November 21, 2013

Zoey Rogue - Review

Zoey Rogue (Incubatti #1) by Lizzy Ford

** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language and mature subject matter **

He only needs three nights to make her his …

With more heart than sense, fearless, beautiful Zoey has saved countless college-aged women from horrifying deaths at the hands of supernatural sadists. She may be a mere half-succubus in a society that views half-breeds with derision, but she still retains the highest rescue rate of any Hunter in the Sucubatti society.

As the calm, disciplined leader of the Incubatti Enforcers, Declan is the polar opposite of Zoey – and the sworn enemy of her society. Forced to rescue her one night, Declan realizes two things: he doesn’t need someone as wild and independent as Zoey in his life – and he can’t live without her. 

In this world, there’s only one incubus for every sucubatti and Zoey and Declan are stuck with each other. They’re just as likely to kill each other as they are to yield to each other’s sex magic.

She has authority issues and drinks too much. He is the irresistibly sexy incubus pre-ordained to tame her. Neither can fight their intense attraction, and yet trusting each other is out of the question. 

What happens when their worlds crash down around them?

Strike three. You’re mine.

My Review
Zoey takes it as her mission in life to rescue girls from the paranormal sadists. She has the highest ranking hunter in the Sucubatti society. She is a halfling and the society thinks very little of them. She meets Declan one night and the battle for her heart begins. She wants nothing to do with him as he is a Incubus and her enemy. They are meant for each other and no matter that they don't want to be together it can't be helped. Secrets come out that shake everything Zoey has ever knew and now a true battle has begun.

Zoey likes to party, takes chances and doesn't think before she acts. She is also very smart, sexy and there is more to her than even she knows. She is an excellent fighter and while she doesn't want to she can't help but want Declan. Declan is the sexy Incubus who I love. He is so yummy you can't help but want him. He doesn't like having someone meant for him any more than Zoey does but he knows he has to have her. He has a lot going on and tries his best to balance things and keep Zoey out of trouble.

I haven't read many books about Incubus or Sucubatti and this was a nice change of pace. The plot is a good one and you learn more as you read the book. There is plenty of fight scenes as Zoey is always after some action and saving people. I like how she did try to live a normal life in a way but it just wasn't for her. There is quite a few twist and turns a few I have to say I didn't see coming at all. Even meant for each other Duncan and Zoey don't instantly fall for each other. They do try and fight it and that is a nice touch. There is plenty of steaminess as they deal a lot with sex magic. I will definitely pick up the next book to see what happens next for Zoey. The battle it seems has just begun.

4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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