August 30, 2012

Soul Mates: Scent by Elizabeth A. Lance

When the girl of his dreams walks into his homeroom class one October morning, Max Fergus, a seventeen year old quarterback and star student, has his world turned upside down; everything he has ever thought about himself and his life is changed in that instant and nothing will ever be the same again, because once you know you aren’t human, there’s no going back, no pretending you are less than you are.

Anna Lissa Felidae, a pure blooded shifter has been searching for her soul mate, the one guy that was meant for her, and just when she is sure she is about to run out of time, Diana, goddess of the hunt, appears to her and sends her in the right direction. With another shifter on her trail, one who is determined to have her no matter what the cost, Anna has just three short weeks to convince Max he is a pure blooded shifter, among other things, and teach him to fight so they can be together. With the help of a few Fae friends, a motley crew of shifters and Max’s best friend Tony, they are sure to win.
~Goodreads Blurb

This book keeps you locked into the pages, as love, a bit of humor, well to me at least because of certain parts that made me giggle ^_^ and of course danger mixed with suspense. It will all keep you reading until it all leads up to a finale. The ending though so sweet, left me wondering though most stories you can tell if there will be a possibility that the story can continue as a series right away, I was left a bit baffled because I couldn’t really tell if there would be a sequel or not, but I guess that is just the Author’s way of torturing us, leaving us to our imaginations. ;) I look forward to hearing about a sequel, or any other works that this author will come out with. I gave this book 4 out of 5 bats. 


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