November 05, 2013

Thankful Guest Post with Author Victoria Danann

Hi everyone we have author Victoria Danann with sharing ten things she is thankful for. Plus she has info on an upcoming release.

1. HUSBAND. A wise person once told me that love is not “a” –
it’s “THE” thing. This is true. For that reason, my spouse gets the
number one spot on my list of things for which to be thankful.

2. DAUGHTERS. Ever heard this? A son is a son till he takes a
wife, but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life. SO
grateful for my two beautiful girls.

3. CAREER: At the end of a long road of crappy bosses and
windowless rooms, I work in heaven. Well, at home. Same thing.

4. BOOK SALES: it’s because of book sales that I can work in heaven.

5. READERS: It’s because readers buy books that I can work in heaven.

6. ASSISTANTS: The best author’s assistants in the universe, Judy
Fox and Sarah Blausey, make the aspiration of getting everything done
seem more realistic.

7. MUSES: From wherever the font of imagination springs, I am
thankful for it and pray that the Powers That Be see fit to allow it
to continue to flow.

8. STREET TEAM/FANS: For my devoted street team and
uber-enthusiastic fans (Please don’t be offended when people call you
a cult. They mean it in the nice way.) who send comments, write mail,
create posts, and leave reviews that keep me excited about writing

9. CHARACTERS: Though I may not have written them down, I’m
thankful for my fiction characters whose names, faces, ages, and
species have changed over time, but have always been close by to help
me through the difficult and ugly parts.

10. SPIRIT: Thankful for the something else that permeates the
multiverse, even thankful for the mystery and the great journey in
search of truth.

All is all, life is good. Strange. But good. And for that I am thankful.


Once upon a time a girl traveled so far from home that she found
herself in another world where heroes, elves, vampires, werewolves,
witches, demons, fae, berserkers, and psychics became her friends and
family. She learned that there’s a place where adventure intersects
fairytales and that true love can find you in the strangest places,
when you’re least expecting it, even when you’re far, far from home.

Black Swan started out as an experimental project. It’s an ongoing
story about an unlikely community of close knit relationships
presented in novel-length installments. Because each installment
begins where the last ended, they must be read in order.

On December 8th, the box set including never before released Book
Six, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, will be available for one week for a
special introductory price of $0.99. PREORDER at Smashwords, B&N and
Apple starting mid-November. Look for it under Black Swan Collected
Tales. The first book, My Familiar Stranger, is FREE everywhere ebooks
are sold.

TWITTER: @vdanann


  1. Dear Pam -

    Thankful to you for having me on the blog today.

    - Victoria

  2. Dear Victoria-
    Awesome list and in turn your A Team (cult) and fans are thankful for you and the fact that you share this awesome talent with us.

  3. Dee Bowerman11/5/13, 12:00 PM

    Dear Victoria, Great list! As I have mentioned in the past, You, Sarah, Judy, and The A- Team are on my list as well. "THE ORDER OF THE BLACK SWAN" books are a never ending source of entertainment. So call me an UBER FAN or a CULT MEMBER, that works for me.

  4. Dear Victoria,

    And we are very thankful for you and your muses. And of course, the wonderful characters you created.

  5. I love this! Great list...and really thankful to be ON it.

  6. And we, your Street Team, are grateful for you, Victoria. For without you ours lives would be so much less!!!

  7. Victoria;
    I am thankful to be on your Street Team! Yep I am a cult member & a Forever Fan... I have read your books 3 times already & am ready to read them again. I cant wait to pre-order this book set for Christmas gifts. Thanks for enriching our minds & entertaining us to thoroughly!

  8. Rebecca Stigers11/5/13, 8:58 PM

    If this is a cult then count me in! I'm very thankful for Victoria Danann that she can write books that take me out of my life into a life where I can dream and cry and laugh, oh and get mad too! I love her Black Swan series and I thank her.

  9. If you happen by and read these comments, you won't have to wonder why I'm thankful for these people. They're the best.

  10. Victoria, needless to say we are all thankful for you as well. Love our Cult! I am too, thankful for all your Characters and will be even more thankful when you let me play with Ram. Please! lots of love the rest of the A-Team M.C.

  11. As a fellow "cult" member, obviously I too love Victoria and my fellow street team members. We are thankful for you too Victoria!
    Maggie N.