May 16, 2012

Interview with Bryan W. Dull, Author of Solstice - The Moxley Trilogy

In Gavin Moxley's world, there is not a thin line between right and wrong. In a personal crusade to help severe a line of disease carried by a clan of vampires that are purposely infecting the human population; Gavin has no choice but to be ruthless. Waiting for the infection to start within the person, Gavin executes them one by one. Gavin is not strong or powerful, so finding the persons before they turn into full vampires is ideal.

This is Gavin's life, and nothing has changed it until a young half breed vampire, Solstice, attaches herself to Gavin. Asking for help and protection, Gavin unwillingly takes Solstice and agrees to protection for information leading to whereabouts of others that are infected.

Solstice's existence leads to a dangerous game of cat and mouse. There is no where safe for either of them as they are consistently being hunted. Solstice is a rare breed and is wanted for her "ability".

For Gavin, the past is not always forgotten. During their outing, Gavin starts coming to terms about his past and his family. His faith and humanity is tested during the turmoil that ensues.

"Solstice" is a story about faith and love in a way that is completely unconventional. Torn between his hate and his love for Solstice he is thrown into a moral dilemma that only he can figure out. ~Goodreads

 An enjoyable read that I would suggest this book to vampire lovers, especially those who like books that are not focused on the usual romance plots. 4/5 bats.

For full review > Goodreads

And now for the interview with Bryan W. Dull:

Marie: First off I want to thank Bryan for putting some time aside to do this interview with us. Bryan can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I live in Cincinnati, OH with my family and am currently attending college to get my four-year in Business.  I always had the hobby of writing but it never really came about due to the concern of keeping me fed since the age of 18, so I worked fulltime and lived by myself

Marie: One question that I think we all want to know, about authors in general is what do you do when you’re not writing? 

Watching film, videogames, and listening to music

Marie: I have another question that seems to be popular to ask, but who are your top 3 favorite authors? 

Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, and Stephen King.

Marie: Oh, I love Stephen King’s work as well and I am positive the rest of the girls from Paranormal Reads feel the same…Now what inspired you to become a writer; more specifically what inspired you to write more for the paranormal genre?

I just like telling stories, either in novel form or screenplay form.  The unexplained is always more interesting than the norm.  I have to live in a regular world every day, why should I have to write about something I deal with?  I deal with work, money, religion, etc…I don’t deal with vampires, zombies, or serial killers (not that I would want to).

Marie: That’s rather interesting that you say that, Because just the other day I was thinking, that books such as Solstice, give us a “break” from reality and let us dive into something that we don’t actually deal with on a day to day basis, Great answer.

Marie: Moving on to the next question, I know that Solstice is about vampires, but is there a particular paranormal creature you like more?

Bryan: Werewolves; but you’ll never see the two clash in my stories.

Marie: When you first started writing did you have a lot of support?

Just my wife and mother at first, I have always written stories but the majority of family shrugged it off like it was just a hobby, which it was, but never thought it would be something else later in life.  The majority of my family isn’t into the arts, they put their stock in cars, houses, and other things I could really care less about.  I’m the oddball I guess.

Marie: Well I for one, think that we are lucky you continued your “hobby” or else we wouldn’t have a unique story like yours out there. One question I know I have been wanting to ask, Why is the trilogy called Moxley? 

: One part was not to make it sound redundant; Solstice: Part One of the Solstice Trilogy…didn’t sound good to me.  As much as Solstice is in the book and probably more interesting right now with her abilities, it is generally Gavin’s story that is being told.

Marie: Ah. Well that makes sense and what inspired you to write Solstice? 

My distaste for vampire books that always have a teenage like love interest, at some point werewolves come into play, etc.  It seems like there is formula that some don’t want to break and I just  thought it was time to bring back vampires to what they are…monsters.  I must say I am sure those other novels are fine but I just want different, that’s all.

Marie: I love how you gave Solstice a bit more of a modern twist to the lore and how they are not only turning others into vampires but infecting people with a modern day disease, Why did you do that, were you also trying to get across any subliminal messages? 

: I think that vampires have it too good and by giving them something that makes them weaker than they normally would be it gives Gavin and Solstice a fighting chance.  When the trilogy ends there may be an underlying meaning, just not yet though.  If anything I think humans are just as animalistic as any vampire could be.

Marie: When writing do you find any particular character that might drive you a bit crazy?  

The ignorant ones. Most of Gavin’s frustrations come from people that fit into a cliché all the time, and since the setting is the south right now, there is more ignorance in that place than there really should be at this point in time.  I am the same way, I don’t understand people who don’t want to better themselves in a meaningful way, and I can’t stand it when people love not knowing things.

Marie: You character Solstice has a name that is quite unique; I haven’t heard a name like that before really, what inspired the name and the names of the other characters? 

Solstice was just out of the blue, honestly.  The real hard name was Gavin’s.  Part of my family is Scottish and I always liked the name Gavin anyways.  Moxley is a Scottish family name and I thought it was unique enough to use. 

Marie: In Solstice we learn that Solstice ages differently because of her uniqueness, does that mean by the end of the next book we might be seeing a much older Solstice? 

Depends what you mean by age…could be physical or mental, we’ll see.

Marie: You know Gavin and Solstice have something like a father daughter connection in the book, rather than a romantic one, will we eventually see any love interests show up for either of them?

You’re just being silly…just kidding.  I get that question a lot and I think it’s bound to come up at some point; it is just a question of when.

Marie:  I heard that you are working on concepts for other Paranormal Books; can you give us a bit of insight as to what your other books are going to be about? 

I think the sequel to Solstice will be the next to come out since its fresh in my mind and that others seemed to like what I have so far (ahem).  I have a book that is half way done called “Retail”, where an emotionally deranged man starts letting loose on the customers that verbally and mentally abuse him at work on a daily basis.  That one may be a while because I am not sure if the public is ready for it yet.  Not to sound absurd but I think “Retail” should wait until I get a little more recognition because I think people should read it in general.
- I have a zombie one I have thinking up, as well as an Angel (heaven/hell) series.  There is also a revenge story that I am kicking around.

Marie: How did you come up with the concepts for them? 

“Retail” was just my experiences with working with the public.  The others came to me just because of my fan boy like for them, like the zombie one.  Love “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead”.  As far as the angels are concerned, I have a fascination with them, their names in the Bible and such, their nicknames like “Angel of Death” and such.  What interest me more are the ones no one hears of.  I think the smaller guy should get their due.
Marie: Now, I think this is a question that all the fans want to know, what will we see happen next in the Moxley Trilogy? 

I think “Equinox” is going to be my “Empire Strikes Back”.  Oh yeah, I said it.  Seriously, as much as I loved writing Gavin’s point of view, there is too much that will happen to keep it in a first person perspective, hence the way “Solstice” is written at the end.  There will be another presence besides vampires in the story and all I will say it’s not werewolves.  While the story will be a vampire tale and a work of fiction, it will also be based off actual history revolving around the Civil War.  Twists will occur and people show up from “Solstice” that you probably will forget about by the time the book releases.

Marie: Well Bryan it has been a pleasure having you as our guest on the blog, Is there anything you would like to add for your readers and fans? 

: I started writing this series for adults.  The market is so saturated with these “teen” paranormal novels that we forget what vampires actually were meant to be underneath the love stories and young, beautiful faces; they are monsters.  There is nothing wrong with these books,  I just think that some should break out of the mold and I hope I help do that, besides; teenagers eventually become adults anyway, why not read one?

Thank you again Bryan for joining us here at Paranormal Reads. To find out more about the series and the author visit their fan page on facebook:

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