February 11, 2013

Override Blog Tour- Review

Hey everyone! I am very excited to be a part of this fantastic tour for Override by Heather Anastasiu set up by Rockstar Book Tours. I loved the first book and was honored to be a part of this tour and get the chance to review this fantastic book. Be sure to check out the giveaway at the bottom of the post.
About Override:
Zoe is free. She has escaped the enslavement of the Community, disconnected from the hardware that had controlled her every thought and emotion, and evaded capture by the Chancellor intent on killing her. She is finally free, but she is far from safe.

Zoe and Adrien hide themselves from detection at the Foundation, an academy that trains teen glitchers to fight in the Resistance movement. Together, Zoe and her new team of superhuman fighters must risk their lives to rescue other glitchers and humans from the Chancellor's control. Challenges abound at every turn, and Adrien, who has become silent, distant, and tormented by his visions of the future, only adds to the growing certainty of defeat. But worst of all, as Zoe's team fights against impossible odds, distrust and betrayal leads to the terrible discovery that their greatest threat could already be lurking behind the safe walls of the Foundation.

Full of high-adrenaline action and shocking twists, Heather Anastasiu's Override is an exciting continuation of this popular young adult trilogy.

My Review
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review. Zoe escapes the Community and is free. Well as free as someone can be who is deadly allergic to everything on the surface. She and Adrien are hid at the Foundation which helps train Glitches to fight the enemies, work on their powers and they try to win the war. She should be happy but she is constantly worried about her family, losing control of her powers, figuring out why Adrien has become distant and deal with the pressure of having everyone's hopes on her. Besides having to deal with the Chancellor's being after her and wanting to capture her no matter the cost she also has to deal with a team that seems to love to fight each other just as much as the enemy. Will Zoe be able to step up and help save the world or will she let her doubts get in the way?

Zoe is one of my favorite characters ever. She seems weak in this book at first. Not in the sense of her powers but weak in her mentality. She seems broke down and afraid. The more you read the more you understand she is just afraid to hurt people. She doesn't want to hurt anyone and does everything she can not to do that. Adrien I missed in this book. Yes he is still in it but he seems distant a lot of the time and sometimes I didn't understand his motives or the things he did. It made me not like him as much for a lot of the book, but understood at the end of the book why he did what he did. If you read the first book be ready to meet a whole new cast of phenomenal characters that will blow your socks off. Well I am sure some of them could actually do that. I enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting new ones.

Do you know how hard it is to review a book when all you want to say is read this series because of this and this but you can't give spoilers or at least I won't. I loved the Glitch and have wanted to read the next book so, so bad. It did not disappointing me in the least. It is a fast pace book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would get so mad when someone would interrupt me while I was reading it. Seeing all these people with these powers on both sides of the war is just so awesome! I want to read more about them. The plot is very original and the author does such a fantastic job you think you are in the world she created. You have it all a love story, action, fighting, betrayal, heartache and so much more. Watching Zoe and the others grow as a team is not a pleasure to read, it is an honor. These people have been thru so much and yes it written so well and entertaining you feel you are right along side them for the battles and when they overcome their own barriers. I am rambling so I will just say before I give something away you need to read this series it is so wonderful. I can not wait for the next book and that is bad because I know it will be a while before it comes out. The ending had me screaming no and I kept flipping the button to try and turn the page. I did not see the ending coming and have to see how it turns out.
5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

About Heather:
Heather Anastasiu is the author of the young adult sci-fi novel, GLITCH (St. Martin's Press/Spring 2012). She recently moved to Minneapolis with her family, and when she’s not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a cafĂ©. 

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The giveaway is tour wide and will end on February 16th. Its for 3 sets of Glitch and Override signed US/Canada only. Just enter the easy rafflecopter below!

I would like to thank Heather and Rockstar Book Tours for the great opportunity to be a part of this wonderful tour.


  1. I haven't read the books yet, so I don't know what kind of options for Glitches are available.

  2. I'm not sure what my glitch would be. I haven't read either book yet but I've been wanting to. Thank you for this amazing giveaway and the chance to win!


  3. I would like my glitch to be related to music. so I'd hear beautiful melodies if I wasn't part of the grid. :)