January 18, 2014

Dark Wolf - Review

Dark Wolf (Spirit Wild #1)
by Kate Douglas 
Sebastian Xenakis is still coming into his power as a wizard. He can shapeshift by magical means and runs as a wolf using the power he draws from the elements. But young women are dying—raped by a human and then slaughtered by a wolf. Suspicion falls on the shapeshifting Chanku, but Sebastian wonders if he might somehow be guilty of the crimes. 

Then he meets Lily Cheval, the uncrowned princess of the powerful Chanku, and realizes he will do whatever it takes to clear his name and win her love. But evil walks where Sebastian goes, and there are mysteries neither Lily nor her father, the powerful wizard, Anton Cheval, cannot unravel. Is Sebastian the perfect mate for Lily, or is he instead, one she should fear?

My Review
The Chanku are being blamed for the rape and murder of several young woman. Sebastian wonders if he is to blame as he is a powerful wizard who can turn into a wolf with magic. He meets Lily a Chanku and falls for her. He has to figure out if he is the one doing these evil things before Lily or anyone else gets killed. Lily is the daughter of a powerful wizard and Chanku Anton. They want to help Sebastian but there is a mystery to him and the crimes they can't figure out. Lily has to decide if Sebastian is her mate or if she should stay away. The crimes have to be figured out not just because of their growing love but because the Chanku are in danger as well.

I love the Wolf Tales series and was delighted to see this series had a spinoff. I have to say it didn't disappoint me in the least. Lily is a woman who is very aware and in control of her sexuality as to be expected considering her Chanku blood. She isn't one to back down and when she meets Sebastian she is sure he is her mate. She wants to trust him but she has her doubts. I have to say during one scene I wondered myself about him. Sebastian is really a mystery to not only the reader but to his self at times. You aren't sure about him at times. He is very sexy but in some ways not used to that. He knows he wants Lily. He may powerful but he still is learning things about that power. This book has a good plot as it isn't just about the sexual nature of the Chanku but has a mystery plot as well. I will say if you aren't comfortable with erotic books, books with same sex or multiple partners than this book isn't for you. There is a lot of that and the author has her own style to writing those scenes. They are a big part of the Chanku. If you enjoy those type of books be sure to read this one and the Wolf Tales series. They are wonderful!

I have to say I love the cover of this book. I believe it is my favorite of all the books by this author.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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