May 25, 2012

Caprice by Edward Aubry

I got this book from Librarything for a honest review. I honestly stopped reading this book at first. I couldn't get into it and wad some what confused. I didn't put it down and continued reading. Im glad I did. It really turned out good. Danny I somewhat liked even if I thought he was an idiot at times. He really turns his self around near the end and started using his head. It is very nice trying to find out who or what Caprice is. It really is great trying to solve the mystery. A very nice paranormal book that keeps you guessing. Don't let the beginning fool you. It gets better as it goes.

My short review. After a slow start this book picks up. It has a great mystery to it that leaves you guessing till the end. 

4 out of 5 bats


Long review HERE 

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