May 21, 2012

Everspell by Samantha Combs

Everspell by Samantha Combs

Book Two in the Spellbound series continues the love story of Logan and Serena. Having previously dispatched Christophe, the dark demon trying to capture and kidnap Serena for her special witch DNA in Book One, the two lovers believe they are now free to plan and live their lives together. Or are they?
When an innocent mistake made by their newlywed friends frees the way for Christophe to return, their idyllic attempt at happiness is marred by the nightmare they must outsmart, finally, to achieve the happily ever after they deserve.
They know they can rely on their coven to be there for them, and some new friends and additions to the family, as they once again embark on an epic battle that will secure their life, their love, and their future together. Once, they were Spellbound, now their story continues, for love, forever, for Everspell.
My review: A book packed full of magic, love, action and more. It is very charming and compelling, hooks you right in.
4 out of 5 bats
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