November 14, 2013

Spotlight for A New World Series

Hi Everyone! We have a spotlight on the A New World series today on the blog. It sounds really good!

A New World: Chaos (Book 1)
There is no sanctuary.

That was taken away in the blink of an eye. Humanity went out not with
a whimper, but a bang.

Jack, a sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical ex-special
operations pilot and soldier is one of the few left to struggle
through the desolation left in the aftermath; seeking to survive as a
new ferocious species emerges from the rubble, hungry and unrelenting.
Will his special forces training be enough? Will he be able to keep
his children safe and guide the few survivors through perils that now
roam the world they once knew? Or will the hordes that now own the
night prevail, forever removing the last of mankind from existence?
Humankind was once at the top of the food chain. But that has now

This hard-hitting, action-packed series begins with Jack Walker being
suddenly thrust into a world where the infrastructure which cherished
Armani suits, night clubs, fast and expensive cars and watching the
daily stock market are gone. Left in its place is the material world
mankind built but a majority of the population has vanished; replaced
by a new, savage, unrelenting, cunning, animalistic species which
hunts and operates at night.

A New World: Return (Book 2)
Safety is the dream.

Nightmare is the reality. A nightmare where danger lurks around every corner.

Jack Walker, journeyed half way around the world and completed his
daring rescue. He must now return home, traversing a world filled with
endless hordes of night runners; the genetically altered, ferocious
species that now inhabit the dark recesses left over from the demise
of mankind and now dominate the planet. The only things more dominate
are the billions of corpses left to rot where they died.
It is through this world that Jack must use his special forces
training to lead a small group of survivors back home to where there
is the faint hope of sanctuary. His training is pushed to the limits
as he is confronted with situation after situation coming face to face
with the night runners. He must walk that delicate, fine edge between
action and keeping his kids out of harm's way; between taking risks
and turning away as he continues his quest for survival.
Never having walked away from risky situations, Jack must now
carefully weigh his decisions as the stakes are much higher. His kids'
very safety hangs in the balance, along with the safety of the few
remaining survivors. This gripping, action-packed tale tells Jack's
story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with peril.

Safety is the dream.

Nightmare is the reality. Those who have survived remember a time when
the dream was the reality. But now, the world has moved on.

A New World: Sanctuary (Book 3)
Danger lurks in the shadows

A place where the brave tread warily

Jack Walker has returned from the rescue of his girlfriend with a
small band of survivors. Their harrowing journey from the Middle East
included a stop at the CDC where they learned vital information about
the ferocious new species that hunt at night. The night runners
dominate the landscape and a world turned upside down by the sudden
death of billions.
With humanity on the brink, the small group must carve out a sanctuary
against the nightly onslaught from night runners on the prowl for
food. They must enter into darkened buildings in search of supplies;
darkened buildings that are now the domain of the night runners.
Danger lurks with each step and death lies in waiting for the unwary.
Jack and the group must stay one step ahead of the game; a game where
the night runners continue to adapt to this new world. Will his
training and instincts be enough? Will this last remnant of humanity
make it through this next phase of survival?

The shadows await...

A New World: Taken (Book 4)
Dark clouds gather
A storm is breaking...

With the sanctuary built, there is a respite from the nightly night
runner assaults. Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought
themselves a little breathing room. Or have they?
A peaceful daytime outing turns into yet another nightmare sweeping
Robert and Bri up with it. The world has changed. Another danger has
emerged. Ferocious packs of night runners still prowl at night and
Jack must now locate and rescue his kids. With vengeance on his mind,
he heads into the heart of an armed camp. Night runners own the night
and encircle the encampment. Jack must thread his way through this
ring of fire to bring his kids to safety. Will his actions bring
safety or invite more harm? With Night runners behind and armed men in
front, Jack's skills are pushed to the limit.

Mistakes were made.
Payment is coming....

A New World: Awakening (Book 5)
Awareness grows...
The gathering commences....

The world has changed. Jack Walker and the other survivors must adjust
with it if they are to have a chance. They've managed to stay one step
ahead so far but the gap is narrowing. The night runners are growing
and adapting. The rules are changing.
Winter is coming and the survivors must ready themselves for the long
season. With Robert and Bri rescued from captivity, Jack focuses on
the days ahead. His mind weighs on ensuring their supplies will see
them through and clearing the night runners away from their sanctuary.
There are changes in the air that threaten not only the safety of the
small band of survivors, but perhaps the entire remnants of mankind.

The deadliest threats
Are those that build unseen...

A New World: Dissension (Book 6)
Fire Rains From Above...
A Fracture Forms...

Jack Walker and the other survivors continue their search for others.
Unbeknownst to them, the night runners have initiated their own
gathering and, with Michael's leadership, they are adapting. The
survivors learn about some of these adaptations and strive to stay one
step ahead. Their continued existence depends on it.

Factors enter the picture which could fracture both groups. Jack
fights for the survival of humankind while Michael must do the same
for the night runners. Heading off to search for other remnants of
humanity, Jack is unaware of the danger that lurks within the heart of
the sanctuary - an act of kindness, seemingly so small, that could
bring about the destruction of all he holds dear.

While both sides fight for their very survival, an infatuation arises
that could destroy both of them.

The smallest of tremors
Can start an avalanche...

A New World: Takedown (Book 7)
The Dice Are Cast...
Death Watches and Waits

The sanctuary walls were breached and through them poured screaming
hordes of night runners. About to be overrun, the survivors formed a
last stand against the thousands that threatened to end their
existence. Inexplicably, the night runners, who were on the verge of
taking one of the last vestiges of humanity, departed, carrying the
limp body of Lynn with them.
Communications with the compound failed as Jack was out searching for
additional survivors, leaving him unaware of what was happening at
home. A tragedy sends him rushing back where he learns about the
attack and Lynn being taken. Not knowing if she's alive or dead, he
sets off in search for her.
A mysterious image is sent setting forth a confrontation with Sandra,
the female night runner responsible for the attack on the sanctuary.
Is Lynn alive or is this some elaborate trap? Jack will put everything
on the line in order to find out.

When logical reasoning fails...
Insanity must be expected

A New World: Conspiracy (Book 8)
A shot taken...
A new enemy revealed...

Lynn has been rescued from deep within the heart of a night runner
lair. The answer why she was taken remains a mystery. Sandra lies in a
pool of her own blood ending her desperate measures to draw Jack to
her. As Red Team celebrates their joy of Lynn’s freedom, they are
unaware that a sight is centered on them from afar. A bullet tears
through the air, streaking their way.

Harold discovers information that stuns the small group of survivors
and further threatens their fragile handhold on existence. They have
overcome one challenge only to find that a new, more dangerous one
replaces it. There’s more to this new world than Jack ever suspected.

With only a single team at his disposal, Greg is sent to continue the
search for survivors. Separated from the group and unable to call for
help, the small group must journey along lonely and perilous back
roads in the hope of finding family members. In the end, Greg must
decide between saving others and the safety of his team. Meanwhile,
with the crew anxious to get home, Captain Leonard sails down the
western seaboard to search for answers as he struggles to come to
grips with the world.

The group tries to stay one step ahead but there’s trouble
infiltrating from the north. And Michael is stirring from within the
depths of his lair.

The winds of change are blowing…

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