her natural blond hair. She is now even more radiant. Enzymes of happiness flood my mouth. Love is in the air.
I walk to the top of the hill where the waterfall begins. She thrusts out her arms, awaiting my embrace with gusto. Enchanted by her deep blue eyes, I run into the embrace as if I had not seen her for a hundred years. 
This feeling of resonating with her energy once more is indescribable. In this moment I am complete. I am bliss. No, we are bliss. 

Tom continues to set the mood with his divine orchestration. So out of this world. As I pull her in closer, hugging tighter, the music intensifies. He knows what is going to happen before I do it. All I really have to do is follow the music.

We all are love

And love is hard,
So here’s my heart. 

(Some Origins of Fire)

The bliss I feel right now in this embrace with her is unparalleled. This is the completeness I seek. I find it with her. Nothing else can make me feel this way.

She pulls her head back, tilts to her right shoulder and leans in halfway for a kiss. I lean in, meeting her halfway. We kiss with the energy of a first time. Perhaps, in this lifetime, it was. I feel so charged, so empowered, so alive!

There is something to be said for this magical feeling, for the empowerment that comes with a moment such as this. With this kiss, a new world was born. We become the masculine and feminine forces of the universe, like the entire world revolves around our divine will. We teenagers are the creators, at least in our own little world.

We are infinite energy. We are the boundlessness of the cosmos that cannot be contained. We are the essence of all that is and could ever be. Man and woman, separate, yet inseparable. Here, yet everywhere.

Her lips melt into mine as her sweet saliva drips onto my tongue. These enzymes are loaded with endorphins and I cannot get enough of them. This is it. This is the feeling of love. And not just any love. It is her love, our love. Could any feeling of enlightenment ever top this?
The cure is if you let in 

just a little more love. 

I promise you this,

a little’s enough.

(A Little’s Enough)

Tom is right. The love I receive from her is my cure. It is my elixir. I let in her love. It saturates me to the core. This is the greatest medicine anyone could ever conceive of. Love. Just love. And it is just that simple.
I suppose that that is the lesson of real love, and it is a love that shines brightly, radiating beyond life. I don’t know exactly what happens before or after these human lives, aside from the spiritual immortality research of Michael Newton, but for some strange reason I have a strong feeling that the love I feel now will always be here, regardless of the life. It is simply too strong of an energy to not exist.

Could it be, then, that we live to exchange love? At the end of life do we come to the realization that all we were here to do was give love? Receive love? Cherish it? Basque in it?

Just as I complete that thought in my head, a streak of light fills my room. It is twilight; must be 2 or 3 am. All is quiet, and here comes a mysterious ray of light through the window.

It is too bright to be from a car, and also, judging by the angle, it is sourced much higher than the ground. With this light comes a feeling of peacefulness, a feeling inexplicable.

I do not understand it. What is this? Where is it coming from? And why does it make me feel so safe, so connected?

I get out of bed to look out the window. This light is coming from high in the sky. I source the exact location in relation to other constellations I already know. This beam is of that star... the one that always has my attention...

Falling into a higher resonance, my left hand raises itself to touch the light. The star beams into my hand. It even has a pulsation.

My hand tingles. It’s temperature rises by four or five degrees. It feels so toasty.

A sensation of warmth travels up my arm and through my shoulder, finding its way down to my ticker. The light pulses through my body, in sync with the beating of my heart. I have felt this before. I know this feeling. Wow! Yes, this is it!

I’ve got to blow off some steam; that conversation has me heated.

I throw on my hoodie, gather my wallet, keys and iPod, leaving my cell phone behind. I won’t need it for this short walk, and quite frankly, I’d rather limit my technological availability to the angels for the next few hours. At a time like this, the only messages I want are those of divine origin. Hence, my iPod =)

Exiting the dorm-room, I take a left, go downstairs, pass a raging open-door party with loud music, beer cans covering the floor and girls dressed for summer. Pressing through a heavy backdoor, I walk outside and stand beneath trees. I look up, spread my arms and take a deep breath.

“Ah!” Nature. Night Nature. Love it.

Taking the iPod out of the pocket of my hoodie, I unwrap the headphones, tuck ‘em into my earholes and press play. Naturally, it starts with Angels & Airwaves, on a track called Epic Holiday off the new LOVE album that Tom made for me the other night while film-scoring my dream in forest.

I listen closely to the song, knowing that it came on first for a reason. The magic of my iPod is that it knows exactly what I need to hear.

No body’s right, No body’s wrong,

Life’s just a game,

It’s just one epic holiday.

(Epic Holiday)

There is nothing I love better than walking around campus at night with my tunes. Perfect solitude. The dimness, the rhythmic glow of street light, the lack of people, the abundance of open space... a man can really get some thinking done.

Passing the amphitheatre, I approach a large rock under a few pine and oak trees, right off the stone pathway. There is an old story about this rock, about a student, Alexandra Seashells, who discovered invisibility here. Legend has it, she just came to this rock and sat down on top of it, turning her attention inward for a few hours. Many students walked passed her, but few were aware of her presence.
When she stood up to walk away, she stepped down with her left foot, then her right foot, and as she took another step with her left, she just vanished. They say it was deliberate, that here at the rock she discovered this ability. Here, she gained this gift. 

And rumor has it that even today she appears and disappears all over this campus. She has a ghost-like presence, some would say. But, what changed inside her to make this possible?

Interested in befriending this sacred resonance, and curious if I too am worthy of learning the secret, I hoist myself onto the rock, cross my legs, drop my spine into the perineum and concentrate my focus inward. Staying open to any kind of guidance, I leave my iPod running.
Unpredictable, life’s a miracle. 

(Some Origins of Fire)

I focus on the space behind my eyes, gazing into the darkness of my eyelids. My breath slows. An energetic force, a morphic resonance, overcomes my body. I give into the Flow.

My fingers find a natural mudra. This must be the morphic template. Templates are like patterns, and the quantum field consists of patterns. Most likely, the number of these patterns is infinite.

When all else fails, sit down, be quiet and let the Flow take you over. Stop stirring the mind; take the spoon out of the pot. Of all possible ways to learn something, this is of highest fidelity. Once you reinforce the innate, human ability of learning from within, you further empower yourself to depend only on your database of quantum consciousness and the Flow as a source of knowledge.
Quantum consciousness is a dynamic pattern of psychic resonances, displayed as various degrees of awareness. The more one focuses inward, the more one’s awareness heightens and naturally these psychological tendencies self-purify. 

I let the energy and gravity of this sacred resonance take me over. It is so calming, yet so energizing; so filling, yet so empty... I enter bliss.

I become aware now of a light behind my eyelids. No longer is there darkness. It is like I have a night sky within me at the forefront of my brain. The more I gaze into the darkness, the more I realize that there really is no darkness at all.
This light within is like a full moon. So beautiful, so big, so radiant, like an ascending harvest circle on its first few hours. 
The light engulfs me. Like the waters before a great wave, the music on my iPod slows and recedes, only to quicken and explode with an intense emotion that can only be described as cobalt blue with a hint of violet. 

I transcend sheaths of consciousness, traveling mentally, if not psychically, departing the ordinary Earth plane like a rocket into space.

Blues and golden yellows flash my experience of all that is. I feel myself drifting away, like my mind is slipping out of my body through the top of my head until, finally, I feel no connection to my physical body at all. I am just pure energy, pure ether, pure light.
Tom DeLonge appears to me. “We’re going to Thepura, my favorite planet. Come, you have much to learn. Relax yourself as your astral body acclimates to these conditions.” 

Earth has too many Laurens. Not enough stars. Next stop, Thepura? No objection here.

“Okay Tom, I get it. Now tell me more about you Thepuran people.”

“Haha, alright. We believe in the natural balance of the universe and trust the Flow as intuition guides us to our next destination. This may surprise you, but a lot of our people are actually on Earth right now helping out, preparing for the apocalypse next year... which leads me to why you’re here.”

“Oh, that secret training thing you’ve been telling me about, right?” Reminded of the burden, my energy drops slightly, but the buoyancy of this place rebounds and my awareness stays heightened.

“Yes. Come with me.”

“Wait, hold on.” I back up. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this. You still haven’t even told me what this ‘training’ is about. At least give me a hint.”

Tom sighs, “It’s about fine-tuning the jump-shift. Simply enter the desired reality... the one where your greatest dreams have been actualized, or are in the process of coming to formation. By living in the reality you desire, and feel the most love, your best dreams solidify. In this way of transcendent living, there are no boundaries but those built-up around your imagination.”

“So you’re going to teach me how to dissolve such mind-forged manacles... how to free my imagination?” My sentence ends on a high note, realizing that I will be forever different.

“Yes. Now come! Time is of the essence.”

He puts an arm over my shoulder and we appear in a new area, like beaming back to the starship. We’re in a section of Thepura that is of great natural beauty and void of people. We stand beside a large, glass-like pond, overlooked by cliffs of gorgeous purple rock.
Tom raises his arms and the sky turns dark. Clouds densify. Thunder cracks. Rain begins to pour. I am disappointed now; where did our lovely, sunny day go? What is the meaning of this? 

“It is your job to learn how to control this,” he instructs to me, as we are getting pelted with rain drops.
“What? I can’t control the weather...” I instinctively respond. 

Disappointed in my lack of self-confidence, he argues, “You can alter reality, can’t you?”

“Yeah, but...” I get cut off.

“But nothing,” Tom comes back sternly. “If you can do that, you can do anything. I’ve seen you, I know what you’re capable of, and this is no time for excuses. Now, put your mind to it. Focus. Believe that it is possible. In this moment, you can feel anything you want and do anything you could ever imagine possible. Challenge yourself to make it happen.”
Maybe he is right. I’ll take a stab at it. 

I focus inward. Concentrate. Concentrate. Begin to envision the desired reality, the sunny day we had when we arrived. Remember what it looked like, remember what it felt like. Imagine that, here. Imagine that, now.

And now,

I’ll stop the storm if it rains.

I’ll light a path far from here.
I’ll make your fear melt away, 
and the world we know disappear. 

(The Gift)

Within myself I find a power. All my attention directs to it. Wait, no. It is not a power; it is an energy. It is the source of my gift. When the energy expresses, it becomes a power, a power that can change reality in any instant. It is like finding a seed within the soil. I see the seed; I know it to be there. All I have to do is provide the right conditions and it will grow.
I nurture the seed of the desired reality. I understand that the sunny day is the next best thing we could experience; I believe it to be so. Of the matrix, it is next in line. We are to shift into it. 
“Feel the change within your heart,” Tom interjects. “Don’t force it; just welcome it. Invite it. Pure love will do the Shift. That’s the only thing that ever works.” 

I listen. I feel. I begin to love how it is a seed full of potential. I give it the option to flourish here and now.

After a moment of uncertainty, not knowing if I am doing this correctly, the seed starts to sprout. It breaks the shell. It grows. Acceleration, exponentially. Just like watching a young bamboo grow in time-lapse...

The reality of storm, rain and cloud dissolves, like smoke dissipating into air. This is different than the sky just clearing up; this is an entire transition from one global matrix to another. We have jump-shifted from one world of possibility to another. That world has disappeared. A new one begins.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Tom consoles with a slight smirk.

“No,” I realize, still not fully aware of what I had actually done. “I just had to overcome my own cognitive resistance and dig deep to make it happen. I saw the potential like a seed. I nurtured the seed, I loved it, I invited it, just like you said, and it worked. This art is amazing.”
“We will do more of this and you will get even better at it. This was just a small storm. Next year you will have something huge to deal with, though, so keep that in the back of your mind. The fate of the Earth rests in your hands. Watch, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be so good at grand ultimate jump-shifting from one world to the next that you’ll be doing it in your sleep.” 
The ground below me quakes. I feel the foundation fold. Like a disturbed house of cards, the building caves in. All throughout the building people scream, but I return to an awareness of my breath. I transcend beyond fear. 

No longer is there floor beneath me; I am falling. Layers of ceiling crash down on top of me. I am crumbled under rubble. One last piece of material crushes my lungs as I breathe my last breath. I am no more.

We’re all lost and we’re stuck in time.

We feel alone in a strange blue ocean,

And we’re all scared as death to die.

(Young London)

People like I are dying in mass quantities tonight. Unfortunately, some do not know death as well as they should. Some may get stuck in the Earth’s astral field. I, however, have been preparing for this death, and know that it is not the end of me. 

I have learned how to stay conscious and awake while the body rests. In theory, this shouldn’t be that much different. But, it is all put to the test now as my soul wanders the ethers.

I depart now the Earth, traveling up layers of existence and parallel planes. My soul is in limbo, cosmic limbo, and I see others with me. We all travel to a certain, pre-destined location, it seems, like there’s a vacuum sucking us all in. The pull is strong. I just go with it.

I see now, though, a light, a star... my star. =) The one that illuminates my room at night, the one that calls to me every time I stand outside beneath the sunless sky... the one that lures me in. I cannot resist. I break the hold of the vacuum. I direct myself to the star.

I travel to it now.

A feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me. I know this energy. I know this love. I knew it since the night that starlight found its way into my heart. I can’t believe that this time, this is how it was destined to happen. Had I a face, I would be crying.

The light is a sign that love will guide you home.

(True Love)

The star greets me as I close in on it. The awareness of what I am as a sentient self shifts. Layers of psychic gunk disperse in the loving presence of this star. It changes the very fabric of my being.
I, too, become light. I regress to a ball of energy. The way light was before life. The way that is evolution, yet in reverse. 
I become pure potentiality. The adjacent star continues to nestle me in a force-field of unconditional love. 

She heard you.
She’s a star, 

in the nighttime sky.

(True Love)

Tom, tell me something I don’t know.

Together we blend. Her energy becomes mine. My energy becomes hers. Just as wavelengths of blue light superimposed over wavelengths of red light result in a purple that otherwise would not be, so, too, came a new energy of our exchange. We are one, and beautiful at that. This union had been written in the stars all along.
With lights and sounds, oh God. 

This is such a mess.
And it’s like our world, 

But we’re the last one’s left.

And the hair, it stands,

On the back of our necks.

And I swear, it shows,

Heaven must be just like this!

I feel something tugging me from a distance, pulling me in a certain direction. It is the same feeling I had when I was getting sucked away with all those other Earth souls earlier. Some unknown force rips me away from my long lost lover. This sears. As we separate, a void fills within. Examining it more closely, I recognize it to be the same mysterious void I found while meditating on Earth. The void Buddhists speak of-- the emptiness. 

I now travel in an upcurrent with other vibrational sentients, presumably from the Earth fall-out as well. Where shall all these souls go? 

I’m flying, and something’s reaching out.
Vibrations, can you hear them now? 

Please help us, we’re running out of time...

(Flight of Apollo)

All these souls are in need of help. They don’t know what is happening. I sense that they feel lost and powerless, confused and aimless. There’s gotta be something I can do.
Just like on Earth, I default to my breathing. It is not easy, now that I no longer have a body, but I give it my best shot. 
I inhale the way a star would breathe. Take in the environment. Become one with it. Know it as yourself. I feel their essence enter. 

As everyone else, I have fear and confusion. I trace now the root of that fear and confusion to a source that is untended compassion. Holding the seed, I breathe into it. It grows, just as did the new world on Thepura.
The compassion spreads like wildfire. I feel the sentients around me soften. They relax. They remember what it is like to die. 

They begin to accept the fact that all is lost, that Earth is over. Soon they shall begin life anew on some other planet and learn some other lesson uniquely suited to their own spiritual journey.
Perhaps that is the reason I was pulled away. Perhaps I just needed to help all these lost souls. I don’t care what pulled me away, though, because I am the one steering this ship. I go where I want to go. It’s my life. I do what I want. ‘Nough said. I am me. I am free, remember? 

I am going back to her!
Getting the hang of traveling at light speed in this rainbow light body, I zoom towards her. Finding the direction is not hard. I could recognize that light of hers anywhere! 

I again come close to her. Yet she is a star, and I am a star in the shape of a human, roughly. This light body is not easy to explain.

I want to reach out and touch the light that she is. I want to feel her more deeply. She is just so inviting; I cannot resist.

I do it. I extend my left arm and enter the light. Just as she touched my heart that one night, I do now the same to her. I find her core, the inner pulsation. She turns pink, then purple.

This is a cosmic transformation. She materializes into a bodily form similar to my own. Wow, she is more beautiful than I remember her being that time by the waterfall. But the look in her eyes is the same, exactly the same. Different house, different window, but same soul.
Please, do you really think the universe would tease us with moments of absolute happiness and contentment, only to blow out the flame that is our soul later on? The highest human emotions are so enlivening and invigorating because they are not human; they are spiritual; they are of our immortal nature. They are of the great timelessness-- the Quantum Now. Because we are now, we shall forever be. 

Sadly, though, few will ever know the reality of reality, the truth that we all did die, fallen to our folly, and have now come back as if doomsday never happened. But oh well. This is the same thing that happened when I brought Super Shredder back into my life. The truth that is relevant only to I, Aero Krishna Emerson, the creator of my world.

We would like to thank Author Jeffrey A Brown for being our Spotlight Author today!!

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