January 16, 2014

Pure & Sinful - Review

Pure & Sinful (Pure Souls #1)
by Killian McRae 


When it turns out your ex was actually a sexy demon sent by the devil to seduce you to evil, you'd think the next guy, no matter what he's like, couldn't be a worse decision. Enter Father Marc Angeletti, a smooth talking piece of forbidden fruit with onyx eyes and a razor wit, and Riona Dade may as well start packing her luggage for damnation now. But come Hell or... well, Hell, Marc, Riona, and demigod Dee Zitka have a mission: serve as a Pure Soul and vanquish Lucifer's minion scum from the face of the Earth to protect humanity from evil. 

Oh, and don't get seduced into sin yourself, because a fallen Pure Soul is one of Lucifer's biggest thrills. As long as Riona and Marc can keep things professional and north of the sheets, no problem, right? 

Yeah, that worked out great in the Thornbirds, too...

My Review
Riona is a witch with a Pure Soul. She also has a girlfriend, an ex who is a demon and along with two other Pure souls she has a mission. Wipe out Lucifer's crew and make the world a better place. Father Marc can't help how he feels about Riona. He knows he can never have her and if anything happens between them they both will be sent to hell. Demigod Dee tries to keep them on the straight and narrow path and keep them from crossing the line. It should be easy to follow one rule but temptation is great.

I really enjoyed this book and the characters. Riona has a do what she wishes attitude and sometimes doesn't think before she acts. She has an interesting love life and loves to drive Marc insane. She isn't aware he likes her in any way as he is always on her case. Marc knows he should stay away fro Riona as he wants her and even he doesn't know why. They are constantly arguing. Dee tries to keep them both in line. Lucifer knows if he can get them to have sex they will be his. Being Pure Souls will make them that much a stronger Demon and Marc would be really powerful being a Priest if he fails. They are always together trying to stop evil and you can see the tension between them. I really enjoyed this book as it has wonderful characters and a great plot. The book ends on a cliffhanger making you need the next one right away. There is several humorous moment as well in this book making it an all around good book to read. If you like a good sexy story about angels, demons, witches or any kind of paranormal you may try this one. 

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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